Saturday 28 January 2012

dip dye inspirations

So I REALLY want to dip dye my hair this summer, as a sort of first-stepping-out-the-box type of thing, actually wanting a bit of a change. My favoruite colour is dark purple, especially shades such as berry and eggplant. My natural hair colour is a really dark brown, so I need to choose a good dark purpley colour that'll show up well on my hair without me having to bleach it. Also, It'd need to wash out after six weeks for school. Any ideas?! Here are my inspiration photos, courtesy of weheartit as always.

the single most beautiful photo ever - my dream hair. the colour is simply perfection!

this one really stood out to me, the gradient looks awesome and really suits the girls' blonde hair. would never try it myself but definitely worth a mention:)

another example of an amazing plummy colour

the colour it appears in the light:') dreamy

As for the actual dye I want to use - I'm unsure. Seeing as I'm only going to dye the ends I don't know whether I should spend the money on a full-sozed packaging, but saying that the full-sized have the nicest colour range. Whilst out shopping today I found really nice colours - Stargazer's Rich Wine and Eggplant, which are nice and also very affordable. Need to research the product before I make my mind up on it though. So far, here are a few I've found:

Rich Wine and Eggplant by Stargazer

La riche directions: dark tulip & plum.
out of the two I prefer dark tulip by far but plum would look nice darkened. 

L'oreal Paris Plum - seen this a lot in shops over the past couple of years, even in India. Love how it looks but not sure what colour it would leave my hair as it faded? dilemma.

Any advice on dip dying hair?



Thursday 26 January 2012

ASOS picks


Some bits that really stood out to me when browsing online - all from ASOS. Been really loving their website and clothes recently, purchased some checkered sequin shorts from their petite brand's sales last week for only a tenner. Packaging and postage was fab, and so far I have absolutely nothing bad to say about ASOS. Haven't taken price into consideration with the items above, for the example the disco pants sell for a whopping £70 - I should wait until I get a few jobs until I can afford to pay that much for trousers (despite how wonderful they are.) Two items that stood out to me in particular were the GORGEOUS plum skinny trousers (Warehouse - £60ish) and the high waisted denim shorts, which at £25 I would buy if they sold them in a size 4. 
Looking through these I've realised that they really aren't spring/summery, infact they really remind me of the colours that were hugethis past autumn. Saying this, I don't really wear that many bright colours, I prefer darker and more subtle colours.

What are your picks this season for ASOS?


Tuesday 24 January 2012

vanity inspirations

Browsing online on the various 30+ websites I have stored in my favourites and I come across Urban Outfitters. I rarely visit their website as their clothes are expensive and it's almost depressing. But when in the mood to look at interior bits & bobs and inspiration, I looked on there (and  ikea) and found these beautiful pieces. Really tempted to purchase the mauve one as it's currently on sale down from £12 to £5 - bargain. All of these pieces match the bed that I'm saving up for.

The bed of utter beauty - IKEA 'Leirvik' in the double size. I already have a matress to fit the size so I'd onlyhave to purchase the bed frame - score! Main reason why I'm saving up for this is that I have no room for storage space under my bed whatsoever, and I'm trying to cut the crap levels in my bedroom. Also, I've loved the design and prettiness of this bed for the past couple of years so now I've finally come to a form of plan to encourage myself to go and earn something I want. Hopefully I'll be able to purchase this by April, (birthday's in March and hopefully any money recieved then will go towards it). So far so good - have hardly spent any money since the January sales.

Any bedroom inspirations you have found recently that have made you want to start afresh? These Urban Outfitters beauties had me at hello.


Monday 23 January 2012

minty fresh

recently I've noticed a developing trend for spring 2012: pastels. This sounds average, the kind of yearly trend that comes around but this year, I think people have put more thought into it: you don't just have the odd pastel, the random floral thrown in to outfits. This year, they're seperated by individual colour and tone to form beautiful monochrome pieces. This collage shows pieces of the mint green spectrum I've picked out on online browsings.

Topshop: 1, 8, 11, 13, 18
New Look: 2, 6, 9, 12, 15, 17
ASOS: 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 16
River Island: 14

Do you own anything mint green?


Sunday 22 January 2012

models own nailpolishes

models own nailpolishes  in jade stone, peacock green and silver fox. sold seperately at £5 for 15ml of product.

In early December I went to Birmingham to go to the Clothes Show Live as a school trip - I know right, cool or what. Amazing is a complete and utter understatement, bought some Topshop jeans for a tenner and endless bits of makeup. One of the stands I went to, Models Own, had an unbeatable deal on: £10 bought you three full-size nailpolishes of your choice with a goodybag filled with a lipstick, 3 eyeliners, a cream eyeshadow, nail file and 2 lipglosses. The three I picked are pictured above, and after 6 weeks I have tried and loved all three of them.

Jade Stone is a really pretty minty green colour, similar to Barry M's Mint Green. Very cute and pastelly, good for the upcoming spring/summer months.

Peacock Green is beautiful, completely and utterly outstanding. This one stuck out to me the most, its amazing duochrome that appears to be a dark navyish colour, but then glistens a metallic greeny blue colour when in the light. Reminds me of Rimmel 'Green with Envy' but just a lot darker.

Silver Fox is one of the best glitter nailpolishes I have ever used. I have it on my nails now actually (layered over Ciate's 'My Fair Lady' for reference) and it  is simply amazing. Really pretty silvery glitters, all of the same small size that apply to the nail really well and can be varied on thicknesses depending on what look you are aiming for.

I already have a wishlist for models own nailpolishes, it is as follows -
Aqua Violet
Purple Blue
Thunder and Lightning
Concrete Mixer
Nude Beige
Disco Mix
Grace Green

What are your favourite nail polish shades from Models Own?



Saturday 21 January 2012

jewellry lust: dollybowbow

Dollybowbow. A beautiful brand with cute pieces at affordable prices.  I have a scrabble necklace with a 'T' on it that I recieved Christmas 2010 and I adore it. So here are some of my current picks from her online boutique!

silver dolly bow necklace - £8
vintage bow necklace - £8
hamsa hand bracelet - £6
gold cut out cross earrings - £6

What are your picks from dollybowbow, have anything from there?


winged liner

Taking a try at something new - what do you think?
Also, found out that picnik is closing:( So whilst I can - what do you think of the rounded edges, worth doing more often?

Liquid Liner - Collection 2000 Extreme Liner (felt tip)
Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara
Collection 2000 Kohl Liner on waterline


p.s - amazing cover: 

Tuesday 17 January 2012

brb exams

exam time has come - no posts will be up for a few days & sorry there hasn't been one for a week! so far I've had Biology Maths Geography and some English, still got Physics and my French oral:(

Post soon -


Wednesday 11 January 2012

playlist & irrelevance

A selection of fun irrelevance. In the music mood so wanted to share my current playlist and the odd photo (off weheartit) to pass the time. First major exam tomorrow, did two hours of straight revision! Feeling rather proud of myself for that. So whilst I contemplate ways not to completely freak out tomorrow in my biology exam, here is my current playlist! Enjoy.

And a few weheartit photos to make the blog post complete? :)

Seriously adore this girl's hair! Makes me want to get a heavy swept side fringe like hers, but knowing me I'd get fed up with upkeep and having hair in my face all the time! A girl can dream, eh?

 Finishing off with a humorous one - this never fails to make me laugh.

Have a lovely rest of the week, my online orderings arrived today so will hopefully blog about them soon.



Tuesday 10 January 2012

my attempt at skincare

At 14 I would say I'm reasonably lucky when it comes to skin. I'd say I have dry/normal skin type, but I do get spots (the irritating ones that rarely come to the surface). For the past 8 months or so I've become more interested in skincare, as I, although it's just a thing I know will happen, dislike spots. As for brands I've previously used, before the stuff I'm using now I tried out some of Johnson's skincare range (unsure of the name) but it was in the pale pink containers for 'normal' skin. The gel face wash in particular was really good:) Anyway - here's what I'm currently using..

The 'Clear Skin' range available from Tesco: I have it in the form of the Deep Cleansing Wash, Spot Treatment Gel and Facial Wipes.
The 'dual action moisturiser' is from Clean & Clear, and was also purchased from Tesco.

My Thoughts
Deep Cleansing Wash
Okay product, isn't as good as the version available from Johnson's. Smell is just slightly overpowering and almost chemical-smelling. When squeezed onto my palm, the product is distributed quite thinly; quite a large amount of product is needed to fill my whole face. Also, it doesn't lather - instead it just sits there smelling a bit, mmm. My skin does feel lovely after washing it off though, so that's an advantage. Must say though, it states that 'helps prevent spots' but using this product (even in addition to other spot prevention products) hasn't really eased my spots, it's only made my skin soft. I think this sells for around £2-3, but was on a 2 for 3 deal at the time I bought it.

Spot Treatment Gel
I use this religiously. Sometimes I really cannot be bothered to do a full face wash sort of thing, but every morning and ever night I use this baby. It has a very strong smell of mint,and dries within about two minutes. Although it doesn't help remove my spots, it does help prevent them from worsening, so basically half the job is done. The small tube of 30ml has lasted me for ages, and has shown no signs of running out anytime soon. Cost around £2, which in my opinion is pretty fab considering how long it's lasted.

Facial Wipes
Like many others, I only really use these for removing make up, and not really for the whole waking up-rejuvinating skin sorta thing I wish I was more into. Out of all the brands of face wipes I've used i wouldn't say these are the best, but they do the job. As for amazing and affordable face wipes I would reccomend the wipes from Simple. I wouldn't say that they help prevent spots particularly much - I find that the facial wash and spot gel do that better. Baring this in mind, the wipes were more affordable than most so I couldn't really demand too much from them.

Dual Action Moisturiser I really love this product. It has lasted me ages - I've used it regularly for a few months and it still hasn't run out. Quite creamy in consistency, not much product is needed to cover my whole face. Moisturising is amazing, after using this my skin feels really soft. Dealing with spots wouldn't be this moisturiser's highlight but at between £2-3 I am very pleased with the moisturiser!

What are your current skincare products - any reccomendations?



Saturday 7 January 2012

Recent Online Orderings

So I had some money left over from the Christmas sales, and well, couldn't resist! Love online shopping, just feels so easy. And I love being able to lounge on the sofa and shop at the same time. who doesn't?!
 saved more than I spent, woooo!

So yeah, as for now I'm a happy girlie. Got my first (ever) proper GCSE exam this week, and ugh- it's biology. This stuff will definitely cheer me up when it arrives :') as for now - got revision.

Bought anything nice on online sprees lately?



Tuesday 3 January 2012

Messy Rainbow Glitter Nails

So on New Years Eve, an hour or so before midnight my Grandma and i found ourselves (as usual) painting our nails whilst watching tv. There's something I find rather therapeutic about nail polish...not sure if it's the whole concentration to paint my nails decently, or simply the satisfaction I get from having nice nails.
So anyway, here's the look I came up with when wanting something different and out of my usual 'comfort zone', which usually restricts me to plain colour neatly painted onto my nails.
Sorry I haven't got any 'progress' photos, at the time I did this I had no intention of making a blog post about it, but now I'm keen to share it.

The end result:
with a cool blue background to add to the awesome colourful mix

  1. Clean your nails of any previous nail polish, file/buff whatever to them, basically just sort them out so they're nice and clean :)
  2. Get any nail polish colour of your choice (going for either a rainbow or ombre theme usually work best) and carefully place a smallish sized 'blob' of it on your nail. Make sure there isn't too much product on the brush when you do this to prevent over-splodging/polish getting onto your fingers. Vary where you place the splodges on your nails for a more messy and less organised look.
  3. Wait for all the colours to dry before adding a new one to stop colours mixing/not drying well.
  4. Repeat the 'splodging process' (as I'll put it) with every colour you choose to do it with (I used 6 colours, but you can do as many as you want depending on the size of your nails/splodges.)
  5. Once finished with all the colours, you can choose to add a thin layer of glitter polish, or you could leave it there. Finish by using a top coat of your choice.

The colours I used. From L-R: Colourworks (no name, bright red colour), Rimmel Tangerine Queen, Rimmel Green Grass, Rimmel Sky High, Barry M 219 Cobalt Blue, Barry M 303 Bright Purple, Models Own Silver Fox. & why yes, sneak-peak of my nail polish storage in the background.

A finishing photo:)

Hope you enjoyed reading my first nail polish collection post - am going to try it out with different shade of purple soon, will keep you updated!


Monday 2 January 2012

a wall of bits & bobs, inspirations

A sort of 'mhhhmmm' day. Went to the memorial of my friend who passed away a year ago today, but then came home to a reply to an email from one of my favourite bloggers - result! Got school tomorrow, exams start in 10 days and right now i have absolutely no motivation to revise. Or even put in any effort. Really hope this is just a mood-related thing, as i know I'll get nowhere in my future with an attitude like this. So anyway, just a few photos I found of my room taken a couple months ago. Taken purely for fun & to explore with photography. Enjoy!

ever-growing magazine collection


your thoughts?

Seeing this piering online and falling instantly in love.
I'm rubbish with pain.
School would never let me get it done.
& my future wouldn't accept it.
But this piercing, is simply amazing.

antihelix piercing

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