Friday 31 August 2012

my first trip to Cardiff

I'm back from holiday in Majorca! I'll write in more detail about it later, along with outfit pictures from my time there. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I went to Cardiff for the first time as mentioned in my outfit of the day a couple of posts back, and I loved it It's such a beautiful city with wonderful people and I can't wait to go back there, which will hopefully be during October half term. I promised that I'd post a few photos, so here you go! Beauty / fashion posts will resume soon, excuse me going on a tangent!
not that I'm complaining
cute batiste visuals! 
standard Cardiff bus stop, waiting to be picked up! So much snazzier than London's red buses, however iconic they may be! 

I'm disappointed I don't have many photos of tourist attractions, only being there a weekend limited me time-wise but I'm determined to see more of the beautiful city! I briefly saw the Millennium Stadium, but the photos are on my Mum's camera :( Ironically, I can't get them as she's spending the weekend in Wales. Very sad times. Also, depressing how soon school starts! Procrastination, as always is getting the better of me, I really need to improve as it's GCSE year for me now!



Wednesday 22 August 2012

missguided splash nail polish

missguided nail polish in the shade 'splash', a bright summery coral.
the shirt worn as part of my outfit for cheer camp, somewhat explaining the no makeup and ponytail appearance. apologies!
I adore this nail polish! My beautiful best friend Rosie and I did a small nail polish swap last week, and this was one of the four or so we traded. A gorgeous summery colour, it strikes me as being quite similar to Models Own's Hedonist, one of the stand-out colours from their hedkandi collection from earlier this year. Colour wise they're pretty similar, however I believe Hedonist is slightly more red-toned and possibly more neon. In the last photo you get a sneaky peek at my London 2012 shirt, I'm so happy with it! £6 from the Sports Direct sale is a definite yes in my books! Anyway, the main purpose of showing you the polish was that it's for going on holiday in just over a day's time! Hopefully by just taking this one bottle with me I'll actually enjoy the surroundings rather than my usual change-every-two-day London routine. This will mosty probably be the last post until I get back next week, so enjoy the week of summer and pray for some lovely weather.
p.s - this is  my post #100! yay yay yay hit a milestone finally, and to anyone reading this - thankyou! I'm so glad you read and join me on the blog that I adore writing ever so much.


Sunday 19 August 2012

oh I swear to you, I'll be there for you

dress lipsy // blazer primark // clutch tk maxx // watch casio, asos // shoes dorothy perkins
shoes definitely worthy of 'the most uncomfortable shoes of all time'.

Cardiff was lovely. It's so beautiful, as are the people and the accents are adorable. Crazily my train ticket price was cheaper than a child's travelcard around London. at £2.40 I see myself going there often. I came home this evening and have already researched prices to go back in October during half term. Anyway, onto the outfit worn at a wedding this weekend. The dress I found on sale at Lipsy, off their website. I'm into the dipped hem trend as I like to look classy, but don't mind 'showing off a bit of leg'. And no, not in a wearing a belt as a skirt subsititute kind of way. It cost £22 and was available in this gorgeous turquoise colour, and an 'mmmm' pale pink too-sheer shade. I like to think I chose the nicer of the two. The shoes were on sale at Dorothy Perkins from when I did my work experience stint there for £10 down from £30. Gorgeous, yes. Extremely uncomfortable pain gushing throbbing sore on edge of screaming agony? Yes, also. The blazer was purchased in the January sales of 2011 on the £5 rack of Primark. Need I say any more?

Photos of Cardiff city and possibly some of the wedding shall be uploaded soon! Hope you had a lovely weekend, and to any Londoners, enjoyed the heatwave! I'm gutted to have missed the hottest two days of the year.


Thursday 16 August 2012

i was praying that you and me might end up together


dress new look // belt primark // nails bourjois rainbow appiration

Just a quick post for now! I wore this yesterday to go to ikea with mum to pick up a few bits and bobs, I would show you in a haul but in reality there's nothing really that interesting about blue magazine folders and purple drawer dividers. I had to take photos and notes down of textile decoration as part of my coursework for Textiles GCSE, product analysis using an established brand. Getting to adore the interiors was just a bonus. Oh, and picking up the meatballs. I saw a tweet once saying 'one does not simply go to ikea and not eat or buy some of their delicious meatballs' and wow they are so true.

Excitingly, today I got my A.S Level results for a course I took two years early, General Studies. Many have to take it as a requirement during sixth form and I'm so pleased to have passed with a B grade! Something to add to my CV definitely as I over the next few years rack up some UCAS points.

I'm off to Cardiff tomorrow for the weekend with Mum, going to a wedding! I adore them but haven't been to one since I was seven so this is all very exciting. I love dressing up and all that! Also, I've never been to Wales before so exploring Cardiff city will be so amazing! It's strange how I've lived in England 13/15 years of my life but never been there, considering we're 'neighbours' and are both part of the UK. There's a first time for everything!

Expect no posts for the weekend but photos to follow shortly after! Have a lovely weekend!


The title is from this song. It's beautiful and sweet and pretty and was apparently featured on the 'Vampire Diaries'. Now, I don't watch that but for the past year I've listened to it on and off, a calm but personal favourite. 


Wednesday 15 August 2012

berry rainbow apparition

Yesterday I caved into Boots' 2 for £8 deal on Bourjois nail products, a decision I don't regret. Bourjois definitely get the seal of approval from me, I adore their cute packaging along with their well-formulated beauty products. I've been lusting after rainbow apparition nail polish ever since I saw this review, posted by one of my favourite bloggers, Milly of Pearls and Poodles. It's very unique in colouring, I don't think any dupes are available for a reasonable price anywhere. I layered it over Barry M's Berry Ice Cream, a opaque lilac colour that is one of my all-time favourites. This ensured I'd only have to do two glitter coats instead of three, somewhat easing the removal process.

One negative I have about this is the ridiculously tall handle. Some may find this useful, revolutionary etc but personally I dislike it. It's too tall to fit in my storage, which I know, isn't essential but is definitely nice to be organised. I can say that as an untidy and unorganised person, my makeup storage is probably the thing I treasure most; however messy my room is, my storage is always spotless with eyeshadows coordinated and lipsticks all lined up straight.

The other product I purchased was the magic nail polish remover that everyone and their cat has been raving about these past few months. The idea behind it is very clever - dip into nail polish soaked foam, cut cleverly to fit your fingernail, removing your nail polish with ease. I tested this with the last nail polish I was wearing, as featured in my latest ootd. I wouldn't say it would match the somewhat unrealistic '1 second' claims, but does the job well: it's easy, quick and very handy. I'm not completely sure if I would recommend it or not, I've seen cheaper alternatives in Superdrug for about half the price (yet half the amount of product). I'm not sure, for £4.99 I would see this as a luxury rather than a holy-grail product.


Tuesday 14 August 2012

collecting names of the lovers that went wrong

cobalt vest top - h&m
maxi skirt - new look
plaited belt - primark
sandals - clarks
nails: fingers - shade 1 and toes - shade 4 both by KIKO makeup milano

I bought this maxi skirt ages ago. During the January sales, I spotted it on New Look's teen section, generation 915 on the website, reduced from £15 to £5. I've always felt unsure about it, me being a unhelpful 5'1 and wanting to wear a long skirt doesn't always end up in glory. I'm not completely happy with the underskirt, it may as well be full length? Aah anyway, it looks good sheer in a way. I hope to take it on holiday in 10 days, perfect for a warm climate! The shirt is the same one I purchased around a couple of weeks ago in mint, but in the cobalt blue variation. For £1.99 it is the ultimate bargain, comfortable, figure-hugging and summery. Luckily it covers my belly button (something I like to ensure) so all in all h&m did me proud!

I purchased some nail polishes from KIKO makeup milano last week when shopping in Westfields and I am so impressed. £1.50 for 11ml of beautiful colour and a wonderful brush is just brilliant, I almost wish I bought more! Unfortunately they don't have actual shade names, but numbers which always is a shame, however you can see the full range online here.


the title reference is from this song, a new favourite that I can see myself adoring for a while.

Tuesday 7 August 2012

river island autumn preview - my picks

It's that time of the year again. The British 'summer', chilly, windy, often rainy weather gets me in the autumn mood. I love summer, I truly do, but it never feels warm enough to celebrate in London. So here I go. My favourite season fashion-wise is definitely autumn/winter, my go-to colours are strictly black, white, grey and navy. Every once in a while I branch out to the rebellion of khaki or a berry purple. There's just something I adore about style in the cooler months. Layering jumpers and coats over skinny jeans is my cup of tea, and nothing fills me with more excitement than playing with textures, zips and studs. So far of the autum previews I've seen there's been lots of focus on the khaki and berry tones, especially in shops such as New Look. Today I've looked at River Island for some inspiration.

1) black high shine tube pants An obvious choice. I've been looking for a good dupe for the disco pants for ages, and these seem pretty good. Even llymlrs recommended them. That's secured my 'seal of approval'. They also come in many sizes, even a short size six (rarity and absolute joy for a petite shortie like myself). High waisted and thinning, they'll look great layered, with long chunky knits on top, and tucked into a pair of ankle chelsea boots.

2) black print intarsia cropped jumper Isn't this gorgeous?! It offers a range of patterns, all wearable yet still encorporating the pattern-clash trend. It's in a practical monotone colour scheme, suiting the colour-shy like myself. It looks comfy and christmassy without being reindeers-and-sleighs-on-a-jumper.

3) khaki pu sleeve army jacket Inspired by a release from Zara last year, every store has attempted to release a similar version, as everyone is hoping to get their mitts on one! I've looked at army jackets for a while, and they're all so expensive! I tried on a camouflage jacket from New Look teens and found it was so unshapely that I wouldn't be able to pull it off. However, with this having the pu sleeves, it stays classy yet very edgy. Shame about the price though, this will be a definite girl-can-dream item.

4) purple faux fur collar jacket Essentially, living in England in the austum/winter months requires a good quality coat. One that's warm, layerable and preferably stylish. This ticks all the boxes, and still happens to be in my favourite colour! The zipped pockets mean you can carry your phone and keys without a bag, say if you were to briefly 'pop around' to the corner or whatnot. I sadly have the misfortune of having a burgundy blazer as part of my school uniform, so the two colours would clash. And, being a student without a job I dont have the odd £50 lying around for a coat, as much as I can wish.

5) light purple shirt I adore the colour of this! I know it's more of a summery colour, but lilac in a way is versatile enough to wear layered with other things to suit the colder months. It's been tailored in a nice way, with the centre concealing the buttons, leaving a cleaner and sharper edge. The collar is also sharp and would definitely suit a highly-coveted sweater and collar combination.

6) red tartan check zip messenger bag I've not always been keen on the colour red, I felt it didn't suit my strange complexion and just wasn't my personal preference. When I was younger I read a style book telling me to edge towards cool colours, so blue, navy and purple then on were on my agenda. Saying this, I find the tartan print to be so cute! It's so classic and wintery, and reminds me of Scotland.

What are your autumn picks? Would you like to see similar posts for other high street stores?


Sunday 5 August 2012

newly found beauty bargains

You all may know by now that I love a bargain. I am one to challenge a tenner to as many wonderful products as possible, instead of posibly spending it on something needed like the wise may do. For a while I've needed to repurchase my beloved tangle teezer (RIP), but being sponteneous and crazy when placed in any superdrug store, I knew the money would be blown rather quickly.

My local superdrug is a lovely place. Relatively small and cute, it may not stock all the products of the megastores, but does enough to make me happy. Oh, and the offers. Sales and offers are always good. From there I bought three products from the NYC cosmetic range, one I haven't bought from before but have always looked at. I'm in no way one to prefer expensive products; although they may be of excellent quality, currently I'm at the age and bank balance for experimentation. I bought two nail polishes, a gorgeous grey named 'Sidewalkers', and a mauvey pink called 'Lincoln Square Lavender'. Something I love about the NYC range is that all of the names are in relation to New York City, although obvious in the naming and theme of the brand I think it's a good touch. Together they were on an offer for 'two for £2.49', which I thought was too good to miss. Individually they cost £1.79, a cheerfully inexpensive price. In addition to this I bought a lipstick in the shade 'Peach Fizz', a summery bronzey sunkissed holiday-ey sort of colour. Rubbish description I know, but that's just what it is. At £1.49 it was also a brilliant price, perfect for the budget brand.

Recently I've seen a few Poundland hauls along the bloggersphere, so naturally I had to check my local store out. Although the peculiar smell isn't what I'd call a natural go-to place of mine, I found a few glorious bargains that were simply..unbelievable. I bought a stila (yes, STILA) tinted moisturiser for a pound. Oh, and the shade they supplied (light 03) matches my skin perfectly. This was fate. I also spotted Clearasil's overnight serum, so for a pound I chucked it in my basket. I'm forever attempting to do a mass-spot-destruction, so another skincare remedy is never unreasonable in my eyes. Lastly I bought Veet's hair minimising body moisturiser. I'd tried a sample of this before out of a magazine around a year ago, and surprisingly enjoyed the smell. Hair removal products can often smell quite iffy, so this was refreshing. Obviously after one usage of a sample, no drastic changes were made but I did like how it cooled my legs, especially after the absolute agony (exaggeration) of epilation. I'm looking forward to trying this out!
Have you snatched any bargains lately?


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