Wednesday 30 May 2012

soap and glory minis

soap and glory travel size minies: flake away, righteous butter & hand food

It's been ages! Feels like years since I last blogged, school and life taking over basically. Have no idea what it's going to be like next year when I have final GCSE exams! Starting to recieve results now but am slightly disappointed with some (RS and History I'm talking about you) yet quite happy with a couple.
Anyway - back onto the cute lil' minis. Bought these at Heathrow Terminal 5 (new favourite place in England) whilst picking up my Dad, who was flying back home from America. They had a Boots store there, so naturally I had to yank my mum in there, forcing her into a wonderful retreat full of travel sized beauty products. I settled on these three, on a 3 for 2 deal at the time. They cost £5 with each costing £2.50 each but the deal cut my price by a third. Now, I know what you may think..I'm not travelling anywhere soon, nor am I in need of any new beauty products. However, I follow the 'a girl can dream' quote, and treated myself. I've had a cheeky try of these, and I can confirm that I'm obsessed! They smell so delicious and work like a dream.

What are your thoughts on Soap & Glory products? Do you get a buzz from cute little travel minis like I do?!


p.s - regular blogging should resume within the next 4 days or so, having a half term break soon! very exciting hehe


Sunday 6 May 2012

look into my eyes

Recently I've been edging towards darker eyes - almost as a distraction from my ever-worsening forehead (thanks, spots), but also as a way to add contrast to my eyes. Usually I don't wear much on on there; sometimes a neutral toned eyeshadow every once in a while, but in general my eyes stay pretty 'naked'. After buying the ultimate godsend (17 wild nude cream eyeshadow) a couple weeks ago I've been feeling more inspired to do more with my eyes, explore more with the numerous tubes of mascara I rarely find myself wearing. I dived into my small-ish collection of black kohl eyeliners to line my waterline - my favourite being from Neal's Yard, the sample coming free in Elle's March 2011 issue. I'm happy with the result, and could definitely see this becoming a more standard 'upgrade'!

(just to add - am still half doing exams, most of the main ones are done but not over till next Wednesday, then have some dotted around the next couple of weeks.  Really couldn't bear neglecting the blog for too long! By the way - hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!)

What's your favourite way to wear your eyes?


Tuesday 1 May 2012

a brief pause

I hate to do this.
& I know countless other bloggers that are also forced into this situation.
Basically, it's exam 'season'. I have 2 exams each day Wednesday-Friday this week, then 5 over the course of next week, then 5 others sometime after as a result of me taking additional subjects..(nice one, Thalia.) So yeah, forced into a short but not-so-sweet hibernation that I like to refer to as 'the brief pause'.
hiding my expression..of my depression. (that rhymed, heheh)

See you soon!
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