Saturday 30 November 2013

Camden details

grey turtleneck top charity shop / grey coat new look / deep purple corduroy shorts topshop / velvet plush leggings primark / belt primark / gloves asos / necklace river island / socks asda / nails: avon decadence 

A couple of weeks ago my family and I headed out for a day in Camden, treated ourselves to some a lot of delicious Chinese food and ventured along the streets that are filled to the brinks with alternative clothing.It's something we don't do too often, so a treat in a sense. Living a train and a tube ride away from places like this make it seem silly to pass down the offer. I'm forever thinking about places I want to visit, cities I want to live in and all of that, so recently I came to the obvious realisation that I won't live in London forever. Fact. I may as well make the most of it now!

As for the's a bit of a strange one. I wouldn't usually go for the shorts-in-Winter vibe but considering I was visiting one of the most stylishly-adventurous places in London, I knew my efforts wouldn't be put down. These gloves are no longer sold on ASOS afterbbing them for a fiver in the sale earlier this year, but it wouldn't surprise me if they released similar ones soon. Super warm, a gorgeous colour and I can use my phone at the same time. Absolutely wonferful.

I'm off now to a bloggers lunch in Central London...expect photos soon.


P.S -  This is completely and utterly irrelevant to the content of this post but oh my gosh I discovered The 1975 recently and I am obsessed! Do any of you listen to them? Please let me know your favourite songs by them if you do. Their album has a firm spot on my Christmas list already.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

my love for Primark has no boundaries...(obviously)

blouse primark / petite ridley jeans asos / belt primark / boots new look / quilted biker jacket with fur collar primark

I never realise until after I've done the shop credits underneath my outfit photos the huge fraction of my wardrobe which is compiled of too many Primark essentials. I can't help it though, everything there just screams my name whenever I enter one of their many premises dotted around the country, and I just get a different sort of sensation whenever I leave their store; albeit sometimes negative when their infamous paper bags rips in the wrong place and newly-purchased basics start to tumble downwards. We've all been there, all told the tale, and then continued by wearing their products until their price-per-wears got down to individual pennies. 

And it is for this reason that I just have to feature this jacket as my winter pinacle, deliverer of both warmth and style points that I have been embracing since picking it up earlier this year in the sale for a mere ten British pounds. A tenner, that could be spent on yet another scarf, or a couple meatball marinara Subways, was instead spent on this beauty. I feel chic when wearing it, somewhat empowered and fierce. Not in the Beyoncé way, who goes for the beautiful, confident and bootylicious vibes, but in the subtle I-hardly-spent-anything-buying-this-piece-of-clothing-so-ha!-I-rule vibes. Yes, they do exist. And I'm feeling them, embracing them. Winter doesn't have to be expensive. 


P.S - this post is by no way endorsed by Primark; if they even knew of my existence I would be pretty damn pleased. I just love their stuff, their prices and the wonderful feeling of picking up a sale beauty. 


Monday 11 November 2013

give you something good to celebrate

plum biker jacket new look teens / blue top dorothy perkins / black skirt India & diy / super cosy tights primark / black cut out boots new look via asos / silver chain necklace dorothy perkins

As usual I have taken these photos a little bit in advance and then by the time I edit them into the post, Bam! It's already too cold to wear them again. This irritates me like you would not believe. I've also gone and trod on the necklace (don't ask) and it now sits in a jewellery box, essentially severed. Gutted

So life has been a bit weird/topsy turvy as of late but instead of just pouring it out in a rambly way I'll put it all into a life post this week. I feel like I have so much to show and not enough daylight to produce it in, by the time I get home from school nowadays the sky is already working towards a shade of navy. I'm sure this is a problem most bloggers encounter though, but it is aggravating nonetheless. The upcoming six-eight weeks are my favourite time of the year so I've got quite a bit planned that I will show you lot on here, but for as to what it is...that's a secret for now. Half of me wants Christmas to come tomorrow but the other just wants to venture into Central London and just inhale the festive vibes, smell candles and struggle to wrap numerous gifts. 

Before you go, if you have a minute (or a couple of hours), go check out Lisette's blog. She deserves lots of credit for what she produces online and you can check it all out here.

now playing: birthday - katy perry

p.s - sorry for abandoning FGXO for such a long time, I don't plan on doing that again any time soon. I got many bloggy withdrawly symptoms. Yes, they do exist. 
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