Sunday 28 October 2012

American beauty purchases

maybelline dream bouncy blush in orchid hush / sinful colours nail polish in stuck on you / revlon lip butter in creamsicle / revlon eyeshadow quad in decadent.

Lately I've been mentioning how my Mum embarked on a trip to America, so naturally I handed over a beauty wishlist of things I asked her to 'look out for'. On Tuesday she returned home to London after being delayed overnight in Toronto and handed these over to me when I came home from school and I was very, very excited. 

Now the purpose of me asking her to buy me some bits and bobs is as most of you may know, prices/availability over in the US is so much better than what you can get here, with brands (especially American ones) being sold for up to half the price you can get here! Now as a bargain hunter I love finding inexpensive buys, especially ones you can't get over in the UK. Out of all of these, you can buy the Revlon quad over here but at £8 I felt you can buy more product for that price (cough cough, MUA palettes for £4 are my life) and usually I don't go for the quality > quantity mindset. I only wear make up for 2/7 days a week maximum so for me it's about the experimentation. 

The dream bouncy blush, firstly I just find to be so cool. The texture is so original, and is reminiscent of play-doh in texture. Pigmentation wise I'm sad to say it's not fab, however as a highlight for cheekbones this pale shade would be wonderful. 

Since March the Revlon Lip Butters have been available in Boots and Superdrug nationwide, and I can still remember the massive hype that initially surrounded them. I've always wanted to try a few shades, Cupcake and Sugar Frosting especially but at £7.99 each I can't convince myself to spend that on essentially, a coloured moisturising lip balm/ lipstick hybrid. Creamsicle is a shade unavailable over here, it's one of the six Revlon never brought over to the UK. The texture is really nice and super moisturising as so many people have raved, however the colour is really quite nude (think more nude than Creme Brulee, less brown) and you'll get this. Don't let the pale peachy colour mistake you, it comes out really quite nude so I guess it's pretty hard to style. However, I can see it being pretty used even as a natural sort of product as they are pretty low maintenance and smell really lovely, which is always a bonus. 

Lastly the nail polish from Sinful Colors is in the shade Stuck on You, a metallic mid-purpley colour. It's one of those fancy metallic magnet ones where on the lid a detachable magnet comes with it, perfect for getting the abstract look. I briefly tried the magnet out and I think it's really cool, not original by any means as many brands have reached out into the technique but the idea itself is really fun. I found the colour on its own with two coats is really lovely, but when using the magnet it's..inconsistent. I think it's just me though and my application technique. I'll have to try again soon sometime!

What make up product do you wish was available in the UK? 


p.s - Happy 17th Anniversary to my beautiful parents, I love you both very very much. 

Sunday 21 October 2012

I'm always in this twilight

studded collar blouse new look / rust jumper tesco / disco pant leggings h&m kids / boots new look / watch casio via asos / nails ciate wait until dark

Another mainly unproductive day today, however I tried out an autumnal colour (pride) with this jumper that I haven't worn in months! I love re-discovering old favourites. I have a week left until my spending ban concludes and I get to spend four days in the beautiful city of Cardiff. Words cannot explain my excitement right now and I'm so excited to take photos to update! An oxblood jumper, jodphur leggings and black leathery jacket, please?



Saturday 20 October 2012

I do not want to die inside just to breathe in

skater dress topshop / long sleeve black top primark / belt primark / knee high socks primark / brogues primark / nails ciate wait until dark

I never realise how much of my wardrobe is from Primark until I list them under blog photos. I guess it just proves that style/basic wardrobe pieces don't have to be bought at ridiculous prices!

Today was a pretty chilled and relaxed day, my Mum's in America at the moment attending a quilt show (she's a professional quilter) and she won a prize! I'm so so proud of her and her hard work. Anyway, her not being home changed the family dynamics a lot meaning time spent doing average stuff (i.e spending the day in bed watching nine episodes of The Vampire Diaries) is spent going food shopping with Dad. And forcing asking my brother kindly to take some photographs of my outfit.

I've seen a few skater dresses around for ages now, I got this dress in a Topshop deal back a few months ago for a brilliant £15. It's from the petite section, so once the straps were taken in a bit it was perfect for my annoyingly small frame. Layered underneath it is a plain £2.50 black long sleeved jersey top, perfect for the upcoming autumn months and its corresponding cooler weather. 

Have a lovely Saturday night,



Sunday 14 October 2012

no more pain, no more drama

dress primark  / scarf gifted / cardigan la redoute / boots primark / watch casio / nails rimmel london pulsating & la colours jewel tone
makeup: bourjois healthy mix serum 52 vanilla / sleek rose gold blush / mua undressed palette / neals yard black eyeliner / soap & glory thick & fast mascara / mua clear lipgloss

To me, this outfit screams anything but autumnal. All purple and lilac, pink and blue glitter, and no autumn. I love autumn and all, but I dread placing my beloved purples to the side every year. Currently I'm on a spending ban and haven't bought anything in around six weeks, saving up for my trip to Cardiff at the end of this month. Now this heartbreaks me as every single shop is releasing new stuff weekly, beautiful oxblood tones are coming out as well as tartan prints and more studded accessories. Worst of all is that Boots have a 3 for 2 deal which I am dying to use! Really tempted to try Barry M's new Gelly polishes, the perriwinkle blue and the dark green especially. Rimmel's nude eyeliner's next on my wishlist, too. The three of them for £7? Sounds too good to be true :( :( :( 

The title's from this song, I am obsessed with the X Factor as I am every single year and I thought James was brilliant last night! My favourites are definitely Rylan and Ella though, Rylan is just the kindest and most entertaining one there, and he looks like such a laugh. Ella though is beautiful and it's astonishing to think that she's a year older than me and that good. Pretty sure that she'll end up winning! Are you also obsessed with Weekend night television?


Saturday 13 October 2012

so I put my faith in something unknown

breton striped top la redoute / jeans h&m / loafers new look / earrings forever 21.
makeup: mua bb cream in light, sleek storm eyeshadow palette, unbranded shimmery peach blush, la colours brown eyeliner, covergirl lash blast volume mascara (uk dupe max factor false lash effect) and nivea lipbalm in milk & honey.

This week has been so incredibly chaotic. Academic priorities have pretty much taken over most of my time, something I don't see dying down for a good portion of a year, at least until next summer. I'm putting in more effort that I have ever done previously, waking up early to complete unfinished work and giving up my beloved nightly Vampire Diaries episode, trading it for an hour and a half of Physics revision. It sucks, but it's good to be motivated. Any my gosh do I want those results next August.

The breton striped top is a new purchase for me, I ordered it off La Redoute last week with an order code from the catalogue and they had a sale on, so I think I saved around a fiver on it so picked it up for around £12. Delivery was good, Mum & I got a couple of things each and they all arrived in an exciting package two days later. Now the top had a page-sized spread in the catalogue, and is available in an array of colours and can be purchased in either a top or dress length. The navy and white stripes screamed 'classic' to me, breton is something I feel suits so many seasons of the year and is perfect for transition weather conditions. It's longer than I had expected considering I bought the smallest size, a 6/8 but in general I find their sizing to me slightly on the large side. Also fabric is comfy and warm and I can definitely see some wear coming from it in the next few months, which is a general happy point and yeah, it's all good.

The jeans and loafers you've probably seen many times before, my trusty H&M £5.99 babies have lasted me nineteen months now without fail and I can truthfully say I don't know what I would have worn this past year if I didn't own them. Naturally they've faded from being a royal navy colour to a slightly washed out tone, however I personally like it and still find them versatile. I absolutely adore H&M (kids section) for jeans, I first bought a pair of their skinnies when I was 10 and have owned a good six pairs since, remembering two years since then I lived in a country with an unfortunate lack of access to the beauty that is H&M. I have my eyes on a couple pairs of their current season, including some thicker and definitely winter appropriate ones, which are stretchier and warmer as well as keeping the skinny frame. These ones here are so gorgeous also, I've seen the coated leather-esque trend everywhere and this are no exception to the general amazingness. Basically, I need them. Before anyone wonders, no this post isn't sponsored. I merely love them so much that if it were, I hope I wouldn't be doing a half-bad job. For anyone of a reasonable height (a.k.a fitting into normal adult size jeans) you should fit into these perfectly.

Also in the upcoming week my Mum departs to America for six days, in which I'll be able to learn the joys of morning sandwich making, laundry runs, dishwasher emptying and orthodox cooking skills. Listing these doesn't half make me feel sad about being a teenager, I merely wish to spend my time in happiness rather than soak up home-related responsibilities. Have a lovely week!


p.s the title song can be found here!
p.p.s any thoughts on the layout of the photos? I find editing them this way so much easier than struggling to arrange them with blogger.

Sunday 7 October 2012

I'm the devil on your shoulder, I'm the conscious in your mind.

top forever 21 / army jacket ebay / jeggings h&m / bag primark / boots new look / belt primark 
nails h&m cherry

concealer collection 2000 lasting perfection light 02  / foundation bourjois healthy mix serum vanilla 52 / primer benefit porefessional / eye primer mua / eyeshadow mua undressed palette / lipstick natural collection rose petal / lip gloss mua shade 5 / mascara avon super curlacious

Today a couple of friends and I went to the cinema to see 'the Perks of being a Wallflower' and my gosh it was amazing. I'm currently reading the book and they're both brilliant, however read the book first as nobody likes an unwanted spoiler. Emma Watson was great as per usual but the two male leads, played by Ezra Miller and Logan Lerman really were striking, in a very good way. A definite recommendation from me!

My weekend other than that was pretty uneventful, I stayed in yesterday and went through a whopping seven episodes of The Vampire Diaries..I'm in love. I watched the Pilot episode just over a week ago and I'm already a convert. And before you ask, I'm team Stefan.

Tidying / organising / autumnal cleaning my room this afternoon really informed me that I ama true magazine hoarder, and that over the past couple of years I've lived back home in London it really has become an obsession. One that is heavy when you fill a whole underbed storage box filled of Marie Claire, Company, Glamour and the various Elle. All in chronological order, why of course.

The upcoming week brings nothing particularly special, two science tests, orthodontist appointment and numerous in-school tasks. I've booked train tickets to go back and visit Cardiff at the end of this month after adoring it when I went there for a wedding back in August, I'm craving Welsh accents already! Three more weeks of school I remind myself on a daily basis.

Have a good week!


p.s the title song is this!


Thursday 4 October 2012

melabelle press and blogger event

Last Tuesday night was very exciting. A couple of weeks before I'd been invited to my first ever blogger event, at a cute, talent-filled shop in Portobello Road, London. Designed by Bella Cager, Melabelle features subtle, classy colours and bespoke prints to flatter a variety of shapes, as well as suit many different occasions.

The collection, inspired by Bella's grandmother Thora was something I found very versatile; there were distinct pieces I saw myself attracted to, yet collectively they joined together to offer a range of clothing items that could make perfect wardrobe staples. An independent brand, something that strikes me is that they are all printed by hand, something that would require such extreme skill, dedication and patience. I found it lovely to see the passion from Bella, who you could tell had put a huge creative and time effort into the collection.
Featuring classy and wearable colours such as camel, cobalt, navy and burnt orange; the idea of prints was something focused in the collection. After talking to Bella herself I was fascinated to find out her thought process behind the collection - how featuring movement lies well on the women's figure, as well as how she ensured a kept sense of originality.

A range of shapes were explored, varying from floaty layered dresses to warm winter coats in a chic, block camel colour. Layering was also possible, and the insolvency of colour and prints seemed appropriate for the upcoming autumnal months. Plain outfits can be dressed up with one of her silk scarves, or an outfit can be taken from work to an evening meal with one of her clever day & night dresses.
Personally, the item that stuck out to me the most was the the flamingo print scarf, available in the most beautiful intense fuchsia shade. The range of scarves available was vast for such a small room, one suiting the taste of everybody could be found, as well as my personal favourite in the star print. By using hand designs and etching the shape to make it more original, Melabelle show off both skill and creativity.

In addition to Bella's designs, I managed to get a clear glimpse of some beautiful jewelry from the brand Silver Service Jewellery, designed by Tilly Sveaas. They displayed a range of intricate items, including some inspired by skulls, peace or even religion, yet kept small in size so easily wearable. Displayed creatively on glass bottles, I was taken away and hoping to myself that I wouldn't knock any over.
Some lovely bloggers: Nicole of From Nicole With Love, Hayley of A British Cocktail and Lola from Passtime Bliss.

So if you're interested in beautiful prints, sleek shapes and some essential wardrobe staples, look no further than Melabelle's website. And thank you, for a brilliant night.


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