Why hello there my lovelies!

My name is Thalia, pronounced Tar-lee-ah, I’m eighteen years old and I’m from South West London, UK. I’m currently a first year undergraduate student studying Journalism at City University London. I’m a half British/half Australian dual citizen (my heart is 100% stretched between the 8,991 miles that separate London and Perth) and I adore travelling. Tales of Thalia is my space to document my life, interests, travels, obsessions and everything in between.

A little bit of history…

I created my first blog aged eleven when I was living abroad with my family in New Delhi, India. I lasted about five posts, didn’t understand anything about blogging (other than the fact that overly swirly and somewhat unreadable fonts were so my thing) and subsequently put the blogging life to rest for a while. I played around with the idea of blogging for a couple of years and then established fashion galaxies xo in January 2012 when I was fourteen.

I gave it a crack for over three years, 300+ posts and loved seeing whereabouts in the world people were reading my blog from. It was no viral, online phenomenon, but it was my online home. And I loved it.

I went on a hiatus in March 2015 as I went into my A-Level exams, which later extended to way too long as I balanced two jobs over the summer post-exams, and really lacked the time to commit to my own creative space.

And that almost takes us to today – I’m writing this on September the 8th, 2015. After an awesome summer working as a Freelance Copywriter at Livity, I’m back to my single-job life working part-time in retail and I’m about to start a scary (albeit very exciting) four years at university. I’ve wanted to relaunch the blog for a good year or so, and I finally got my shit together and well… here we are.

So grab a cuppa, flick through the archives and enjoy!


  1. Hi Thalia (by the way lovely name!)
    Was wondering if you'd be interested in blogging collaboration? If so - please get in touch jolita@friendlyfashion.co.uk

    Best wishes,

  2. You've got yourself quite a lovely blog, and a new follower! Xx

  3. Hi! I have been looking at a lot of your clothing and I love all of them. I am a young teen fashion blogger too, and I am also very picky about clothes. I have to say, well done!

    1. Todos os mais recentes e anteriores do Além da Ilusão Continue sempre visitando nosso site e nunca perca nenhum favorito


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- Thalia

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