Wednesday 30 January 2013

colour injection

lilac top (worn underneath) primark / purple lightweight jumper h&m / jeans h&m kids / studded loafers primark / watch casio via asos / necklace accessorize

Just a quick post for today! Here's what I wore on Sunday. The jumper is a considerably brighter hue than I usually opt for, but for £7 in the H&M sale I couldn't ignore it. It's a hope of mine to inject more colour into my wardrobe so hopefully this may start off something. 

Talking of bargains, when in Primark yesterday stocking up on the essentials, I found a chocolatey brown faux leather biker jacket, with a fur stole, for £10. In my size. It was like.. heaven. People talk about their love-at-first-sight thing with clothes and I understand it now, I really do. No shame ever when it comes to Primark, I feel so proud when I've found a good bargain.

I'm at a really happy place at the moment, all of my January exams have finished and I've booked train tickets for a few days half term to visit one of my closest friends who lives up North. I haven't seen her since my last day at school in India which was a whopping 977 days ago according to an app on my phone. Geeez, a long catch up is needed and surely some photos will accompany my visit. I have a few exciting ongoing projects that I am so impatient as to see how they turn out, I just have a feeling February's going to be good. Here's to watching romantic movies alone, yay.


p.s - next month there is Pancake day a.k.a my third favouritest day of the year, after Christmas and my birthday. I lovelovelove an excuse to drown my sorrows in maple syrup.

Sunday 27 January 2013

If there's a future, we want it now

cardigan Mum's/vintage? / striped top la redoute / boucle skirt oasap* / tights primark / bag Camden market / coat asos / boots new look / rose earring oasap*

Saturday was spent in Central London, browsing off in various areas and Mum and I made a day trip of it. We began in Covent Garden, walked to my favourite restaurant e v e r, Bella Italia. The spaghetti bolognese there is pretty unbeatable. Then we ventured down to Somerset House, to visit the Tim Walker exhibition that finished showing today. It was really lovely, they displayed his works really creatively including full-scaled giant objects such as enlarged skeletons, dolls and aeroplane parts that he has used within his fashion photography. We continued by walking to Oxford Street, hoping to buy a new pair of jeans from my one and only Pull & Bear but I couldn't find any dark blue ones in my size in the midst of the end-of-sale chaos. Continuing on optimistically, we found ourselves on a tube to Notting Hill Gate where we picked up a dress from Yumi that Mum had put on hold. The venture home from that area of London usually doesn't take too long to return home from, but various engineering works on many tube lines and delays meant we had to take a tube, the overground then national rail services to get home. Was definitely worth it though - I love mother/daughter bonding. Okay, enough of this self-indulgent soppyness, now onto the outfit...

I've featured this striped lightweight sweater before, and I love it. Breton stripes look good on literally everyone in my opinion, and navy is a preferred colour of mine! The cardigan was my Mum's from Bay quite a few years back, however I like to embrace trends such as the fur stole that's been coveted by everyone recently, even using somewhat older clothing. The skirt is from oasap, and is the lovely boucle fabric/style that I've been hunting for constantly these recent months. It's taken forever for me to find something nice and in my size! It's elasticated at the waist, a thick fabric with lining but is slightly shorter than anticipated. This isn't too much of a problem though: you can wear it both high and low waisted, but wearing it higher needs covered legs...cue thick tights. The boots are from New Look from Autumn 2011, as per usual as they are from New Look I really can't fault them, the brand is my favourite for shoes. The coat is my latest addition to my wardrobe, bought off asos last week. I'm really impressed with their delivery, when choosing the free saver option I expected it to be here in five days yet it arrived neatly, in two. Pretty brilliant. It's got ridiculously thick arms, which is perfect for these Winter months and a nylon waterproof body, perfect for...quite frankly, all year in England.  The ear piece is so unique! I've seen a plethora of ear cuffs and dangly chains been released over the past year however this is so much more different. It's a bit tedious to put on, however once on it is sturdy and looks pretty cool. Just a warning though, it takes a little getting used to as I find it strange, the feeling of having something hooked behind your ear. 

I'm loving how the snow is finally going away, definitely a party pooper in this aspect but I cannot wait for the weather to get warmer! Optimism as always.



Saturday 26 January 2013

20 random facts about me

I've seen this post go around Youtube and the blogging world recently, so I thought I'd chip in. I'm nosy in how I love finding out random intricacies about other bloggers, and finding out things that are really striking.

Singapore, June 2009

1. I have an outie belly button, which I absolutely hate detest. It's pretty awful.

2. As of August 2005, I know the alphabet backwards.

3. On December 27th 2012, when travelling with my family I ate four meals, all in different countries. For reference: that was Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Turning 13, March 2010, Delhi
4. I celebrated becoming a teenager as an out-of-place thirteen year old, living in India and dreaming of returning home to London.

5. I have been indoor skydiving three times: twice in Milton Keynes, once in Bedford. Reason for this being is that my dad is a world record skydiver, and he wanted me to try it out and give him the chance to 'bust some moves'. It's on my bucket list to do a skydive over the Palm in Dubai however time/money/life restricts this dream as of yet.

6. I have a scar on my right leg from falling onto, yes onto, a train back in December of last year. As I stepped on, I slipped on the surface and fell to the floor, my leg smacking the edge of the train (where the doors close). Scar stories are often found on these tags, and as for unattractive-ness this scar does not fail.

7. I love travelling, and at the age of nine I flew by myself to visit family in Edinburgh.

8. It is my dream to be fluent in French. I've been learning it for the past eight years and can speak/write it to GCSE standards and I'm taking it next year for AS level too.

9. I really dislike unpainted nails, and a highlight of my Friday nights (often spent in solitude watching television) is painting my nails and knowing I won't have to remove the polish for two days. Bliss.

10. I am half Australian, and in my life I've visited Australia seven times. To any Aussies out there, I hope your Stralya day was fab!

11. I have a mental list of places I want to visit at some point in the future; currently this includes Rome, Macchu Pichu, California and Dubai.

12. The four members of my immediate family (myself, my brother and parents) all turned twelve in different continents. My dad in Europe, Mum in Australasia, my brother in South America and myself in Asia.

13. I'm an academic student, and it's my dream to achieve 11 A*-B's in my GCSE's this summer, get straight A's at A-level and then attend a Russell Group university.

14. I always feel awful admitting this but I'm probably the most anti-animal person ever. I'm allergic to cats, dogs usually freak me out and I rarely find animals cute! Zoos bore me and more than anything animals really freak me out! This meerkat is an exception though..
Perth Zoo, July 2009
15. David Hasselhoff held me when I was a baby.

16. From living in India for two years I picked up very basic Hindi. Every time I mention this to people they say, "Do you speak Indian?!" and I have a little giggle. Namaste...mera namn Thalia hai. Mei London mei rehti hoon...kya aap samajhte hai?! (Hello, my name is Thalia. I live in you understand?)

17. When I was seven years old I saved my brother's life, grabbing his hand as he almost fell off the top of the rock of Gibraltar. He, aged three, was completely oblivious of this, yet I always make sure I remind him that he owes me forever.

18. I adore American Television; and my social life pretty much revolves around Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, The Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls, Suburgatory and The Carrie Diaries, which is my latest obsession.

19. Two of my closest friends live a combined total of 4,350 miles away from me, and one of them is moving to Shanghai in the summer. Definitely a believer that time distance sucks. I really dislike it when Britain is on GMT timing, and I wish we stayed on British Summer Time all year - waking up and coming home in the dark isn't fab.
Myself and my beautiful Mum in Majorca, August 2012. 
20. As for people I consider inspirations: my Mum, who is one of my closest friends. Hayley Williams, the lead singer of my favouritest band ever Paramore, and Jane Keltner de Valle in terms of fashion and journalism. She pretty much has my dream job.

Any facts you found particularly interesting? Link me to your random fact posts, I adore reading them.


Sunday 20 January 2013

I could be the one to set you free

 white long sleeved top forever 21 / leopard scarf shop in India / jeans pull & bear / boots new look / coat tesco / nails: Barry M Bright Purple and Max Factor's Fantasy Fire

Firstly, I just want to say that the response on my last post was amazing - overwhelming in a way, my email was exploding with comments, both good and bad, and I loved being able to connect with more people than ever before. Today was spent mainly chilling, revising for my crucial Geography exam tomorrow worth 25% of my final GCSE and spending an hour down-to-business with a Biology past paper. The life I lead is so exciting...or not.

This weekend has definitely made me realise an absence in my life, one being a good winter coat. My grey duffle has lasted me well however I've come to the conclusion that it is not a winter coat, but an Autumn coat. It's relatively warm, however not being waterproof really sucks when the outer fabric acts mainly as a sponge. Luckily, my lovely Mum has temporarily let me borrow her coat, although I did end up ordering one off Asos. This beauty shall be mine as of Thursday, and who's to deny me from a half price bargain?!

This nail polish duo really is a favourite of mine, I've trialled Max Factor's famous Fantasy Fire over a few polishes, including white and lilac however layered over Barry M's Bright Purple is an absolute dream. A metallic shade of my favourite colour is simply wonderful, and one that I would easily recommend to anyone!

Best of luck to anyone with exams this week,


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Saturday 19 January 2013

London Blogger Meetup

Myself and Rosie from The Londoner

 B-Soho, 22 Poland Street, London.

 Today proved that us Londoners, despite the recent weather shake-up can still travel and gather in style. Organised by Rose from The Londoner, B-Soho is a recently-opened pizza bar located in the heart of London, just a couple minutes walk from Oxford Circus underground station. Being my incredibly socially awkward self, I was very shy at first..coming on my own wan't going to stop me however I'm not one to go up to people and just talk. Luckily, many lovely people were there who broke the ice, including the lovely Beth from Sans Souci Blog, Holly from Champagne & Wellington Boots and Sophie from Covered in Cow Poop. Each of them are all wonderful people so make sure you check them out!
 I've been reading Rosie's blog for the last year, never does it fail to entice me and every time I see a new food post I feel...hungry. I definitely consider her an inspiration, in style, blogging and lifestyle so it was an absolute pleasure to meet her. What really struck me was how caring she was - whether it be making sure I had a drink or was enjoying my food, or even offering to take my outfit photos. I met a few other lovely ladies whose blog handles I didn't manage to collect, however I'm hoping their names will pop up over Twitter somewhere soon.
 studded jeggings pull & bear / lilac top dorothy perkins / scarf h&m / cardigan la redoute / boots new look / satchel Camden market. 

and a few classic touristy photos of Carnaby / Great Marlborough St. 

Here's to a fab day meeting some lovely people, and eating generous amounts of pizza.


Wednesday 16 January 2013

oh what a shame that you came here with someone

velvet leggings h&m / ombre jumper tesco / scarf market in Delhi / jacket shop in Australia / boots new look / nails: avon decadence. 

Just a quick post for today: in the midst of French revision, Geography discussions and scientific procrastinations discoveries, I have miraculously found the time to blog. Now I would turn this into a cute lil' ramble but all in all, this week has been relatively boring and is dragging like no other. A catch up with my old favourite, Gossip Girl seems like what's on the cards for tonight. It's been months since I've last devoured my time towards my favourite (imaginary) New Yorkers.

Hope you're all having a lovely week!



Saturday 12 January 2013

In the mourning, I'll rise

 lilac long sleeve top primark / black cut-out dress primark / denim jacket vintage / scarf market in Delhi / bag primark / tights primark / boots new look / nails rimmel sweet as sugar

I love those days when you realise how many clothes from Primark you own, as you coincidentally wear loads at the same time. This dress is a personal favourite of mine, I miss being able to wear it like this, back in July last year when the weather was actually decent! Saying this, I'm not one to hide my favourite pieces in a 'summer box' for a majority of the year, so layering is the ideal approach to take.

Now I wish I could reflect on an incredibly interesting Saturday, involving shopping or a marathon of Skins episodes, however in reality I spent 3 and a half hours at my local library, revising. This streak of productivity is unusual so naturally I made the most of it, and hopefully I can repeat this in the upcoming weeks and getting my revision on. I may have a pretty much non-existent social life but what can I say..? My diagrams of mitosis and meiosis rule.


title song

Thursday 10 January 2013

setting fire to our insides for fun

 blouse primark / long sleeve top (worn underneath) primark / jeans pull and bear / boots ebay / ring primark / lipstick barry m 160 (review here) / nails rimmel pulsating

Examsexamsexams. Like so many students, this month is crazy on an academic basis and school is pretty life-consuming. I've just finished the ones I considered most important (English has always been my favourite) and am now left with French Speaking, Geography and Triple Science. Praying for A's but for now all I can do is revise my midget arse off!

This outfit is yet another 'wow, this was relatively inexpensive' example, something I find to be quite a common occurrence nowadays! Always a bargainer. The blouse is from Primark a/w 2011 and is dipped hem, a decent fit and wearable colours. I'm personally not the biggest fan of the buttons however I'm too lazy to find ten or so buttons that fit and match, as well as remove these golden ones and stitch on the new ones. Lazy girl problems. The jeans are my favourites, a tenner from Pull & Bear during last year's summer sales. As a petite girl I always have to search for skinny jeans that fit well, I find that H&M kids are amazing as they're short also however for good waist sizes go to Pull & Bear! A definite recommendation for anyone, petite or not but especially for us short gals out there.

Now, instead of placing suitable focus on revision this evening, I've sat comfortably on bed, watching e4 (which can I say, beats all on Thursday nights). New series of the Big Bang Theory? Yes please. Now all I have to do is spend a day at the library this weekend, going to get down and learn 400 words of French...yay.

Hope you're all having a lovely week and the best of luck to anyone with exams this month.


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