Saturday 31 March 2012

ark clothing

The other day I discovered an online store, available in a few high streets dotted around the UK. Browsing through all of the areas, ranging from jeans to coats and belts, I loved the style and range of brands ark clothing sold. I've already made an order & here's my wishlist from them!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11

1 - I've seen these polaroid shirts everywhere! I like the collection of photographs on this one, and the pretty heather grey colour for the background.
2 - Ever since Topshop released these vests, on sale there for £15, every other high street shop has managed to make a replica. At £9.99 this one doesn't seem half bad!
3 - Pretty out there for me, considering I don;t wear bright colours. Saying this, I think cobalt blue is a lovely colour and the contrast with the sharp black details - cuffs and collar it could look lovely!
4 - The contrast between sheer and dense really is evident in this, and I think could look really pretty with a plain black bandeau or vest top underneath. Grab a pair of heels and you're ready to go!
5 - Was hoping to buy the vectra's, sold at Topshop at around Christmas time but I was unsatisfied with the quality of the sole, and ultimately the price. These look sturdy, stylish and are considerably cheaper.
6 - I mentioned about a month ago about my shoe wants from Mr.Shoes, and these look just like a pair I wrote about. Like creepers, just with less of a heel and a more subtle look. I could see myself wearing these lots.
7 - After buying my first black sheer maxi in the Christmas sales, I've been convinced to purchase a waterfall/mullet skirt, in a classic black colour. Need to earn some confidence for my legs before revealing all though!
8 - Already ordered this. A beautiful chambray, long length sleeveless blouse is sure to look lovely at summer time. The collar is so summery and pretty and I could just go on for days. An outfit of the day will be uploaded pretty much as soon as this arrives!
9 - Out of all the pastel colours, lilac is the one I like best. 'The purple family' is my favourite group of colours, my absolute preference being berry/eggplant tones. Adjusting for the summer months, I think this gorgeous dress would be lovely with sandals or dressed up with flatforms.
10 - A classic. Casio watches are so fashionable, and suit everything. Not sure if I would buy one now but it's a piece that I will definitely buy one day.
11 - Everywhere. Absolutely everywhere is where these bags are. Available in many variations, ostrich style-skin is the most popular and this navy colour is wonderful...need I say any more?!

Have you ever bought anything from ARK?!

p.s - completely unsponsored, I just like this place lots.


Wednesday 28 March 2012

a few bits & pieces from make up academy

clockwise from top: shade 1 pearl. shade 19 matte, shade 17 matte, shade 18 matte.
From L-R:lipstick shade 5, lipgloss shade 2, lipgloss shade 5.

From L-R: intense colour eye liner in turquoise, intense glitter eye liner in starry night, liquid eyeliner in shade 5 (black)

From L:R: lipstick in shade 3, lipgloss in shade 5 and lipgloss in shade 2.

From L:R: blusher in shade 1, pressed powder in shade 3.

From L-R: eyeshadows in - shade 17 matte, shade 19 matte, shade 1 pearl and shade 18 matte.

mascara in shade 5

one coat of mascara on both eyes

left: no mascara. right: one coat of the mascara in shade 5.

What do I think?
MUA is such a well known brand now, from being released around two years ago as a small stand in Superdrug to adding a professional range in the summer of 2011. The products mentioned here are all from the original range, meaning they are priced at a mere £1 each. The price alone screams bargain, not even taking into consideration the quality of these products.

The pressed powder is lovely, quite creamy but almost chalky. The shade is too dark for my skintone, so I'm going to leave this until the summer months but I definitely see myself purchasing it in a lighter shade.
The blusher is so pigmented! A lovely colour and easily blendable, I don't see myself wearing this much as I very rarely wear blusher. Saying this, I hope to become more adventurous in the future and sometime shade 1 will make its way onto my cheeks.
The lipstick looks so pretty in the bullet, but when swatched and applied comes out very sheer and quite shimmery. This is still very wearable, just a bit of a disappointment as the colour would look lovely if the colour was more intense.
I feel a similar way about the lipglosses, available in 'squeezy' and 'rounded' tubes. They aren't very pigmented, the one that appears more vibrant in colour is merely a very slightly pink-tinged clear gloss. The paler gloss is quite chic in colour, and I could definitely get some use out of it.
The eye liners are wonderful. The colour range is gorgeous and they apply like a dream. As of yet I have no comments on longevity but I can definitely give a thumbs up for these.
The liquid liner I have previously tried before, about eighteen months ago. The application is tedious, with the brush being quite difficult to handle. As for longevity they do tend to crackle and peel off within a few hours of wear.
The eyeshadows are pretty famous within the line, with around twenty colours being sold in these 2 gram domes. They are so pigmented! Like the pressed powder they are creamy bordering on chalky, so a primer would be needed with them. Saying this, the colour range is fab and I look forward to feasting my lids on the neutral shades.
Lastly but in no way least is the mascara. What can I say? It's amazing. The brush is lovely, separating lashes but providing no clumps. My lashes are elongated and slightly curled. No volumising done but you can't ask that much from a £1 tube.

So what are your thoughts on MUA?


Tuesday 27 March 2012

strike a pose.

Blouse - market stall in Delhi
Gilet - Forever 21
Jeans - H&M
Satchel - Primark
Boots - Primark
LA Colours' 'Wired' on nails.
Myself and my best friend Rosie
On Friday night of last week I went bowling with my friends to celebrate Lydia's birthday. I'd never been to the place before, and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was for me to get there! Took only six minutes via the train, all of which was valid on my oyster card! I was a happy girlie. My outfit consisted of 'jeggings' - although not quite jeans, they aren't really leggings, think of very thin, almost summery jeans; and my beloved, new Forever 21 gilet. I love it! So so cute.

Excuse the lighting, please bare in mind that it was taken at 6pm before the clock change (which can I say  - I love, I think we should stay on British Summer Time all year round! Way more sunny during the day and a lot nicer to walk home in!)

Have you been bowling recently? Manage to throw a strike?!


Sunday 25 March 2012

birthday weekend

getting ready to party

                                 my best friend Elena
my best friend Rosie

the sheer amount of chocolate I received... 
gorgeous make up brushes! They're so soft, will keep updated on these! 

This weekend was amazing! On Friday night I went bowling for my friend Lydia's birthday, which was lovely. I have an OOTD for it which I can hopefully upload soon. On Saturday I hosted a party at mine, of which my friends attended. It was lovely and I was spoiled rotten by them!

How was your weekend?



Thursday 22 March 2012

birthday beats

testing out Avon's shatter mosaic nail polish.

Will talk more about it soon,
just wanted to share a couple photos of the day.
I hope everyone had an amazing day like I did
from spending two hours of complete productivity in Textiles
to discovering I shared the same birthday as two of my teachers.



Tuesday 20 March 2012

in the nude

Everyone at one time has tried nude lips. A huge trend during the summer, the nude lip's fairly recent debut into common, daily makeup routines set me with the challenge any beauty-obsessed girl would be happy to do - try some nude lipsticks out!

The two I have are Avon's Sparkling Nude and Revlon's 001 Nude Attitude. Sparkling Nude is pretty much in the name - it's a sparkly, pretty, slightly dark nude. It cost around £4 and in my opinion is mediocre. Buttery and thick in application, Sparkling Nude sits on the lips well and for a long time. My problem with it is that it's slightly too sparkly for my taste. I sometimes feel as if I have fallout surrounding my lips and chin, or wonder if my lips have gone from neat to messy. Saying this, it doesn't dry out the lips too much so for the price is good value for money.

Revlon's Nude Attitude is by far the more popular and coveted lipstick, with many reviews of it online. From the matte collection, it's a slightly peach in colour, reassuring me that it doesn't look 'infamously ghostly' on the lips. Being matte it can be drying, but not ridiculously so. It's definitely wearable and when comparing the two lipsticks, this is the one I much prefer!

L-R Avon Sparkling Nude, Revlon 001 Nude Attitude.
Rimmel Golden Totem on nails.
wearing Sparkling Nude
as soon as I thought to myself  'I much prefer the other lipstick' this one broke. Karma!
 Looking forward to this week - birthday on Thursday so expect a few posts about it! Hopefully going shopping in Westfields Stratford on Sunday, so am hoping to do a haul post. Look out for them!

How and when do you rock nude lips?!


Sunday 18 March 2012

the contents of my school bag

Feeling rather uninspired lately. Weeks are going so slowly, looking forward to things this upcoming week, including the clocks changing soon! Finally some more sunlight (and hopefully warmth) for England. Considering starting one of those 'Sunday Summary' posts everyone and their mum does, I really enjoy reading them, and look forward to having tons pile up on my dashboard every Sunday night. Saying this, in comparison to the lives of many other bloggers my life really isn't that interesting - mainly consists of school, homework, room-tidying and obsessing over Pretty Little Liars.

Anyway - onto the post! After school this week I, in a state of boredom thought it would be wise to take photos of my school bag...because I'm nosy and enjoy reading this sort of thing! I just find them really interesting and a nice insight to someone else's life.

coat and bag, both from New Look.

school planner, casio calculator and keys (highlight being the mini bourjois lipgloss - LOVE!)

black ring binder for French, Cath Kidston ticket holder, asthma inhaler, nail clippers and lip balm.

an overview!

I hope you've enjoyed a sneak peek into my bag!
Do we share anything in common?!


Thursday 15 March 2012

people throw rocks at things that shine

A slightly different post today, a couple of photos symbolising my pure boredom experienced a couple of months ago, though when thought of in a certain way can almost be interpreted as fashionny. I tried out a sweater/collar duo (both from Primark) and loved the result, the pattern of the blouse really contrasts against the lighter pink shade of the jumper. As for the Scottish pin, the silver adds dimension and breaks up the block colour of the jumper! The Scottish pin was bought in Edinburgh Airport absolute years ago, probably like in 2006? My dad is Scottish so I go up north once a year or so to see the family, I love how patriotic they are! Their accents are so cute as well, a nice short break from London!
awesome chin shadow conquering my neck
strand of hair irritating me lots but was a clear photo of the pin - have no idea what it represents but I know that it's  very Scottish and patriotic, and is typically worn on kilts (I think to hold the layers together?) All of the itsy bitsy details I'm unsure, as for the actual style I think they're pretty cool! Nice way to add a piece of...change!


p.s - birthday in a week today!

Tuesday 13 March 2012


For ages I was on the hunt for a nice pair of velvet leggings. Too tight, too long, too skinny to fit my ankle through the ends you name it. My delight when I found this gorgeous pair, for a mere £5.99 in H&M (kids section) was extreme, too much so to describe in words. I quickly bought a pair in the size I usually wear in jeans, and as soon as I got home I squealed - they fit perfectly. Flattering and skinny but not difficult to walk/sit in, these have become a staple of my wardrobe that I will wear lots!
Cropped out face (lazy day and top knot) simply as no person on the internet should have to witness such things. Also, mind the bed tehehe; this is a realistic photo of what it looks like ninety percent of the time: geography coursework, scrumpled up duvet and phone being charged.  
If  everything goes to plan, hopefully I can post about a small DIY project I have coming up, along the branches of velvet. Any guesses for what will be done?!


Sunday 11 March 2012

posie tint by benefit

I think it was around a year ago that I got a mini version of Benefit's Posie Tint free in an issue of Glamour Magazine. They also offered High Beam and cult product Benetint, but this one intrigued me the most out of the trio.

It's a pretty pink colour, suitable for lips and cheeks, but for myself personally I use it strictly on my lips. One thing I love about it is that it's buildable, depending on the intensity of colour I want I can add layers. Also, I use this a minimum of once a week and it shows no signs of becoming empty - with a RRP of £11 it lasts you a while.

The application is very reminiscent of a small, mini nail polish, with the applicator brush different to the average tint product. Saying this, it has been well designed as blending is made effortless, and your lips are coated with the tint in a mere few seconds.

Would you ever consider purchasing Posie Tint, possibly even in the larger bottle?



Saturday 10 March 2012

I trade my soul for a wish, pennies and dimes for a kiss.

grey t-shirt midi dress (very similar to Topshop) - Primark, £8
lilac long sleeve stretch top - Primark, £3.50
midnight leggings - Primark, £3
grey and white striped jumper - Primark, £6
black and heather grey knitted jumper - Primark, £5
i <3 london lipstick case, cake lip glosses - Local Shop, £1 each
black hair grips - Primark, £1
lilac ring bound scrapbook - Paperchase, £8.75
cards: black/pink card £2.50? M&S, other two around £2.75ish from Paperchase
& free M&S magazine.

Cath Kidston Circle Ditsy Ticket Holder - Bentalls, £6
(barry m nail paint in berry ice cream on nails)

Today I went out for a nice day with Mum, taking the train out to buy some fabrics and ending up with lots of clothes! Went slightly obsessive in Primark but it was hard not to! Had heard a couple of things about Primark's dupe for the grey t-shirt midi dress (that I tried on a couple of weeks ago, and thought was way too thin to cost £30) at a bargainous £8. The quality is admirable and looks flattering on. The jumpers were impulse buys, the cute breton stripes speaking out to me in one jumper, and the beautiful contrasting in the other. Plus, they cost £6 and £5 respectively which frankly is pretty amazing!

Another thing purchased today, which seriously isn't really like me was a lilac  stretchy long sleeved top. I rarely go out of my boundaries and usually stick to black/white/grey/navy/beige but lilac screamed out to me! As my mum said I could try out some subtle colour blocking.

It's everyones (including mine) birthday coming up, so I had to go out and do some gift shopping! The scrapbook is for my friend Lydia, and the lip balms are small gifts for various people. Whilst out I also bought some Mothers Day cards; (one from myself and one from my younger brother) I was surprised at how cute they were! The magnetic lettered one will be from my brother as 'ps, what time's dinner?!' is something he says regularly.

One of the most exciting things from today was my new travel card holder! My beloved 50p-sale paperchase travel card holder officially died last week, and since then I've been hunting for a replacement. This one is so cute! It hasa gorgeous pattern, is waterproof and has 3 slots that fit in my oyster, ID and library cards in well.

Have you bought any exciting purchases recently?



Friday 9 March 2012

weekly wishlist #1

A couple of weeks ago I posted separate posts of my beauty and fashion wants, but over the past few days I've realised that it just seems more logical to combine the two of them.
As for beauty/fashion wants, this week I really cannot think of many! Usually on sites I have 2138571937 tabs of things I want but this week I think I toned it down a bit;)
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

My birthday's coming soon, most of these are just dying to be bought! as for the iPod I'm unsure, really considering saving up for it! For anybody who has them: are they worth £150, or should I spend my money on a large haul of the usual fashion beauty bits and bob things?

The desk seems unconventional for a wishlist, I know haha. I'm trying to convert all of the furniture in my bedroom to be white so it all matches and works and whatnot, also so I can use it for eyars to come. My current desk (purchased in India) is HUGE and takes up so much space! It has no shelves or anything and I'm dying to find somewhere to keep all of my school subject folders as they're simply collecting in a large, unorganised pile in the corner of my room!

The rollers - what can I say? I've wanted to try out hot rollers for absolutely ages and I've heard good stuff about these!
The dress and leggings, both from Topshop are lovely! The dress is so pretty, an on-trend nude colour made out of a lurex fabric, so it's very pretty and shimmery. Available in petite but out of my price range for a fundamentally plainly-coloured skater dress but beautiful nontheless. The leggings, oh my....are gorgeous! The black legging has made an impact this season, available in a variety of finishes such as velvet, shiny, wet effect and matte. I have a velvet pair from H&M that I adore and really like the look of these matte ones!

Last but by no means least, the shoes! I tried on a pair just like these last year, they were almost identical, they must have added a t-bar this year but other than that they're the same. So pretty and cutesy, the heel is tall but not uncomfortable as the platform is of a good height. Summery, but could also play it up and change things by wearing them in the winter with textured knee high socks...what do you think?

What have you been longing for recently?


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