Wednesday 26 February 2014

hold you tight straight through the daylight

 denim shirt rokit (Camden) / chocolate quilted biker jacket with faux fur primark / grey tweed skirt oasap* / bag peacock's / chelsea boots topshop (MONTH boots, link here) / nails: models own snow white

So *this* is the outfit I wore to LFW last Monday at Zeynep Tosun. I wanted to go for something I would wear anyway, as I'm not one to dress overly crazily (colours...could somebody remind me what they are, please?) Oh, and as a student I didn't have a budget for any of that sort of stuff. A LFW budget is one that is dreamy and more realistically for me contains my duvet, laptop and numerous packets of Mini Cheddars. 

This textured and tweed skirt is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe that I rarely ever wear because a) it takes a certain temperature to wear a heavy weight skirt that provides little lower-leg coverage and b) it's pretty damn short. Beautiful, nonetheless, but short. I had to constantly ask my Mum if I was modest because I'm one of those paranoid people that realistically spends 90% of her life inside one of too many pairs of ASOS Ridley jeans. It takes a bit more confidence than what I currently have, so I matched it with super thick tights (over a pair of normal tights, you know...for coverage) and a biker jacket to somewhat detract attention from my lower half. This denim shirt has almost been glued to my body since Christmas (2 months ago already, say what) and I'm still in the Honeymoon phase with it. The combination of pale stonewash and nice tailoring (oversized yet it still fits, a rarity as a petite girl) suits me well and I am so freaking pleased with it. 

Just thought I'd end with a couple of photos of my Mum, who came along with me to the show. I may be a little biased but I think she's the most beautiful woman in the world. And she has a cool accent (much cooler than mine, may I add). I love you so much, M. 

P.S - cheers for the short girl genes ;)


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Sunday 23 February 2014

the sunday review 05

For me, half term can take the form of one of two routes. Either; 
- lazing around for its entire duration, minimal plans, optimum duvet-meets-laptop time
- filled to the brinks of things to do, plans with multiple people and usually a day or two outside of London

Needless to say, this week I chose the latter, yet mixed it up a bit with some serious American show-watching (extraordinary stuff, right?) I could rave for days about how much TV I watch on my loyal friend Cucirca so I'll just keep it quick. Suits. I started watching it on say...Wednesday or Thursday, I really can't remember, and I'm on to Season 2 already. Had I not made plans I think I may have caught up. It's brilliant. For those who watch it (don't write any spoilers, pretty please) and for those who don't, give it a try. The pilot episode will lasso you in in the same way it did to me.

I mentioned in last week's review about my first LFW fail, but luckily Monday at Zeynep Tosun was more successful. Think shades of sienna, camel and ivory with ice blue to finish - it was beautiful. I finally got to catch up with Sophie as well, which was lovely. Expect an outfit post from that day to follow! (Spoiler: mummy galaxies xo makes her second get excited).

Wednesday saw me catch up with Gracie, who I featured on here this time last year. I popped up to Birmingham by train and we chilled at the Bullring, ate gorgeous burgers (burgers are always gorgeous in my opinion, but these ones were special) and devoured large slices of cake. The day was fab until my train journey home: I came down a couple of hours earlier than expected, using my train ticket I bought only to have the ticket guy declare I owed the train service £10. I handed over that for him to change his mind to £22.75 :( I am now a handbag's worth poorer but have learnt a lesson - either purchase a flexible return ticket or just stay for a bit longer.

Now I'm sure you've seen the trailer for Endless Love - if not, what are you doing? Alex Pettyfer is fine and after watching it on Thursday with my friend Sophie we both remembered why we love him. Now neither of us have seen the original film, the one it was based on, but despite the bad reviews (which we read after watching the film) we loved it. If you're looking for a film that's out at the moment I'd definitely give it a try!

So that's all I've been up to this week - I'd love to hear what you have been up to.


Post this week: lusting over Topshop boots

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Discovery of the week: my new favourite fashion blog - the tall and the short of it - by a dynamic duo, Melbourne style. Love it.

Friday 21 February 2014

lusting over Topshop boots

 black slouchy peplum top dorothy perkins / dark plum skinny jeans h&m / black biker jacket miss selfridge / black chelsea boots topshop (link) / textured shoulder bag primark

Ahh I have been a bad blogger this week - you'd think that with a week off school it would be posting central but in reality I've filled this week with so many things, many of which have consumed a lot of time. I will delve into the details on Sunday in my weekly review (which for once, may even be vaguely exciting). So anyway - onto the outfit. These jeans are a personal favourite of mine not only because of the gorgeous colour but because of their sentimental value...I got them with my first paycheck, which makes them sound as if they were expensive - trust me, they weren't, but I love knowing I earned them. Winter weather permits for dark colours I guess. Who am I kidding? - I wear them all year round. No regrets. I'm loving the pastel trend that's emerging for spring, I just highly doubt I'll be trying it out for myself. The idea of a pale pink skort sounds beautiful on those with poise and confidence, however I eat way too much spaghetti to even risk going near pale-toned bottoms.

My Topshop 'MONTH' chelsea boots have been glued to my feet since receiving them for Christmas - they're classics and the quality of them is fabulous. I'm already planning to expand my Topshop shoes collection (my 25% off Arcadia employee card in hand, of course) - these boots are gorgeous. I mean, just look at them.

 'Of course I need another pair of black leather-look cut out ankle boots, Dad'. 
And then he points out my use of the word 'another'.


Sunday 16 February 2014

the sunday review 04

So this week was slightly more exciting than last week. In the midst of the floods (which, I must add, hasn't  hit my area yet but half of my fence is well...grounded) I caught up with some friends, went to the Guardian Media Centre and had an unsuccessful attempt at going to LFW.

A couple weeks ago I learnt that school had a journalism trip to the Guardian planned and at that I was very excited - an excursion that for once had relevance to what I want to do in the future was great. I, along with a group of others who go to my sixth form, got a tour around the HQ in London and a masterclass before meeting and speaking to Eliza Anyangwe. She's a digital journalist who mainly writes about global development and I must say I thought she was a fascinating person. I got to ask her a few pressing questions (Is the knowledge of shorthand relevant nowadays? How helpful is knowing a foreign language? Do we really need to do a NCTJ course to succeed?) and she was really helpful in giving us answers and an insight into her career.

So yesterday was when things didn't exactly go to plan. My incredible friend Sophie managed to get some tickets for a few Fashion Scout shows at LFW but couldn't make the Saturday shows, so she sent me the tickets in the mail. Needless to say I took the opportunity to try and see one at 3pm but after an hour and a half of waiting outside, the place was completely full. Wish I could have seen some of the beautiful clothes but fingers crossed things will go better tomorrow! I'm hoping to see the Zeynep Tosun show and I'm bringing my beautiful Mum along with me to make things even better. It's so weird to think that 3 years ago she took me to the LFW exhibition and now I'm bringing her along to a show. It was a goal of mine for 2014 to see a show so hopefully in next week's review I tell you all about it (with photos, of course). Will this be mummy galaxies xo round two? 

I hope you've all had a lovely week! Before you all pop off elsewhere in the interwebs - I'm thinking about upgrading my camera sometime in the next few months and I'm in the vital research stage. I currently use a Canon EOS 350D and am hoping to go for something that records in HD as well as taking great quality photos (I'm thinking around 16MP +) but also something that isn't too confusing (I'm no camera genius, that's for certain). If you have any recommendations please let me know!


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to see what I was up to last week, click here.

P.S - Jason Brown at Sochi. I nearly died. I love him. And yes this BuzzFeed feature is SO accurate. 

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Wednesday 12 February 2014

put aside the math and the logic of it

 grey cropped zip-up jumper primark / fuchsia and bottle green tartan skort topshop (online exclusive - link here) / black super cosy tights primark / statement necklace dorothy perkins / black cut out boots new look / nails: models own snow white and boogie nights (post about them here)

If you had told me a year ago that I would go on to buy a skort, let alone a tartan skort, I wouldn't have believed you. But tartan has had me in a trance these past few was inevitable, really. Since posting about three tartan scarves I picked up on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland last summer I've been obsessed. It's an excuse to unleash a bit of my Scottish heritage. I guess I should be off and grab my Scottish pin right now...

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Sunday 9 February 2014

the sunday review 03

This week has had me Sochi-obsessed. Yesterday I spent hours watching snowboarding, speed skating and figure skating (my personal favourite) and some of the tricks left me on the edge a bit. I'm so excited to watch Jason Brown and Gracie Gold in their individuals. I mentioned them in a post not too long ago and I'm totally feeling #teamcoulouredsurnamesatSochi. Oh, and Yulia Lipnitskaya left me speechless. It is mental to think that she is over a year younger than I am and she's out there showing that Russia are crazy good whilst I'm spending hours sitting on the sofa watching it all. It says a lot, really.

Every time I get to these weekly reviews I struggle to remember anything really eventful that occurred during the school week...I hit my target grade in the English essay that I seriously struggled with so I'm chuffed about that, my models own order arrived (and I blogged about it, of course) and I watched a lot of American television. So nothing wild. Yesterday was uber productive with me getting lots and lots of photos taken for either the blog or for upcoming LBQ contributions so that was fab - I really dislike having to rely on Saturday's as my 'photography day': working on Sundays and spending weekdays at sixth form limits me to a single day a week to get my photography on and living in England means nice weather to accompany it is never guaranteed. Luckily it fluctuated quite a bit and wasn't just rainrainrain, so I snapped the chance once the sun came out et voilà, some new content is ready to be produced.

Next week looks like it's going to be a busy'un (an evening in on Friday with chocolate and a few episodes of One Tree Hill will have me sorted for V-Day 2014) so hopefully I will be able to excite you endlessly with whatever my upcoming week includes.

Posts this week: greyscale wishlist // a small models own spree

Songs on replay: hunter hayes - wanted // you me at six - fresh start fever // wilkinson ft. detour city - too close // plumb - cut // carrie underwood - so small


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Saturday 8 February 2014

a small models own spree

from l-r: snow white, jack frost, pinky brown, purple blue, aqua violet, boogie nights
snow white and boogie nights  
So I went on a bit of a spree...

Models Own had their famous 50% off sale. I had just had a large-scale nail polish clear out (seriously though, I've cut my collection down by forty) so to replace the old'uns with some fresh and unique colours I head straight to MO. The duochrome, metallic polishes are the ones I'm most excited about - they look un-dupeable (totally a word), completely original and my justification was that I probably couldn't find them elsewhere.

I've been wearing the snow white/boogie nights combination for four days and there are minimal signs of wear - I'm seriously impressed. At £17.95 (or just under 3 quid each) they're just perfect.

Did you also succumb to the MO sale?


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Tuesday 4 February 2014

greyscale wishlist

petite spot print playsuit - miss selfridge - link
pinafore in grey tartan check - asos - link
skort in crepe - asos - link
black check notch mini skirt - new look (teens) - link
black chunky cleated sole chelsea boots - new look - link
grey and black colour blocked winged satchel - new look - link
mix knit ankle sock - asos - link
bonjour mes amis jumper - asos - link
stripe scoop neck top - miss selfridge - link
monochrome mini gingham shirt - topshop - link

No, of course I do not need any more clothes, but obviously that will never stop me from wishing. I'm lusting after black, white and grey as of late...y'know the stuff you can wear all year around (even in the summer, I convince myself). I'm really into the black and white mix, especially when it meets a pattern such as stripes, gingham or this season's well-loved tartan. I saw the Grey marl socks on Hello October a little while back and I love that they look so thick and comfy whilst being a gorgeous collection of grey tones. The chunky chelsea boots combine two essential aspects: the chelsea boot style which I am loving and a heel to up the amp and give a bit of assistance to my 5'2 frame. I can just imagine myself waltzing into my French exam (note: on the verge of tears) in May wearing the ASOS jumper, with that being my support system and giving me some 'hmm, I can rock this' attitude. 

What is on your greyscale wishlist at the moment? Are you a bit of a colour-phobe like myself?


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Sunday 2 February 2014

the sunday review 02

I got a good response from last week's Sunday review so I'm back with a sequel! So this week has been rather mixed - as my school runs on a two week rotation, I prefer one week to the other quite significantly so week B is always a bit of a bore. I attended a journalism lecture at the University of Westminster on Monday which was informative and worthwhile me attending, but let me know that I probably won't apply there. I didn't really connect with it as a whole, but the talkers were interesting nonetheless. I also had an uncomfortable encounter with quite possibly the strangest man to exist in England who (aged considerably older than me, may I add) decided to ask me many questions such as 'do you live in London?', 'do you study Media?' and 'do you attend college or university?' Why a man 15-20 years older than me needed to know where I live and where I'm educated I am seriously unsure. 

On a really positive note - I am loving work at the moment. I work part time in fashion retail sales and those 4 hours a week never fail to entertain me. Today was a combination of clothes, chatting and cookie-consuming and it made me so so happy. 

So that was my week in a recap - nothing groundbreaking nor overly exciting, but one done and dusted and a week ticked off my countdown to summer. I love reading posts like these from bloggers who are slightly older than me who fill their days with exciting things such as going to restaurants, hanging out with friends and exploring new places whereas I spend weekdays at sixth form and needless to say that isn't too thrilling! 

How was your week? I hope it what somewhat more exciting than mine.

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Saturday 1 February 2014

victoria and albert

 khaki military detail blouse h&m / grey cropped jumper primark / mid stonewash 'Ridley' skinny jeans asos (link) / tall buckle boots new look / textured shoulder bag primark / nails: rimmel cheap and cheerful

In a recent post of mine I shared photos from the 80's fashion exhibiton at the V&A, so I thought I'd follow up with a few photos of what I wore. ASOS Ridleys are a wardrobe essential in my opinion - I'm actually wearing them as I type. The military shirt is a recent sale purchase from H&M at £10. The material is lyocell so it's extra strong and hardwearing, suiting the military theme aptly! I adore the beading detail too - it's different and adds a necessary edge to an otherwise plain blouse. The only fault I can mention is that the buttons around the bust area pop open so easily (and quite frankly, I don't know why) and it makes me feel for busty women who must have to deal with this problem all of the time - that would annoy me beyond belief!

Today in itself was a decent day - I hopped into town with Mum to purchase a few beauty bits (obligatory instagram snap here) after we tried to go out as a family to find that both of the two bowling alleys close to us were completely booked out. I guess I'll have to save my sporting prowess for another time...

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