Wednesday 29 February 2012

pinking of you

LA Colours Nail Polish NP407 Power Outage
Ring - Primark, £2.50

pretty in pink! love this nailpolish - so unique and unlike many others I've seen. bright fuchsia with a pale pink duochrome, with lots of shimmer. As for the ring, I picked up this beauty in Primark a month of ro ago and I love it - thing is it's too big for my fingers:'( the only one it truly fits is my thumb, and you can all imagine how shockingly wrong a long ring like this can look on a stumpy little thumb.

Been very busy with school recently, getting back into the full swing of things with coursework and whatnot. Hoping to bring you a new OOTD post soon, along with various others including one requiring your help!


Saturday 25 February 2012

she moves in her own way

My entry into the LG 6 Motion Give us a Spin Competition!

& yes, I 'braved it for fashion'. Saying this, today we were actually blessed with beautiful weather - sunny, slightly chilly but definitely reasonable for February. Naturally, the first thing my best friend Rosie and I go out to the local park and 'photoshoot' for our blogs, and me knowing I wanted to enter this competition took this as a chance for outfit photos!

Casual Spring/Summer

Taking into account the theme of movement, I wanted to convey my outfit in a range of ways, including simple full-body shots to full on whip-my-hair shots.

Denim Jacket - Vintage from my Mum
Vest - Primark
Shorts - Topshop
Belt - Primark
Loafers - New Look

The only piece of clothing you'd consider 'linkable' that I'm wearing are the loafers, which you can buy online here.

So how did you enjoy today's lovely weather?


Wednesday 22 February 2012

topshop petite, I love you.

Topshop Petite, I love you.

Not only do you sell beautiful clothes, you sell them for those vertically challenged, like myself. At 5'1 and 'small', I often find it hard to find nice clothes in my size. Recently I ordered the dress I put in my Clothing Wishlist #1, and asdfghjkl I love it. Fits me perfectly, not too short and is a lovely material. At £17 including (half price) delivery it was a bargainous Topshop purchase.

In the package I receieved the dress, a newspaper for London Fashion Week & a free Mary Katrantzou for Topshop canvas tote bag! Wasn't expecting the bag, was sure they were for orders above £50 only but oh well, the bag's in a loving family now!

Photos of the dress will hopefully be uploaded soon, once I get the chance to photograph me wearing it. Now school's back its 'coursework this, homework that' blah blah blah. To be honest I don't mind school all that much, I just wish we had more time for ourselves.

Anyway, back to the post - been adoring Topshop Petite for a good few months now, but my love has been reassured by the arrival of the dress :') So here are a few picks from Topshop Petite that I love and could really get my hands on if I had the spare £200 lying around. Oh well, a girl can dream :')

From L-R. Top Row 1 / 2 / 3
Bottom Row 1 / 2 / 3

As you can probably tell from the colour scheme - I'm not one to experiment with colour, or even wear much of it. Greys, black and dark berryish colours are the ones I 'swear by', with a bit of denim thrown in there of course. In particular these leggings are absolutely beautiful, and remind me a bit of disco pants - mmmm, saving of £52 anyone...?

Bought anything nice from Topshop's Petite section recently / had your eyes on anything from there?


Tuesday 21 February 2012

recent skincare purchases

Hey everyone - just a quick post today.

School started back today, urgh! Still got months till Summer but this year isn't going too slowly. Watching the Brits and procrastinating from my work and tidying my room - success?! Anyway...

Whilst at Tesco the other day with my mum I bought a couple of skincare purchases, mainly from Clearasil. Known for their spot treatments for teenage skin, Clearasil have a range of products to suit what you want. The two I bought were face wipes and a spot gel, but eye wipes and cleansers are also available.

And some cute exfoliating gloves wouldn't do any harm...

Have you had any recent skincare purchases?

Sunday 19 February 2012

mulberry del rey

Already quoted 'Born to buy', the newest bag release by Mulberry surely hasn't failed to cause conversation bewteen the entire fashion world. Surely they weren't the first to notice Del Rey's gorgeous mix of vintage and glamorous style, but were the first to encorporate it into their timeless and prestigious brand.
image from Grazia

This is the first time Mulberry have named a bag after a celebrity after the bestselling Alexa satchel was released just over two years ago. Since then it's become one of the most iconic bags, with rip-offs sold in bucket loads all over the internet and in high street shops.

actual bag images from online and 'The Mirror'
The Del Rey differenciates from the Alexa in the way it's more duffle-structured, and more vintage inspired but still has the classic gold hardware.
So will you be purchasing the newest Mulberry bag when it's released in May? I'll sure dream!



Saturday 18 February 2012

sweet serendipity

Today I discovered beauty in a bottle, of such colour one can not imagine. Costing a mere pound, this may just be my bargain of the month. And my gosh, do I love it.
LA Colours Colour Craze Nail Polish in NP424 Wired

A shimmery dark blue colour that can appear a lighter shade of blue in certain lights. It isn't as dark as Barry M Navy, and I would say is the blue equivalent to Models Own Peacock Green. Definitely one of my favourite nail polishes: although slightly dark for spring, I'm using the cold weather in England as a wintery excuse to wear it.

One thing I'm noticing is a connection between the names of LA Colours nailpolishes I have recently bought: I think they might have an informal collection or something as I'm noticing a vivid connection between the names 'Wired', 'Voltage' (top coat), 'Energy Source' (plain white), 'Power Outage' (shimmery raspberry with pink duochrome) and 'Nuclear Energy' (plain mid-purple).

Have you had any purchases recently that made you feel happy?


Friday 17 February 2012

girls love curls

my attempt at curly voluminous hair, without the use of heat. 
How I did it:
(before I start, I must say this wasn't intended as a blog post, simply as a way to wear my hair for school...though cleverly I did document it). Starting by brushing your hair thoroughly but gently to be rid of knots - I used my beloved Tangle Teezer for this (which I haven't seen since last week...dreading that I might have left it at school!) I then put my hair in a neat and low ponytail, loosely tied with a hairband. Using my fingers, I placed them in the middle of my ponytail (above the hairband) to divide my hair in half and create a 'hole'. I then got my hair and flipped it through this 'hole' I created. Once my hair was flipped trough, I pulled the ponytail so it was tight, giving the side of my hair a cool twisted effect with minimal effort. Then, to add more dimension to my hair I plaited my ponytail until strands of hair started to stick out the plaits. Gently, I then started twisting the plait and brought it up to form a bun. Using loads of kirby grips and hairspray I managed to secure the twist turned plait turned bun hairstyle.

I managed to keep this in all day, even throughout gymnastics. Once I got home I took it out and voila! A voluminous, curly hairstyle without the use of heat - would be good for a night out if you had done this the night/morning before and left it for the day! 


Thursday 16 February 2012

bourjois photos & purchases and meeting llymlrs!

Oh. My. God.

What a day I've had - the best in ages!

So after (not much) persuasion, my Mum agreed to come with me to the Bourjois pop-up boutique in Shoreditch. I told her, 'but the makeup...the deals..the prices...please?!' and luckily she agreed. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves - the setting was lovely, really modern and well laid-out, the people there were so lovely and I caught a glimpse of Jameela Jamil - what more could I ask for.

The first fifty people to arrive each day were guaranteed goody bags, and oh my they did not disappoint. The deal they had on was insane - 2 items for £9, 3 for £12 and 4 for £14. The first product I bought had an RRP of £10.99, so I could potentially buy another two products for just a pence over a pound. I must say - I didn't see many people leave with less than four products.

Bourjois pop-up boutique, located at the Beach Blanket Babylon restaurant in Shoreditch, near Shoreditch High St Overground station. 
The ridiculously amazing deals! 
Healthy Mix range of products consisting of the foundation/serum, powder and two concealers 
Effet 3D lip glosses 
Their nail polishes in every cute colour imaginable 
The blushes - really like how they set them out depending on colour and what skin tones they're designed to suit 
Got my makeup done & a photo taken - the album is on Bourjois' facebook page 
What I got for £14
healthy mix serum foundation in shade 52 - RRP £10.99
kabuki brush - RRP £4.99
khol & contour shadow & light double-ended eye pencil in 13 brun and caramel - shade was exclusive to the event but the noir and blanc version retails for £5.49
sweet kiss natural lipstick in 11 rose innocence - RRP £7.99
total cost would have been...*whips out calculator*...£29.46, saving £15.46
What my Mum got for £14
smoky eyes eyeshadow trios in 12 gris lilac and 04 nude ingenu - RRP £7.99 each
liner feutre in ultra black - RRP £6.99
sweet kiss lipstick in 76 rouge fashion - RRP £7.99
total cost would have been £30.96, meaning she saved £16.96
Mum & I eating full english breakfast rolls at a sandwich bar in Shoreditch 
The goody bag! 
What was inside the goody bag?!
foaming cleansing cream
mini effet 3d gloss in shade 20 rose mythic
gloss bijou discoball in shade 07
little round pot in 92 gris paillettes
a light up compact mirror 
the pleasant surprise when I open the mirror and see how it lights up! 
The awesome packaging for the discoball gloss!

After going to Shoreditch, mum and I went to Oxford St as I wanted to go to Forever 21, as the bloggers were going to be there. On the way there we popped in Topshop to see the dress  but they didn't have my size in stock :( Hopefully I can order tonight. I met Lily of llymlrs in Forever 21 and she's lovely!

What can I say - I'm one happy girlie :)


baroque/barocco trend

Baroque/barocco- loved by some, tried by a few. Versatile in the way it can encorporate different colour schemes - burgundy and navy can be pulled off with baroque, as can bright aqua. Out of the high street/online stores, missguided really gets the reccomendation from me with this trend - not only do they have dozens of clothes in a plethora of colours, they are so affordable! My favourite baroque piece is number 2, which only costs £12.99 from missguided.

Missguided - 1 / 2 / 4 / 5 / 6
Miss Selfridge - 3
River Island - 7
Topshop - 9
Motel - 8 / 10
Boohoo - 11

Not exclusively on the high street - as all trends originate, it began with a designer, and baroque can be found on net-a-porter with Versace selling items showing their repersentation of the trend. Baring this in mind, the colours used for Versace were much more subtle, pastelle-y and contained - especially for the scarves. The silk shirt was without doubt the stand out-piece and at £745 it doesn't come cheaply either. It is Versace though....
The Versace beauties are available at net-a-porter here

I personally won't be donning this trend, but those missguided leggings might find a way to sneak into my wardrobe.


Wednesday 15 February 2012

top 5 spring nail polishes


Seeing as it's freezing cold outside and everybody's wishing for double-digit degrees, I felt the need to show my top 5 nail polishes for Spring. I adore Spring for a number of reasons..

1. It's perfectly acceptable to wear clothes and nail polishes of pastel colours
2. My birthday is in Spring
3. Summer is soon after!

My Top 5 Nail Polishes For Spring

Sorry about them not being in the same order for both photos by the way!
TOP row L-R: LA Colours  NP402 Energy Source, LA Colours NP226 Pink Pearl, Rimmel London 380 Golden Totem, Barry M 308 Berry Ice Cream, Models Own NP038 Jade Stone. 
L-R Pink Pearl, Jade Stone, Energy Source & Berry Ice Cream
Golden Totem

Why I love them 
(in no particular order)

1. Rimmel London - Golden Totem 
I got this nail polish in last June at Graduate Fashion Week in Earls Court - a £3 goody bag got me a copy of Company Magazine, lip balm, flavoured water, facial mask/cream and this baby. Golden Totem is a beautiful colour, a metallic bronze that elongates my fingers and nails. The bottle states it can last up to 10 days, and although I've never tried to last that long the nail polish doesn't chip or show signs of wear easily. It suits most outfits and just looks really pretty - highly reccomended by me! Saying this, I'm not sure if this was limited edition or something, because I've never seen it in Boots/Superdrug :(
actually I lie - I googled it and found it here for £2.99

2. LA Colours - Pink Pearl
This was one of the first LA colours nail polishes I have ever purchased - and  now I have around 7 of them. Although the bottle itself shows wear, the performance of the polish is amazing! The colour is very sheer though, and unfortunately you need a good 4 coats and a top coat for it to look its best but in my opinion it's worth it - it doesn't take long for each coat to dry so ultimately it doesn't take that long to apply. It comes out a gorgeous pearly pinky colour, really reminiscent of Spring. Cost me a bargainous 99p at Beauty Base in Westfields.

3. LA Colours - Energy Source
A more recent LA Colours purchase, Energy Source can appear to be a bit iffy for some - 'a white nailpolish...really?' some may think, but this polish is really good! It doesn't look like tacky tip-ex has been forced onto your nails, it looks quite pretty and smooth. It gives the illusion of slightly more tanned fingers (ahaha) which may be appealing to some? (myself included). The main thing I adore about this nail polish is that it suits literally everything and is light and floaty for Spring.

4. Barry M - Berry Ice Cream
I had been searching for a lilac nail polish for so long, and thankfully my best friend bought me this for Christmas. It's a really beautiful colour, very spring-esque and pretty and I always get compliments on it when I wear it. The application is similar to all of the Barry M nail paint range, quite thick and only 2 coats are needed. Berry Ice Cream costs a mere £3 and can be purchased at Boots/Superdrug (and online stores such as their website and ASOS).

5.Models Own - Jade Stone
I've written about Jade Stone before, and it has a well-deserved place for my spring favourites. The colour is beautiful, application is creamy and easy with the well-designed brush. Always feel cute and Springy (haha) when I wear it and it is the perfect way to jazz up a plain outfit.

What are your top 5 nail polishes for Spring?



Tuesday 14 February 2012

hey I heard you were a wild one

boots - primark
tights - primark
skirt - shop in India (cut out from dress)
cardigan (worn as shirt) - h&m
vest - primark
no makeup day.

Happy Valentines Day!



Monday 13 February 2012

I want to be faithful but I can't keep my hands out the cookie jar.

Mulberry. Funny how a single word can get the heart of a female to turn suddenly aflutter - to smile, to long for, to stare at. Mulberry as a brand have been soaring, with the business booming as many are saving up to spend their pennies on pieces of beauty - timeless accessories of a truly excellent quality. I confess, I've walked past the Mulberry section in Selfridges and Bentalls before and stared, but never touched (I wouldn't dare) but nevertheless a girl can dream.

So whilst pondering through the beloved internet I come across Mulberry's website, and see they have a few beauties, soon to be released in the UK. Named 'Cookie', they have added a pretty cookie-cutter scalloped edge to bestseller models such as the Bayswater, instantly upping the cuteness level and becoming simply adorable to look at.

As you can see here the traditional Bayswater has pretty scalloped edges - very on trend for the upcoming spring/summer months. My favourite detail has to be the clasp hardware - if you look closely it also has 'cookie' edges.  
Understandably the prices for these beauties aren't cheap, with the keychain costing £60. Saying this, the quality of these products are none shy from the bestsellers everybody adores and are adorable.
Available on the website here soon.
So what are your thoughts on Mulberry's most recent exploration for Spring? Will you be purchasing one of your own or simply stare in awe (like myself)?



Sunday 12 February 2012

Clothing Wishlist #1

1. These Bershka Shorts, Navy - just spotted them online but oh my lord aren't they beautiful! Such a nice colour and cut and style and yeah they're simply amazing. And they come in a size 4. I think it might be destiny.
2. The famous Topshop Flippy Dress, Black - seen these on many people recently and it's so pretty and simple, very flattering and I have read very good reviews on it. I would get the petite version as they have a size 4 which hopefully won't drown my midget 5'1 frame.

What's currently on your clothing wishlist?


Beauty Wishlist: February/March 2012

Another month, more new releases of endless products waiting to be explored by the thousands of us British girls obsessed with make up. the past few months in particular I've been edging towards skincare, taking more action with my skin than I did during most stages last year. Saying this, I am really interested in MUA's new releases and am very excited for the UK release of Revlon's Lip Butters - famous in the US already with fab reviews!

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
This product has been out, and a cult to many for months - have been putting off purchasing this for so long as I keep thinking 'so I really need a concealer?...I have one already!' but no, I have been wrong. I am giving in to the reviews this month - and at a mere £4 I expect this to be a product worth repurchasing.

L'oreal False Lash Telescopic
Now this has been out for absolutely ages...? Like in shops forever, but only recently have L'oreal repromoted it, with the gorgeous Cheryl Cole to model it in the tv advertisement. After seeing favourite beauty gurus from the US (talking about Amarixe here, but from a while back) she often used this mascara, and said such amazing things about it.  Soon after watching her rave about it I tried to explore it in-store, but was disappointed when it cost £11. See, I understand that in the world of beauty, £11 can be a reasonable price for a mascara - it's half the price than a luxury one such as Benefit or Lancome, but for me it simply wasn't worth the money. So then, the other day, I see an email. I like many other people subscribe the e-newsletters from companies such as Superdrug and I saw they had a promotion - £5 off, for £5.99! Now I have no idea how long this promotion is on for but I shall surely be snapping one up now. You can see the promotion here.

Superdrug Mud Mask Invigorating Raspberry
The amount of good things I've heard about this product seem overwhelming - it works like heaven, smells amazing etc. I love a good face mask but don't end up purchasing them lots as I'm never entirely sure of their smell, or whether they will itch my skin or not. From the reviews of this I hope they can guarantee I'll like it.

MUA Love Heart Lip Balm in 'Great Lips'
A new product by MUA - a tinted lipbalm, similar to the ones you can see by Vaseline and Sleek. A pretty pale nude colour, suitable for everyday and according to reviews it smells nice too - vanilla scented. At a bargainous £2 you get a nice-smelling pretty-coloured lip balm that moisturises well....what more could a girl want?!

The Body Shop Vanilla Eau de Toilette
Have smelled this countless times, and sprayed it onto the cute scent-paper oblong thing every time in store. Got excited when I saw it was reduced to £6.30 on the website (30% reduction of fragrances for Valentines Day) but when added to the price of packaging it costs 30p more to buy online...typical! Anyway, have wanted to purchase this for ages now and feel it's about time to cave in.

Revlon Lip Butter in 'Cupcake'
Yes, I hasn't yet been released but a girl can be excited.....right? This shade in particular stood out to me, it's so pretty! Moisturising in formula with a pretty sheen, decent pigmentation, gorgeous packaging. Very exciting.

So what's on your beauty wishlist for the upcoming months?


make up from gym & dance show 2012

As I mentioned in the previous post I've been dedicating a majority of my time to the annual Gym & Dance show, it's produced every year at my school. Besides the gymnastics, vaulting, dancing and routines, all of which went SO well, as soon as I got home from show night #1 I took photos of the make up I was wearing - beware, substantially more orange that usual. Enjoy!

cheeks bronzed to the maximum

Rimmel Match Perfection Pressed Powder in 103 True Ivory
Sleek Contour Kit in Light (which I love)
Random Blusher found - Unbranded, shimmery dark bronze in colour.

MUA Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette
Maybelline Colossal Waterproof Mascara
Collection 2000 retractable eyeliner? forgotten the name as left the eyeliner at school - is a plain black, thin kohl pencil.

Nivea Essentials Lip Balm (prep)
LP Longwear Lipstick in L404 Champagne Pink- from the clothes show, not sold in major shops
Missguided lipsplash & gloss in Misshap (clear)

So we had to wear our hair in a french braid with a side parting, and the rest in a messy bun - hence why one section of my hair is much curlier than the rest! 

pout pout

after two makeup wipes, face wash, a good nights sleep and a cotton bud, nearly all the makeup came off. Knew some of the waterproof mascara had managed to stay on when my friend asked me if I had a black eye :(

All in all a great two nights in the show, loved the backstage atmosphere - I can always welcome the smell of endless makeup and hairspray!

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