Tuesday 31 December 2013

goodbye, twenty thirteen

black loose peplum top dorothy perkins / lilac cardigan primark / berry snood primark / petite 'ridley' skinny jeans asos / tall black boots new look / black texture and suede bag primark

Seriously though - where has this year gone?! When I think back on 2013 I see it as being a decent year - I travelled to Rome and Vatican City in July which was absolutely incredible - I wrote all about it here. I also went to Scotland and Wales twice each, which has become a sort of standard routine in my life now. As I finished my GCSE exams in June, I had an eleven-week summer which I definitely appreciated! Although I was disappointed with my exam results, I have 11 grades to my name and I'm proud of that. Since starting sixth form I've felt myself get back on track in a way - I now enjoy my classes more after dropping Maths and Triple Science and am feeling motivated to get into university in eighteen months time. Socially, although I am still my awkward introvert self I feel much happier - I've discovered a lovely bunch of people in the past few months and completely dropped those who made a negative impact on my life.

2013 was the year that anxiety entered my life, although at the moment I'm feeling chilled and calm. Since the first (and worst) panic attack in April things have gradually got better, albeit with a few tremors along the way. I've let my blog front slip a bit, which I'm disappointed about, however this motivates me to give it my all in the new year. I won't say too much more as I have a 2013 recap series beginning in January consisting of many highlights - including life, music, beauty, fashion and nails; and I don't want to give too much away.

Things I am looking forward to in 2014:
- Visiting my favourite place on the planet and the place I consider to be my second home, Perth in Western Australia. It's my Mum's home city as well as being the home to a majority of my family members and I am on the verge of squealing in excitement. Every day that passes is a day closer to being reunited with my favourite people and that makes me insanely happy.
- Knowing that it is the last full year of secondary education. I'm in my fourteenth year of school now so I am definitely ready to ease out of the school environment and into the wider world.
- Exploring London more. One of my favourite things to do is to hop on a train and into Central London, seeing how the different boroughs are individual and exploring through various exhibitions (and lets be real, have a fab excuse to scoff down ridiculous amounts of gorgeous food). I wrote about B-Soho in my post (here) about the London Blogger Meetup in January of this year and have since returned with my Dad to fall in love with their pesto pizza. I am definitely planning to head back there sometime soon in 2014.
- Trying to get some valuable work experience on my CV.
- Get into reading more. As an A-Level English student I read a lot in classes anyway, but I'm beginning to explore more with books of my choice and the thought of that excites me a bit.
- Seeing The 1975 live in April. Need I say more?
- Seeing my goddaughter grow up into a beautiful young girl and begin school.
- Meeting more bloggers and getting my feet in the door with industry events.

I hope you all have a fab NYE (and if you're like me and are staying in tonight, enjoy your heavy dose of TV and a meal full of carbohydrates. One Tree Hill and Spaghetti Bolognese sounds ultra appetising to me...) Needless to say, I hope that wherever you may be tonight and whatever you are doing, I hope you embrace the moments you have and start 2014 on a high note. I will see you then!


P.S - fashion galaxies xo turns 2 tomorrow. Crazyyyy stuff!

P.P.S - I, despite not being American or having American heritage (that I know of, anyway) almost know their national anthem off by heart thanks to Carly Rose Sonenclar. I loved all of her performances when she was on The X Factor USA in 2012 but this in my opinion is in another league. She's incredible and I've watched it so many times over the past few days.


Saturday 28 December 2013

you are the avalanche, one world away

~ photography credits to the awesome Sophie of Sophie Said ~
 biker jacket with the fur collar primark / a line denim skirt asos / grey tights tesco / monochrome knitted top new look / boots new look / leather satchel Camden market / watch casio via asos / nails: kate spade for nails inc 'big apple red'

Location: Sloane Square, London

Recently, the lovely ladies Perdi, Chloe and Ellie hosted a bloggers lunch in Central London and I grabbed the chance to go with both hands, meeting Sophie at Victoria beforehand. I think there's a buzz around SW London that I find so fascinating, a buzz that is unusually quiet during the day, yet serene and beautiful at the same time. The walk through Chelsea seemed effortless as you're surrounded by beautiful homes worth a greater sum of money than I could even possibly imagine, and the leaves on the ground lie in such an Autumnal way that they almost convince you that it isn't indeed the middle of Winter.

I have a funny traumatic story regarding this skirt, a recent sale purchase from ASOS (one of quite frankly, too many) that went on an unwanted international journey. Unnecessarily long story short: I sent it to the wrong capital city. 20% off on ASOS combined with a shopping basket nearing expiry led me to act quickly, as one does in these sort of circumstances, and select the first address that came up. My card details were then slotted into the boxes quicker than you could say "Thalia, chill" and voila, the order was made. A week or so passed and I was still longing for the skirt which sadly hadn't arrived, so I checked the confirmation email only for the penny to drop. 'Sent to: (address of my friend), Cardiff' it said in those small yet important evil letters. Ugh. The annoyance. How could I have sent it to the wrong city? The wrong country, even? But somehow I did. And I felt like a plonker because of it. A few days later, after contacting my friend, I finally got my hands on it after she kindly sent it in the post. Luckily, it was worth the wait. I don't even want to think about my reaction had it not fit!

If you, unlike me, are capable of purchasing clothing online sans embarrassment/shame/inability to read and are actually just hoping to see the skirt for yourself, you can do so here. Sale x student discount x saver delivery...ASOS have simply got it going on. 

I hope you all had a fab Christmas and like me, consumed way too much turkey and feel as if you could go without it until next Christmas. Who am I kidding? Pass over the turkey sandwiches please, I'll take the lot.


now playing: salvation - gabrielle aplin

p.s - I realise that this post went from girl-wears-outfit-in-London to a declaration of my love for ASOS rather quickly. I'll try and contain myself next time.

Thursday 19 December 2013

Christmas party prepped in five products

So it’s Christmas time and we’re all pining for gorgeous food, love and attention courtesy of our loved ones (and Santa, of course) but we’re stuck at work, college or school. The days feel like they’re going super slowly, and you know it is December when you’re dreaming of mulled wine at 10am. However, what is getting you through the days are the upcoming Christmas parties, a time to whip out shades of red, dark green and gold. Sometimes you may feel as if your days are too short, as dashing from work to another place will give you no time at all to re-jazz your look. Here are five products that will do the trick for you, à la festive vibes.
How it ends: put together and party-ready
How it began: with foundation, concealer, a small dash of mascara, a blob of powder and a sheer lip balm. 
 Cosmetic weaponry: Sleek Storm Palette and Contour Kit in ‘Light’ / Maybelline 24 hour colour tattoo in ‘Bad to the Bronze’ / Bourjois Sweet Kisses lipstick in Rouge Fashion / Soap and Glory Thick & Fast Mascara

Maybelline’s Bad to the Bronze colour tattoo is £5 of greatness in a small jar. When used on its own it looks great, but in my opinion works even better as a primer to intensify the eyes. The great thing about brown-based shadows is that it looks great on all eye colours, especially on grey, green and blue eyes as it adds a bit of contrast. There was no fancy technique I used with this, making it great and easy to use when on the go. I carefully dabbed this on with my fingers et voilà, I was ready to proceed with an all time favourite from Sleek.

Sleek’s Storm Palette is my absolute holy grail. My favourites are the 3 neutrals from the left on the top row and the shimmery brown in the bottom left corner, so this look incorporated a bit of that. After priming my lids with Maybelline’s colour tattoo, the top left shade was spread evenly over my lids, and then the creases dusted with the matte pale brown shade for a bit of depth. Then I whipped out the bottom left shade to spice things up and ensure if didn’t look too ‘everyday’.

I already had some mascara on begin with, but it was merely one that defined my lashes but not much else. To add a bit of volume, Soap and Glory’s Thick & Fast came to the rescue, and boy was I pleased. I think this mascara is great for a night out, has a fabulous brush and does a great job in general – it’s one of the best mascaras I’ve ever used, so seemed perfect for this simple and quick Christmassy look.

In order to add some definition to my cheekbones I went in with another favourite of mine from Sleek, their Face Form contour and highlight duo. I’ve had this for so long yet it still hasn’t hit pan, and I’m starting to think that it’s invincible. A subtle dash of contour works great for parties as it turns out great in photographs without looking too OTT (for the wrong reasons...) I couldn’t do a party make up look without a bit of shimmer, so a bit of highlight seemed necessary! This one in particular is great – a great shade and that isn’t too sparkly, it doesn’t leave your face in the I-battled-against-the-sequins-and-lost scenario but manages to give a healthy dose of radiance.

Nothing screams Christmas like a festive red lip. Bourjois’ Sweet Kisses lipstick in Rouge Fashion is my weapon of choice, providing both deep pigmentation and an injection of moisture. It’s my go-to red shade for whenever I’m feeling brave enough to whip out the bright and warm toned lips. This exact lipstick is no longer available to the best of my knowledge, but it’s not a rare shade – I know that they have newer versions that will do the job just as well, such as their Rouge Edition lipstick in the shade Rouge Jet Set.

So there you go – my 5 essentials for getting ready for a Christmas party in a rush. All of the products except for the Bourjois lipstick are available at drugstores for £10 or less, so when in cash-stripped December you can still pull out all of the stops.


Saturday 30 November 2013

Camden details

grey turtleneck top charity shop / grey coat new look / deep purple corduroy shorts topshop / velvet plush leggings primark / belt primark / gloves asos / necklace river island / socks asda / nails: avon decadence 

A couple of weeks ago my family and I headed out for a day in Camden, treated ourselves to some a lot of delicious Chinese food and ventured along the streets that are filled to the brinks with alternative clothing.It's something we don't do too often, so a treat in a sense. Living a train and a tube ride away from places like this make it seem silly to pass down the offer. I'm forever thinking about places I want to visit, cities I want to live in and all of that, so recently I came to the obvious realisation that I won't live in London forever. Fact. I may as well make the most of it now!

As for the outfit...it's a bit of a strange one. I wouldn't usually go for the shorts-in-Winter vibe but considering I was visiting one of the most stylishly-adventurous places in London, I knew my efforts wouldn't be put down. These gloves are no longer sold on ASOS afterbbing them for a fiver in the sale earlier this year, but it wouldn't surprise me if they released similar ones soon. Super warm, a gorgeous colour and I can use my phone at the same time. Absolutely wonferful.

I'm off now to a bloggers lunch in Central London...expect photos soon.


P.S -  This is completely and utterly irrelevant to the content of this post but oh my gosh I discovered The 1975 recently and I am obsessed! Do any of you listen to them? Please let me know your favourite songs by them if you do. Their album has a firm spot on my Christmas list already.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

my love for Primark has no boundaries...(obviously)

blouse primark / petite ridley jeans asos / belt primark / boots new look / quilted biker jacket with fur collar primark

I never realise until after I've done the shop credits underneath my outfit photos the huge fraction of my wardrobe which is compiled of too many Primark essentials. I can't help it though, everything there just screams my name whenever I enter one of their many premises dotted around the country, and I just get a different sort of sensation whenever I leave their store; albeit sometimes negative when their infamous paper bags rips in the wrong place and newly-purchased basics start to tumble downwards. We've all been there, all told the tale, and then continued by wearing their products until their price-per-wears got down to individual pennies. 

And it is for this reason that I just have to feature this jacket as my winter pinacle, deliverer of both warmth and style points that I have been embracing since picking it up earlier this year in the sale for a mere ten British pounds. A tenner, that could be spent on yet another scarf, or a couple meatball marinara Subways, was instead spent on this beauty. I feel chic when wearing it, somewhat empowered and fierce. Not in the Beyoncé way, who goes for the beautiful, confident and bootylicious vibes, but in the subtle I-hardly-spent-anything-buying-this-piece-of-clothing-so-ha!-I-rule vibes. Yes, they do exist. And I'm feeling them, embracing them. Winter doesn't have to be expensive. 


P.S - this post is by no way endorsed by Primark; if they even knew of my existence I would be pretty damn pleased. I just love their stuff, their prices and the wonderful feeling of picking up a sale beauty. 


Monday 11 November 2013

give you something good to celebrate

plum biker jacket new look teens / blue top dorothy perkins / black skirt India & diy / super cosy tights primark / black cut out boots new look via asos / silver chain necklace dorothy perkins

As usual I have taken these photos a little bit in advance and then by the time I edit them into the post, Bam! It's already too cold to wear them again. This irritates me like you would not believe. I've also gone and trod on the necklace (don't ask) and it now sits in a jewellery box, essentially severed. Gutted

So life has been a bit weird/topsy turvy as of late but instead of just pouring it out in a rambly way I'll put it all into a life post this week. I feel like I have so much to show and not enough daylight to produce it in, by the time I get home from school nowadays the sky is already working towards a shade of navy. I'm sure this is a problem most bloggers encounter though, but it is aggravating nonetheless. The upcoming six-eight weeks are my favourite time of the year so I've got quite a bit planned that I will show you lot on here, but for as to what it is...that's a secret for now. Half of me wants Christmas to come tomorrow but the other just wants to venture into Central London and just inhale the festive vibes, smell candles and struggle to wrap numerous gifts. 

Before you go, if you have a minute (or a couple of hours), go check out Lisette's blog. She deserves lots of credit for what she produces online and you can check it all out here.

now playing: birthday - katy perry

p.s - sorry for abandoning FGXO for such a long time, I don't plan on doing that again any time soon. I got many bloggy withdrawly symptoms. Yes, they do exist. 

Monday 28 October 2013

making every kind of silence

top forever 21 / petite indigo joni jeans topshop / tartan scarf shop in Edinburgh / socks primark / bag argos (ancient) / coat new look teens / boots new look via asos / watch casio via asos

The question today mainly revolved around the 'will it, won't it' buzz around the huge storm in the UK which has somehow missed my area completely (not that I'm complaining, of course) although it was a bit of an anticlimax. I expected to wake up to bins flying everywhere, trees flattened, leaves smothering windows...the full schbang. Needless to say, seeing families walking around the park at 9am fizzled out any worry. They looked fine, as if nothing had happened. Simply because that's what it felt like.

The main happiness in my life at the moment is due to wonderful thought of a week off from sixth form, something completely and utterly overdue and so incredibly appreciated. A pyjama day is on the cards, along with work on a couple of the days and a trip up north to visit my friend Grace for 36 hours or so (y'know, enough time to catch up but not become so attached that I'll become an emotional wreck when I leave.) I'm currently at the stage when I don't find any of my A-Levels particularly enjoyable so I'm waiting for things to spice up a little..for I pessimist, I'm pretty optimistic (if you got the reference, kudos to you and I love you). Sociology should become better soon but as for English, until I throw away the books I'm currently studying things don't look great. My teacher told me the other day that I 'try too hard' in my essays. Because you know, trying hard isn't approved of nowadays.

Okay so some post-payday purchases made the other day were just a little sneaky but I'm excited to show them off on here asap, but in the natural just-subtly-sneaking-into-an-outfit-post kind of way. I never feel like my hauls are substantial/interesting enough to feature in a dedicated post so I guess you'll just have to keep your eyes open for some new appearances. Saying that, I simply couldn't wait to show off these new boots as I've been lusting over them for ages so when these arrived in the ASOS package the other day I had to do a celebratory squeal/interpretive dance. Seriously though, just imagine it. An uncoordinated, short-limbed blogger 'busting' some happy moves. Not so pleasant.


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Monday 21 October 2013

autumn/winter nail polish picks

maybelline colour show mudslide tote
ciate nail pot wait until dark
m&s polish city grey
sinful colors winterberry
l'oreal confetti
max factor onyx
rimmel pro cheap and cheerful
nails inc savile row
no7 damson dream
collection lasting colour midnight rouge
avon golden vision

Being the nail polish hoarder and big-time appreciator that I am, I couldn't see a season go by without letting you know what will be adorning my nails. I'm a huge fan of the typical A/W colour palette and I'm a huge believer that not all shades have to be of the dark burgundy/berry variation (although there is a significant space for them). Khaki, grey, mauve and taupe are colours that I adore and I think they should not be forgotten! Having tried out all of these polishes, I would say that Midnight Rouge is the best for a night out, being a true deep berry-verging-on-black shade; Mudslide Tote is the unconventional choice with a fab matte finish and Cheap and Cheerful is the chic, classic and utterly wearable choice. 

What are your nail polish picks for the upcoming months?


Saturday 19 October 2013

everything will glow for you

 knitted striped top la redoute / velvet blazer vintage / plum jeans h&m (buy online here) / satchel internacionale / boots new look / bracelets assorted, from travels / nails: american apparel mount royal (written about here

I guess this outfit mainly represented an attempt at actually incorporating colour into my A/W wardrobe (note: not just talking about it). I've come to the conclusion that I've hit a big brick wall when it comes to blogging lately, the lethal combination I'm facing at the moment is lack of motivation/want to put effort into my appearance and outfit/anything to write about, and all together they have resulted in nil. Don't get me wrong, I do want to get out of this, but in my own time. I don't believe in posting just for the sake of posting, in order to publish a certain number of posts a week (although that level of organisation is desirable...). I'd much rather publish when I'm in the mood to do so, so I know I'm putting my heart into it and am producing content that I'm both proud of and would read myself. So there you go - soppy story over! My life is due to increase in livelihood and interest asap (totally needed) as I've got a few things up planned for the upcoming future that I'm excited to photograph and write about.

Here's to a passion for blogging, the only hobby I ever see myself sticking to in the long run!


now playing: lorde - the love club

Sunday 13 October 2013

you deserve a smile with no regret

 black boyfriend tee primark / burgundy skinny jeans new look teens / belt topshop / satchel Camden market / cut out brogues office / nails: m&s city grey

These photos were taken before Winter arrived this week and now the thought of me going out in a t-shirt and jeans is a distant memory...

So this week has been a bit up and down / on the verge of becoming very boring and monotonous; sixth form has become more scheduled and regular, with every school day is becoming characteristically 'samey'. I miss the freedom of summer so much already, being able to nip into central London with no time restrictions and see the sights in temperate weather is something that I look forward to doing again some time next year. It feels like that could be a century at this rate, though...we Brits know that 'winter' can last forever here. Forever.

Saying all of that about boring daily routines, things are looking up. I'm loving work, my staff discount arrives soon (more the reason to shop, which of course I appreciate) and more effort is being put towards a trip to Stoke in a couple of weeks time. It's been nearly a month since I went on a long-distance train journey which is quite a feat for me as a relatively frequent traveller. I spend way too much time on trains, and that is a fact. I like to think that in the future I'll earn enough that maybe one of the fifteen or so long-distance trains I take a year could be a plane, not necessarily for the added luxury of air travel but because I have an obsession with airports. I just love 'em. I regularly ask myself if I could be doing something more productive than watching another airport documentary, but the answer is always no (surprise, surprise).

Before I go to get ready for work I just wanted to ask, are any of you going to be at Company Magazine's Beauty Forum on October 22nd? I'm going to be there with the lovely Sophie of Sophie Said and I would love to meet new people there.

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Sunday 6 October 2013

we crave a different kind of buzz

 khaki jumper Dad's / black acid wash skinny Ridley jeans asos  (buy online here) / mink wedges new look / nails: M&S city grey

Discovering a khaki, oversized jumper in the depths of my floordrobe proved to be a success of mine this weekend. Since I last posted (forever ago) many things have happened, including seeing my favourite band of all time Paramore play in Wembley Arena and subsequently I have made a big cross on my bucket list. On less positive terms I was almost crushed by a didgeridoo (don't ask) and I think I've forgotten how to be content with who I am. However, when I wear this jumper I feel like everything is okay. It acts as a safety blanket and when I'm wearing it I have both physical warmth and the warmth of family, as cheesy as it sounds. Sometimes clothing can be sentimental and this is just the case with this jumper. Whenever I need to feel empowered, inspired or even just cheered-up I know what I can do. Daddy's little girl at heart, of course.

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Wednesday 18 September 2013

when I'm losing my control, the city spins around

 black loose peplum top dorothy perkins / berry biker jacket new look teens / indigo joni jeans topshop petite / satchel Camden market / studded loafers primark / nails: la girl fairytale & l'oreal confetti

There's something about Autumn that excites me (and my wardrobe). Jeans, a nice top and a edgy jacket is my go-to formula as of late, and pretty much the combination I don at sixth form on a daily basis. I'm loving it though, bring on the slightly cooler days- something I see as a valid excuse to wear endless numbers of black ankle boots and leads on well to the inevitably nearing Christmas. Ooh yes, I did just mention the 'c' word. This time of the year is probably my favourite: with no exams to worry about and many things to look forward to. Also as an attempt to block unnecessary negativity from my life, I'm working hard on abolishing anxiety-ridden days and going for an anti-stress approach. If any of you have any tips please share them to me! Mum's recommending I meditate/engage in yoga (exercise? what even is that), as are many of my teachers. It will all be for the best though. I'm over this whole panicky shambles that has been consuming me lately. I've had enough of it.

now playing: the fray - look after you

Sunday 15 September 2013

you're nobody 'til somebody loves you

 dress new look / gilet forever 21 / tights primark / boots new look / satchel peacocks / spike earrings dorothy perkins /  nails: la girl fairytale & l'oreal confetti

Just a quick post for today - I have a lot to say in a short space of time, and my rambling usually has no bounds. This week has been hectic with the first full week of sixth form but I have the feeling that things will gradually fall into place and become easier schedule-wise. Lately I've found my anxiety to be consuming me far more than usual; I think the incredibly long summer was lovely & relaxing and when I injected a routine into my life it was a shock to my system. This sucks as I really didn't want my nerves to flare up but what can you do really?! Taking every day as it comes at the moment. Positivity is the way forward I guess.

Anyway - onto a happier note, I'm starting my first day at work today at Dorothy Perkins and I'm really excited. The staff at the branch I'm placed in are all lovely and I've wanted a part-time job in fashion retail for SO long! Also I have a mini to-buy list planned for payday already. Oopsy. H&M dark purple jeans, New Look cut out boots & a Vera Moda dip dye jumper are Autumn essentials though, right?! 

Just to let you know, for the past couple of weeks I've been contributing on the lovely Hayley's blog, London Beauty Queen. You've probably heard about it as she's a rather established lady who offers a daily dose of beauty, real style. And by that I don't mean fancy products 24/7, but the unique everybody-has-to-but-doesn't-really-talk-about-it stuff, like technology to assist with ear cleaning (yes, you read correctly). You can find my posts here, I'd love to know what you think of them!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend,


now playing: james arthur - you're nobody 'til somebody loves you

Tuesday 10 September 2013

crossed your fingers I'm yours to lose

 vest top cora (France) / paperbag skirt topshop / belt topshop / boucle jacket new look / boots new look / bracelets assorted, from travels / nails: rimmel caramel cupcake 

I wish I could conclude this outfit post with a witty/mildly entertaining comment about my life, but not much has really gone on recently. Sixth form is brilliant, I love the courses I've chosen and finding them pleasantly challenging; it was about time I finally worked hard at something after a long and incredibly lazy summer off. Since taking these photos a couple of days ago the weather has quickly declined into an Autumn-ridden phase, cold, windy and just general bleh. This skirt (£7 from the Topshop sale last year, result) is a firm favourite of mine and smart enough to wear for sixth form but not so smart that I feel like I'm in business dress. Although I think for future wears in the upcoming season I'll have to inject some tights into the equation, as much as I hate to admit it...

now playing: you me at six - lived a lie

Sunday 8 September 2013

London Bloggy Meet

from L-R: Becca, Tallulah, Megan, me, (Ciao) Sophie, Tanja, Holly, Sophie (Said), Kimberly, Perdi.
The gathering organiser extraordinaire and I in Topshop. We didn't realise until afterwards that our poses were identical to each others...oopsy! 
Sophie (Said) and I chilling before leaving London Victoria.
I ordered a Hawaiian burger, which had well-done beef, pineapple, lettuce, bacon and cheese. Absolutely delicious!
The cheesy fries & photobooth fun in Topshop's flagship store.
Sophie's minty nails and Perdi's gorgeous hair.

Last week I went to Sophie's London Bloggy Meet, arranged by her to celebrate the end of summer and had a fabulous time. American burgers, many shops to browse through and so many people to chat to was the perfect combination. I don't want to bore you too much by repeating what other people have written about the day, so I'd recommend you give Sophie etc, Sophie Said , Charlotte, Perdi and Selina's posts on it for a clearer understanding. I massively enjoyed the day and I don't want to be at risk of referring to literally everything as 'fabulous' or 'brilliant'; the other girls gave a much more comprehensive overview of the gathering (and I am feeling super lazy tonight). I think it was the lovely Lydia who compiled the list of bloggers who attended, so if you have a bit of time to spare please do go and check them out! I was actually overwhelmed by how nice they all were - it made me realise that I've met so many unpleasant people that it naturally makes me assume at least one or two people would have been like that. They're honestly not, and they all can hold a long conversation about lipstick colours or the latest nail polish shades...y'know, important stuff. Well, to us it is.

Lydia from Blue Slushy
The organiser Sophie from Sophie Etc.
Becca from Becca's Fashion and Life
Jaye from Bed In The Kitchen
Joni from Berry Crumble
Charlotte from Charltom Wintale
Mona from Chipped and Chapped
Sophie from Ciao Sophie
Chesley from Fashionista on a Budget
Holly from Impatience is a Virtue
Lisete from Lisette Loves
Selina from Miss Fashion 1994
Megan from My Name's Megan
Amy from The Pretender
Tallulah from Simply My Thing
Sam from SJMWell
Sophie from Sophie Said
Angharad from Style Trunk
Amy from The Camera's Lying
Perdi from Watermelon Raindrops X

Feel free to host another one soon Sophie! ;)


Friday 6 September 2013


ditsy crop top + skirt duo miss selfridge / studded loafers primark / denim jacket vintage / bag accessorize / spike earrings forever 21 / cross earrings forever 21 / watch casio via asos / bracelets assorted, from travels / nails: no7 damson dream

Last week I wore this outfit to the London Bloggy Meet, when the weather was beautiful and the end of summer vibes were felt by everyone. Autumn has definitely arrived now and in a way I'm excited. I have been visioning so many outfits that I've wanted to try out but not been able to merely because it was too hot, a justification I don't often have to consider whilst in the UK. 

Right now it's the end of a pretty brilliant last week. I met lots of wonderful people on Saturday, won Emily's giveaway on Sunday, went to a couple of great events by M&S beauty and Company magazine & Origins skincare and started sixth form. It's been great to have a long summer but I was definitely ready to return to education and finally inject some productivity and a routine into my life. I've only spent two days there so far and I lovelovelove it. Not having to wear uniform is so lovely, even if it leads to the inevitable what-on-earth-should-I-wear-omg situations every morning and the newly-found freedom is appreciated. Nicer food, more independence, frees and not having to take Maths anymore improves my time at school for sure. I didn't particularly enjoy year eleven; from troubled friendships, stress, panic and disappointments I have been being hopeful and optimistic that this year will be different..and for the better.


Monday 2 September 2013

Scottish tartan

 all three scarves - James Pringle weavers, the Royal Mile, Edinburgh. 3 for £20 deal.
nails: borghese rapido in 'vigneto' and l'oreal confetti top coat

I adore tartan. The way it spices up an outfit effortlessly fascinates me, but personally it is just that little bit more than that. My Dad is Scottish so wearing one of these makes me feel and remember my Scottish heritage, and how although I don't consider it my home, it is a wonderful country that I enjoy visiting twice a year. These scarves are all 100% acrylic and therefore incredibly soft, something I appreciate as nothing is worse than an itchy woolen scarf! The classic red design is a must-have, even if you're like me and not somebody that gravitates towards red clothing. Accessorize, girls. The lilac scarf with infused turquoise, pink and white really struck me as being unique and feminine, contrasting from the usual rugged tartan design. This is the one I'm most excited to wear, I've already pictured in my mind so many outfits I want to wear this with! Bottle green and navy are two of my favourite colours for A/W. I know what you're thinking - 'Thalia knows how to wear colour?! What?!' But yes, despite how I usually live in my black/white/grey/plum/navy planet, bottle green is one of the few shades I want to add to my A/W wardrobe. Comfy and affordable, this scarf concluded the trio nicely.

I'm obsessed with these Scottish inspirations at the moment, in a few months I may be a full convert in a kilt with a classic Scottish pin! I will never let this overpower my love for England though, guaranteed.

What are your thoughts on tartan? Will you be wearing it in the upcoming months?


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