Wednesday 31 July 2013

confessing my love for a pair of jeans

 grey neppy top primark / high waisted ridley jeans asos / studded loafers primark / watch casio via asos / rose gold spiked bracelet dorothy perkins / nails: borghese rapido in 'vigneto'

Jeans complete me. The vital aspect of comfort is covered quickly, easily and stylishly...what could possibly be wrong with that? These jeans are my latest denim purchase from the wonderful online paradise that is asos. They're the petite Ridley supersoft high waisted ultra skinny jeans in mid stonewash (phwoar, that was a mouthful) which you can buy here for the normal version and here for the petites if you're a short gal like myself. On sale for £24, this 20% reduction truly got to me and I don't regret the decision to buy them at all. They're very high waisted and very tight, I do warn you! They're thicker than my Topshop Joni jeans which in a way is good, as they are more warm so would suit the cold months well. They're not as stretchy as my Joni's so have a more typical jean-like texture, slightly rougher in a way but very comfy on the inside nonetheless. I would say to all petites, they are long so do buy the petite (shortened) version if you're 5'3 or under. I have to either roll them up at the bottom or gather them, both which show a desired look but is definitely something worth noting. I am literally in love with these though, definitely considering making a wishlist/feature post on the Ridleys, I'm thinking my current pair may simply be...lonely.


Monday 29 July 2013

my recent visit to Rome


I've mentioned in previous posts that I recently visited Rome with my Mum and Grandma. I absolutely loved the experience so I feel like I have to show you what it was like. Beware - this is a long post so grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy!
 Travelling to Italy

Travelling to Italy was pretty stress-free. Easyjet are fab for short haul flights and although the flight attendants said the journey would take two and a half hours, but realistically it came to just short of two hours. Fabulous. I must say that I really appreciate how they've introduced assigned seating, it saves all of the chaos of rushing and whatnot. I flew with them to Majorca last year (post on it here) and the flight home was loud and disruptive as families with young children were being split up and nobody was happy. However - onto happier thoughts, the flight was great. As you can see on my boarding pass it didn't depart too early either which was great. Nobody wants to be on that first flight of the day at 6.05am. Nobody. Also, flying over the Swiss Alps was lovely to see out of the window, I've never been there and the view from above is spectacular.


The region of Rome we stayed in is called Barberini, a convenient couple of stops on the metro line to Termini, Rome's main station. Think the King's Cross of's the full schbang. From there you can get a shuttle bus for €4/5 to Fiumicino Airport. Super convenient. The street we stayed on is called Via Veneto and is pictured in the collage above. The roads are lovely and wide and the trees are really green at this time of the year. Everything in Rome was so grand and large architecturally, so that's something that contrasts to the variation in size that you see in London. On this road there are many cafes and bars that provide any type of need, whether it be a cooling gelato at 2pm or an evening drink. One restaurant really stood out to us and that was ELLE. The staff were super lovely and welcoming and recognised us by the time we left due to us coming back time and time again (that is what I call the strong influence of a delicious initial meal, pizza to be specific.) If you ever go to Rome I would seriously recommend giving it a visit for lunch or dinner, I would say that you could find a better (and cheaper) breakfast elsewhere but when it comes to meals from the afternoon onwards they were the best. 

The Spanish Steps & Trevi Fountain

Just a ten minute walk away from Barberini metro station is the famous Trevi Fountain, with the Spanish Steps being located not that further away from the fountain. As you can see the Trevi Fountain was packed, so unfortunately we never got the chance to throw in coins and make wishes. Nonetheless, seeing it was good enough for me and on a summers day it really is extraordinary. The Spanish Steps were another recommendation from Virginia (who I must credit told me many places to visit in Rome) and they didn't disappoint either. I must admit they were 135 steps that our feet never graced merely due to laziness and the fact that by this point we were hungry. As we all know, my priorities never place exercise over food. Ever. The historical sights are a definite go-to if you visit and wonderful touristy photo opportunities. They're more of a visit-for-fifteen-minutes-and-go sort of thing than a long visit, those places will be mentioned later in the post!

The Colosseum

Other than being a spelling that my brain will probably never work its way around, the Colosseum, as I am sure you have heard of is a breathtaking Roman piece of architecture. I won't go into a historical tour guide tone (save that for if you visit, those guys actually know what they're talking about), so in basic terms it is simply the ruins of the largest ampitheatre in the world (cheers, Google). It is mind-stonkingly huge, and does take a while to walk around, photograph, visit the exhibition and truly experience it. It's definitely on the day trip scale. Anyway, at first I was slightly apprehensive before visiting it as I understood its importance and all, however I was cautious as to how interesting it would be. As much as I would love to explain how cultural visits have the ability to engage me for hours on end; but usually they don't, anyhow this was undoubtedly an exception. I took so many photos whilst there, around 300...many of which came out quite well. My lens was not capable of portraying quite how huge the place is, and how when you're visiting it you feel like the smallest insect; crawling, completely overwhelmed by the sheer size of the concrete and stone establishment. Many statues and representations of important Roman figures are shown in the exhibition, hosted on the second tier and in shade, covered by the ceiling of the third tier. This made it refreshingly cool, so you could take time to read the stories and link it to the corresponding artworks. I would suggest going there if you're intrigued by different cultures, or if you're the keen tourist. If you're more of a relaxing, chilling type this may not be for you. A lot of walking is involved so wear comfy shoes! Please, I am begging you.

 Villa Borghese

Villa Borghese was another fabulous suggestion from Virginia and a place that I simply could not summarise in only one collage. I'm not completely sure on this but I think it is the largest open garden in Rome, and has a wonderful panoramic view of the city from one of its highest points. Now, it is a climb and a half to reach the top but it is so worth it. The blazing, Italian heat is soothed by the shade of the trees as you reach the top, and from there on the ultimate relaxation can take place. Alternatively, if you're there for some fun and you have a true when-in-Rome mindset, you could try a go on a segway. It costs around €10 for half an hour or €15 for an hour, which although is on the expensive side, it's not everyday you ride on a segway. I must admit they are harder to use than they look, far more confusing than I had anticipated but once you get the hang of it they are very entertaining. Strange views from Italians and fellow tourists were completely expected, so paying extra attention was necessary in order to keep my dignity in place. My thoughts at the time were along the lines of 'I don't want to be the person in the news story 'British girl dies in Italy after falling off a segway' that could potentially headline The Daily Mail'. Now, that would be embarrassing. Getting the jist of it took some time but once I understood the fundamentals of balancing my body weight in a range of positions in regards to the panel where I was standing, I was alright. I did not run over anybody. That in itself I am proud of. 

 Vatican City

Visiting the Vatican City was undeniably one of the highlights of the Rome trip. Being able to say you've visited the smallest country in the world is just...awesome. Despite it being so tiny, so much is going on there but the Museum I would say is unmissable. One tip though: PURCHASE TICKETS ONLINE BEFORE GOING. I could not stress that enough. We paid €12 extra to not have to wait in the queue, one that was around a kilometre long and had people waiting for up to five hours. The museum is in a square shape with a large quad in the centre, so involves lots of walking to navigate the entire building. However, the walking didn't feel strenuous as I was distracted the entire time by the beautiful artistry covering the walls, ceilings, doors and entrances. I cannot even contemplate the time and skill that would have gone into completing the decor to such a high standard. Time like that merely frazzles my brain. One disappointment is that due to the lighting, it is virtually impossible to capture a photo without flash that is in focus. Virtually impossible. The two shown in the first of the three collages were two of a small bunch out of a grand total of 659 photos I took that day, Let's just say I had to resort to taking six consecutive photos in hope that the third or fourth one would be somewhat decent. Anyhow, the Vatican City was a great day out and I would recommend it to anybody, regardless of your religion. As the views portrayed there can come across quite extreme to some, I found trying to block out the aspect of religion quite beneficial. It sounds silly considering it is one of the most important and well-known religious hubs on the planet, but the views can...irritate some. I am someone that really isn't into the prospect of religion in itself, not someone who opposes/follows one religion in particular.


This may or may not be the most exciting part of the blog post for you. If it is, chances are we could be friends as essentially we are very similar. No, I'm kidding...we all love a slice of culture but to soothe the pain of walking-filled days with retail therapy is always a good idea. On the Sunday we visited Mercantino Flaminio, a market that was recommended in the July issue of Company magazine. Think many racks of vintage clothes, tables filled with jewellery and many parasols with the overheated tourists sitting underneath, trying to deal with the heat. Yes, that was us at one point. I thought it was a nice market however the prices were on the expensive side and in general I found Italian clothing to be too out-there for me. They embrace colours and prints happily whereas I'm quite the opposite, shying away from the loud and 'unmissable' items. However, my Mum left with a gorgeous pair of heels and my Grandma departed with a cute beaded belt. It wasn't half bad! I found the Sunday morning to be strange as Rome was so quiet due to the vast majority of people being in church at that time. In addition to the market, there was a Brandy Melville store on Via Cola di Rienzo which was amazing! The very chilled American style clothing is quite exclusive in terms of locations, I think there's only ten or so in the world. However, it is worth going into if you ever see one. All of the clothing is in one size, one that is slightly too big for my petite frame so I happily left with two pairs of earrings. For any Londoners that are interested, we're lucky to have the only British store located on King's Road in Chelsea. Yipeeee! If there's not one nearby where you live, you can still spend a considerable amount of time browsing their website which can be found here.

Like many popular cities worldwide, there were quite a few small 'stalls' consisting of a man and a few products, usually bags or sunglasses. This I found was so similar to in Buenos Aires and in Delhi. Cheap sunglasses are always great if you're in need of a pair though, luckily I had ones from Primark and from Argentina still going strong. Inexpensive sunglasses are my forté, okay? Oh and I must add, if you're not stripped for cash and want to splash out on designer goods, Via Condotti is the street for you. Located opposite the Spanish Steps, it has pretty much any designer shop you could hope for. *Queue my stares in awe of the beautiful displays, and then walking straight past them as I knew that affordability simply could not be found there*


I have this thing for public transport. I know so many people that hate it but I really get along with it. As I discussed with an American couple whilst in Rome, living in London seriously helps you become accustomed to underground train systems. As the London Underground is so big, everything seemed small in comparison. When I realised there were only two main lines I was in shock for a little while. I felt the same in Buenos Aires, Singapore and Paris though. It's a nice feeling. Anyway, I loved the metro. The prices are so damn reasonable in comparison to London..only €1.50 for a single journey or €6 for a day ticket. Phwoar! Makes me even more annoyed that I once had to spend FOUR POUNDS getting a child single from Oxford Circus to Waterloo. There weren't even any interchanges! London inflation struggles aside, I loved how easy the metro was to use, pay for and navigate around. I much preferred it to using taxis. I would say that I would only use a taxi if I really had to, as a complete last resort. My Mum had money stolen off her twice as the 5 and 20 Euro notes look awfully similar, so taxi drivers took pleasure in swapping them quickly, thus stealin€15 from my Mum. Cheers! If you ever go to Rome, go in a taxi when you're with someone else and make sure they watch the driver carefully as you hand over money. I'm not saying that all drivers are like this at all, just in my experience that occurred and I thought it was definitely worth warning you. 


I'm not going to lie, the food was the thing I was most excited about when I found out I was going to visit Italy. I love Italian food, it is my absolute favourite and I worked on an alternating schedule. I would have breakfast, then pizza for lunch and a pasta dish for dinner. Then the lunch and dinner variations would swap. That way things would stay interesting and I would get equal doses of two godly dishes. There was an exception when I once had pizza for breakfast... That aside, the food is fanbloodytastic. Like super good. I asked the guys at ELLE that I mentioned earlier for extra parmesan (as I fluttered my eyelids kindly and impersonated an innocent little flower) and they gave me a whole dish of it. I was the happiest human being on the planet when they handed it to me. By this point, I had unintentionally attracted attention from nearby tables and I heard giggles from other people nearby. However, this did not phase me as parmesan is the key to life and joy, obviously. I did have one bad experience with breakfast, I tried a croissant that I quote had jam that 'tastes like lip balm'. Literally. Pure coloured sugar. Many of the places offer Continental breakfasts, usually consisting of heated bread toast, a croissant, orange juice and a cappuccino. They're usually around the 10-12 Euro range which wasn't too bad.

So that is all! I hope that in the post that took seriosuly long to type you've seen my experience of Rome, enjoyed reading it and perhaps even added a visit to Rome on your bucket list. It's a must for any culture-seekers or food enthusiasts. Admittedly, I would say that I fall in the second category more. I also hope I haven't bored you to tears - I don't see myself writing a post this long in the near future!


P.S: I mentioned Virginia in this post, a lovely lady who has a wonderful blog that you can find here. Please go and check it out if you want to read endless adventures of a polyglot who has done enviable amounts of travelling. Serious case of wanderlust? Check.

Saturday 27 July 2013

million voices

 grey neppy top primark / lace maxi skirt miss selfridge / necklace accessorize / watch casio via asos / bracelets assorted, from travels / studded loafers primark / nails: sinful colours 'nirvana'


I've got another outfit post for you all today, including one of my newest Primark purchases that like always, I have fallen in love with. I picked up three tops last week and at £4, this one was the most expensive. No lie. A mint peplum top for £2 and a peach peplum blouse for £3 also fell into my shopping bag. It's dark grey; a colour category many of my clothes seem to fall under, and has that neppy texture I'm simply obsessed with right now. Initially I found the neckline to be seriously restricting (note: my head hardly fit through it, and my head isn't that big), so after some 'controlled stretching' the neckline has luckily loosened up a bit. Stretching seams and hearing the usually-dreaded 'crack' noise is something I became accustomed to as a Textiles student. 

For me, this skirt is the ultimate epitome of summer. It isn't jumbled with a million colours, something I am grateful of as quite frankly, bright colours scare me. The most out-there purchase I have made this year is a mint jumper costing £8 from H&M that I bought a few months ago. It's borderline neon and will probably remain in the depths of my wardrobe until I become considerably more colour-confident. Anyway, back to the skirt - it is lightweight, floaty, sheer without being revealing and is a great length. As much as I would love to assume a maxi skirt would be of a good length, I can't...being 5'2 usually calls for a session of taking up the hem. 

My next post will be about my adventures in Rome last week, including highlights, recommendations and numerous food snaps. I've been doing a lot of travelling so far this summer, after visiting Rome my family started a whole British road trip by car/train sort of thing, and so far I have been to Edinburgh, Stirling and Glasgow. Still got Cardiff, Cambridge and Norwich on the cards so do look for some travel-related posts in the near future. I picked up a few things in Scotland that I can't wait to share!


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Wednesday 24 July 2013

holiday outfits: Rome

purple tee dorothy perkins / high waisted shorts new look / belt primark / sandals clarks / watch casio via asos / bracelets Majorca / nail polish rimmel 'aqua cool'

 dress miss selfridge / earrings Isadora (Argentina) 

striped top new look / sandals clarks

a couple of Italy highlights: boarding pass @ Gatwick, plane essentials, cute roaming message on my phone, Rome metro essentials, chocolate gelato, mum & I, metro ticket, Thalia vs. a segway @ Villa Borghese, sunset as we flew home from Fiumicio 


These past couple of weeks have been mental! I spent five days in Rome with my Mum and Gma, came back to London for four days, spent four days in Edinburgh and am off to London tomorrow for five days before going to Cardiff. July has undoubtedly been a month of city-hopping. Coming back to London was brilliant, I got to catch up with friends from school in India who I hadn't seen in three years so that was lovely. It reminded me of the positives India provided me, something I had pretty much forgotten as they had been overshadowed with negative memories relating to my Indian departure. Anyway - Rome was amazing! I plan on doing a more detailed post with photos of the city and experiences with a write up to correlate with them. I'd love to recommend a few places and show you all what a beautiful city it is! (Note: If you like pasta, pizza, cheese...anything of the Italian variation, you will be in heaven. Seriously.

Going away for a city break meant that I relied only on hand baggage, so multi-purpose clothing was crucial as packing space was incredibly limited. That's why many of the items have been repeated and therefore not credited multiple times. Taking only two pairs of shoes was a great idea but by the end got slightly dull... I am a fashion lover at heart and therefore I was constantly thinking of shoes back home (obsessed? of course not..) Flat shoes were essential as many of the roads were cobbled, which is where my two pairs of Clarks shoes came in handy. They are both sale finds, the pink ones from this year and the green ones from 2012 and are both so comfortable. Shorts are any girl's best friend in hot weather and comfy tops ensure city walks and explorations are done with ease and minimal wardrobe disasters! My Miss Selfridge paisley dress is another recent sale find at £18 and is wonderful for the warmer temperatures, whilst still being modest and respectful. I think that is something many forget when they go abroad: it is vital to respect the cultures of wherever you go, and this includes following any dress codes they may have.

An update on Rome, Edinburgh, London and Cardiff will be coming soon!


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Thursday 11 July 2013

my daily, summery makeup look

 Just a quick makeup post today, one showing my usual summery make up look that I wear pretty much on a day-to-day basis. It is really simple and variable as some bits can be changed (i.e shade of eyeshadow, presence of eyeliner or not) and is done using products that can mostly be found at your local Boots or Superdrug.

I start using the MUA matte perfect primer, which I bought as a replacement for my sample-sized Benefit porefessional primer and so far I am loving it. A much cheaper alternative with similar results! I then go on and apply my favourite foundation ever, Rimmel's match perfection foundation with either a stippling brush or a flat foundation brush. I then go over with my fingers as I believe they are the best for blending, especially in areas such as nearby your hairline.

My eye primer of choice is the MUA eye primer, picked up in Superdrug for a couple of pounds months ago and it is still going strong. This is the perfect reassurance that my eyeshadow etc will remain on my lids all day, looking creaseless and mighty fine. To top this off, I use my beloved MUA undressed palette and go for any of the light shades on my lids and define my crease with the darker brown matte shade (second from right on the top row). I rarely go for the darker shades as I'm a bit apprehensive and find the lighter and more neutral shades far more wearable. I slick a neat line of the Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeliner in black along my lashline, following the curve of my eyelid and flicking it out slightly at the end. The eyeliner is a relatively new purchase but I am loving it so far - it is incredibly soft and super pigmented also. To finish my eyes, I use the Covergirl lash blast volume mascara, which although is unavailable for purchase in the UK is the same brand as Max Factor, which is readily available over here.

To reduce oilyness on my T-zone, I powder my face using the stay matte powder from Rimmel. I do this lightly to ensure it doesn't look cakey or too heavy, because looking natural is key towards my summer look. Rose Gold blush by Sleek is my blush of choice, being really radiant, pretty, unique and all, it does attract you to it pretty quickly. A quick slick of NYC lipstick in peach fizz and I am ready to go! On my nails I was wearing a nail polish from Sinful Colors in the shade Kissy, with a Sally Hansen top coat to finish it off.

What makeup products are you gravitating to this summer?


P.S - I am off to Rome from the 12th to the 16th so will not be posting until afterwards. I cannot wait to show you many of the photos that I plan to take during my travels!

Monday 8 July 2013

you've still got it, I'm just keeping an eye

 grey neppy peplum top dorothy perkins / black biker jacket shop in Australia / jeans pull & bear / sandals clarks / nails: sinful colors kissy

Ah I can't believe I forgot to post this outfit! This was taken last week before my haircut and the accompanying heatwave so please take a moment to cast your minds back to when London had mediocre weather and I had disgusting ends. Now - I can yap on about my love for clothes. Just a warning - I really love this outfit. It's so ridiculously comfy and practical whilst staying on the stylish side of things, so ideal for when I start sixth form in September and the weather is (hopefully) not too awful (remember: anything above 15 degrees in London is a saviour, awful is the classic rain/cold breeze/drizzle/meh vibe we usually have going on.)

The jacket is an Australian buy from 4 years ago, which in itself explains why the sleeves are turned up. Fortunately I have somewhat grown since the age of twelve, which is lucky for me seeing as I seriously needed to. It still fits fine and is a perfect example of buying something and still loving it many seasons later. The grey neppy peplum top is one of my favourites, and I have worn it numerous times since purchasing it in Autumn last year in one of my favourite cities, Cardiff. It was on sale for £8 and I had a my-future-depends-on-the-purchase-of-this-top moment and consequently it ended happily in my shopping basket. A Welsh win. I have said this before and I will say it again, Pull and Bear simply is the place for jeans. They go down to a size 4 which is absolutely perfect for petites as I always struggle with jean shopping, getting the dreaded I-can-fit-numerous-hands-down-the-back-of-this scenario. These are so tight yet comfortable at the same too, and fit my waist really well. Lovelovelove these! And of course I couldn't forget the sandals. they're one of my newest sale purchases at £20 from Clarks, being 50% off, a beautiful colour, super comfy and in my size I considered it a miracle and hopped out of the shop happily. I love moments like those. They're the 'Onslow Daisy' style for the reference.

I mentioned this nail polish I'm wearing in one of my latest posts, 'continued tales of a nail polish hoarder'. I can report that the application is so nice and easy, and only took two coats to reach full opacity which is considered the optimum number of layers for many people, including myself. The colour is so mermaidy and wonderful and yeah, I could go on about it for ages, but alas I shall not bore you to pieces!


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Sunday 7 July 2013

mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut-outs

 dress matalan / sandals clarks / bag accessorize (on sale here) / earrings diva (Australia) / bracelet market stall, Alcudia / nails: nyc aqua mystic (fingers) & topshop suffuse (toes)

Today has been amazing! Not only has the weather been a glorious 30 degrees in London today (a rare feat to say the least), Andy Murray became the first British male champion of Wimbledon in 77 years. I've loved watching the tournament over the past two weeks, from attempting to visit and discovering my love for Sabine Lisicki (most beautiful athlete alive), it has been amazing. The match itself was so intense but it was so nice seeing Twitter explode when he won! I love being able to witness British history - days like this make me so incredibly proud to be British and from the occasionally sunny region of SW London.

Other than the tennis-related glory, I had a lil' moment of glory when I managed to snap up the last navy 'Mari' tote in Accessorize for only £19.50, down from £39. 50% off is so satisfying, especially when you've had an eye on the bag for months. I plan on using it for school as it is so spacious; large enough to fit endless lever arch files and wads of paper.

I also got a haircut yesterday for the first time in ages, let's say - too long in reality. I desperately needed fresh ends as they had become dry and gross and meh; so a trip to the hairdressers was definitely needed. I got quite a substantial amount taken off, it used to reach my belly button but now it sits comfortably reaching the bottom of my ribs. I am actually delighted with it, which is great considering I am usually awful with change! I want to ease myself into more changes so I become more accustomed to them as in 5/6 years I hope to go and live in Australia. I'm somebody with a huge case of wanderlust and my half-Aussie genes and pride are encouraging me to live in a place of adventure, beautiful weather and family. And who doesn't want to have lived in three continents by their early twenties?! I certainly do.

Anyway - I'm off to soak up more of the evening sun and absorb the pride of the Brits that is surrounding me at the moment! Who else is secretly gutted Wimbledon is over for the year?


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Friday 5 July 2013

recent outfits

outfit 1; top left
blouse h&m / shorts topshop / trainers primark

outfit 2; top middle
tunic topshop / cardigan h&m

outfit 3; top right
jacket new look / joni jeans topshop / trainers primark

outfit 4; bottom left
top h&m / jeans h&m

outfit 5; bottom middle
vest new look / shirt sarojini, delhi / skirt american apparel / bag old navy

outfit 6; bottom right
vest top primark / jumper new look / studded jeggings pull & bear

So here are a collection of a few recent outfits, usually worn on casual days where I have nothing planned in particular and therefore edge towards a more laid back attire. When comparing them you can really see the weather variation, talk about temperamental British weather! As much as I would love it if it were warm enough to wear shorts every day in the Summer, I prefer the comfort of wearing skinny jeans and a nice top. Pull & Bear are my favourite place for jeans and trousers, especially skinny jeans as they are seriously so figure-hugging and flattering. H&M are perfect for flowy and casual tops for around the £10 mark, so they are affordable and are also of a good quality.

I hope you like this layout of more day-to-day outfits, I love creating new looks on a day to day basis, but on days when either no makeup is worn or I am just going to be chilling around, I don't see much point in doing a detailed outfit shoot. Simplicity is the way forward!



Thursday 4 July 2013

continued tales of a nail polish hoarder

from L-R: l'oreal confetti, sinful colors: kissy, vacation time, winterberry, nirvana, no7 damson dream

Boots' deal of 'buy one get one half price' has lured me in once again. Over the past week I have somehow accumulated six nail polishes (possibly my personal record), none of which cost me much at all. Confetti cost £2.50 as it was cheaper than another item I bought in a separate trip to the other five polishes. The other five totalled at £9. 9 beautiful British pounds, and that was all. Damson Dream cost £3 as I had a £3 off no7 makeup voucher, received by spending over £5 in my previous Boots trip. The sinful colors polishes were selling for a mere £1.99, which is bonkers (in a great way, of course.) Being buy one get one half off, the four of them came to £6 which is just fantastic. I am currently wearing Kissy on my nails and I feel like a with pretty nails and a happy wallet.


Wednesday 3 July 2013

bang bang

 blouse republic / skirt miss selfridge / clutch tk maxx / watch casio via asos / boots ebay / nails: sally hansen lava

So this is what I wore to a party the other day - two of my latest sale purchases! I think I will do a post soon on all of my recent sale purchases as I have not done too badly, if I do say so myself! This blouse from Republic is seriously comfy, as is the skirt; which is subtly floral and a really decent length. Sally Hansen 'Lava' was a gift from my Grandma who is visiting from Australia - over there Sally Hansen polishes are far cheaper. It is a beautiful and vibrant rose gold shade, unique and different from any other polish I have seen before. I am literally in love with it, and I'm sure it will adorn my nails on many occasions this summer!

I wore my hair casual and curly, done by using two curling tongs of different circumferences and alternating them, keeping the curls turning away from my face in order to softly frame it. This worked quite well, and stayed in place with help from a generous dose of hairspray. Having thin hair makes it not too time-consuming to style but unfortunately the curl falls out so quickly!

I hope you are all having a lovely week - I'm still finding ways to occupy myself during this lovely (and appreciated) long summer in ways that do not include money. Think marathons of American television shows (notably Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries & The Mindy Project.) I'm also thinking of writing a summer series on here so please let me know if you'd be interested!

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