Wednesday 10 April 2013

found yourself a path upon the ground

 blue jumper with lace new look & diy / petite indigo joni jeans topshop / brown fur gilet forever 21 / black lace up buckle boots new look / sunglasses primark / nails: ciate pocket money (free with this month's Marie Claire)

Finally finally finally the weather in London is starting to warm up a bit. About time. It was so lovely to go out today, I met up with a group of friends and we had lunch out in our local area which was really great. Sharing a cheeseburger and a small pizza with my friend Sophia was really nice too. In terms of productivity  today was not half bad, also. I did almost two hours of History revision on the Cold War which I can assure you is not nearly as interesting as it sounds...or not. 

These sunglasses in the outfit were added due to wishful thinking and my love for £1 Primark purchases. I spotted these in the Stratford store and fell in love a little bit. They're so cute..tortoiseshell being very summery and all. Anyway - I better be off, I recently started watching Made in Chelsea and I am totally obsessed. I'm behind everyone else, I'm only on season 2 but at the rate I'm going through these episodes I should be up-to-date in a couple of weeks. It's all a bit exciting at the moment. I actually had a dream that I met Francis Boulle in an interior decor shop, which is crazy considering i cannot afford anything from a shop in Chelsea!



Tuesday 9 April 2013

Spring nail polish picks

rimmel I heart lasting finish - 704 sweet as sugar / rimmel lycra pro professional finish - 420 aqua cool / barry m gelly hi-shine nail paint - 224 prickly pear / beauty uk nail polish - purple / nyc in a new york minute nail polish - 264 lincoln square lavender / max factor limited edition nailfinity - boji

This time annually usually brings temperamental weather in the UK, and this year sure didn't disappoint. Although it still feels like Winter outside, I've taken it upon me to distract myself from this and engage myself in Spring-appropriate nail colours.  I couldn't whittle them down to only a couple, so here are my favourite six nail polishes at the moment:

Sweet as Sugar a beautiful, really pale blue. The ratio of white : blue is much greater than in most blue polishes, which I like as it isn't just 'sky blue', it's more unique and would look fab with a tan. As it's a very pale colour, it takes around 3 coats to become fully opaque but the application is made quick as the coats dry really quickly. 

Aqua Cool I've always wondered why the name of this is 'aqua'- I find this too blue toned to be a true aqua colour. It reminds me a lot of Essie's Bikini so Teeny which everyone went crazy over last summer. I never got my hands on it as I personally can't justify £8 on a nail polish, so I'd say this is a cheaper dupe. Don't take my word on accuracy though - I cannot compare directly but in tone they look pretty close. The brush is absolutely faultless - it's wide and short, which suits my long and thin nails surprisingly well. The colour goes on with no streaks at all and lasts longer without chips than average nail varnishes.

Prickly Pear This is my first nail polish from Barry M's relatively new Gelly hi-shine line, and has definitely convinced me that I need more. My previous favourite lilac polish Berry Ice Cream, also by Barry M, recently died on me and ever since I've been searching for a replacement. Lilac is an essential in my eyes and this fits the bill perfectly. So many people have raved about the formula of this - it's thick, goes opaque in a single coat (although I always do two out of tradition) and gives a strong but shiny finish. It does feel very reminiscent of a gel manicure, except for only £3.99. Very very impressed with this one.

Purple I really dislike having to refer to this nail polish as 'purple' - it came as part of the 'Wild Child' set and is nameless. (Yes, I realise...props to me for the practical and not-so creative name.) Anyway, I think this nail polish is a really refreshing addition for the Spring. It is not too dark and goes with a lot of things, including the monochrome trend and the transitional outfits we're all having to covet at the moment. The application is okay, I'm not a huge fan of the brush but the colour becomes opaque relatively quick which combats this in a way. I don't own any other colour similar to this one - instead they're all red-toned and very berry and autumnal. It's a nice change for sure.

Lincoln Square Lavender This is possibly one of the most inexpensive nail polishes I've ever bought and in such a pretty colour also. It's a pinky/purple that doesn't really lie in either of the colour categories, it's more of a mix of the two. It's fairly bright but not neon by any means (a trend that admittedly, I shy away from) and is more wearable on a daily basis than a hot pink shade. The brush is nice and long and the colour only takes two coats to reach full opacity.

Boji This is kind of an unhelpful choice as this shade is limited edition, but I'm sure dupes can be found along the makeup aisles of Boots. A nude/mushroom shade, it is a typical Autumn shade that I can't bear to avoid during these Spring months. It is definitely the most classic and work-appropriate of my six choices, which in a way is why I like it. The miniature bottle is practical but a downfall as the quality of the brush doesn't live up to my other picks. However, it like many others becomes opaque in two easy coats and can be worn for days on end.

I wouldn't be able to narrow it down to just one favourite, but could you? What are you planning to wear on your nails this Spring?


Monday 8 April 2013

Instagram Catch Up #1

16th birthday celebrations at las iguanas / pringles prep for my birthday party / soap & glory madness / textiles GCSE practical work finished
nail polish collection / croissants for dinner / celebratory mcdonalds / barry m prickly pear 
photo frame stairwell / harlem globetrotters at Wembley / kiko milano shade 1 / westfields with Nadine
topshop suffuse / magazine & nail polish shelves sorted / history revision / sims 3 university!

Believe it or not, Instagram catch up posts are one of my favourites to read...I love the personal insight as well as how it captures the past month from another blogger's perspective. I recently upgraded to a Samsung  galaxy s3 and with that came Instagram, and two weeks later I am obsessed. 

So recently quite a bit has been going on, my sixteenth birthday was lovely and my Pringles-fueled party a great success. School stress mainly revolved around my Textiles deadline on March 27th, when I handed in all of my practical work and a majority of my accompanying folder work. To celebrate finishing, a group of friends and I went to the local McDonald's after school and had a well-deserved chat. Now that I'm on my Easter break I'm loving the amount of nail polish I can try out (and convince myself to buy): all three featured impressing me greatly. Definitely take advantage of the Topshop 2 for £8 deal on nail polishes that they have on at the moment - I'm loving Suffuse but I'm still longing for Blitz and Beam. I also picked up Sims 3 University after wanting it for weeks - and so my eight year love affair with Sims continues.

You can follow my day to day adventures (if you so wish) via Instagram @thalialucyf

What have you all been up to recently? 


Sunday 7 April 2013

Blogger Bake Sale

Clem, Rosie, myself and Phoebe


So this is me definitely going on a tangent, my first ever food-related post. Don't get me wrong, food is my weakness (Cornish wafers and cheesy rolls, especially) but I am without a doubt not blessed in the culinary department, which in a way is why I gravitate towards the fashion and beauty end of the spectrum. Anyhow, I heard about a Blogger Bake Sale from the lovely Rosie from The Londoner, who I met a few months ago at her meetup in January. I'll link you to the post here to prevent me going on yet another tangent. The chance to meet some more bloggers and devour endless cakes seemed like too much of an irresistible offer to miss, and my gosh...I made the right choice.

The bake sale was based in a lovely restaurant in South Kensington called Bumpkin, which is only a five minute walk down the road from South Ken tube station. I honestly felt like I was in Made in Chelsea whilst walking there, the buildings are so glamorous compared to the other areas of London and I definitely am encouraged to go there more often.  The cakes, cookies and bits that people had baked can only be described as insane. Absolute insanity. I took a photo of the coolest cake ever on my Instagram, a man had made it out of sponge to recreate the buns, a brownie to replicate the meat and coloured icing as lettuce and cheese. Pretty genius in my opinion. I had to refrain myself from eating too much, but luckily getting there early meant I could have a bite of the famous Slutty Brownies before they were all gone. I also enjoyed a slice of Malteser Cake, which I didn't even know existed but it was so incredibly delicious. I'm going to Google it, then try it out myself. If nothing/nobody/no kitchen appliances get damaged in the process, I may report back on that one.

Having a group of bloggers all together also meant that I could get to know a few people, just have a general chat and discuss cakes. I met the lovely Clem from The Vegan Cookie Fairy, whose vegan recipes are all documented on her blog. I loved talking to her about travelling and how becoming vegan has changed her lifestyle. I could never do it myself, but if you are a vegan or know someone who is, I would definitely recommend you take a peek on her blog. I also had the chance to meet Reena, who like Clem and I also loves travelling. She recently began a travel blog named The Lifestyle Enthusiast, which I am so excited to see develop as she has been to countless places, including South East Asia - a part of the world I hope to discover one day.

So all in all it was a lovely day! I thoroughly enjoyed the day out and cannot wait until the next one.


Friday 5 April 2013

Topshop nails in 'Suffuse'

topshop nails in 'suffuse' - £6 (buy online here)

I've recently purchased my first ever buy from Topshop's makeup section, a serious shocker as I've been wanting to since watching Fleur's video on their makeup selection back in 2010. That's actually crazy when I think about it, how did I resist it that long?! I'll never know. Anyway, Topshop currently have a fab deal on at the moment, when you can get 2 for £8. Considering this applies for their whole range of nail polishes, which either cost five or six pounds, the saving is quite good and very motivational for first-time buyers like myself. 

The website states it to be 'rose' in colour, which I agree with partly. I'd say it is a rose/champagne/pale bronze which is really vague, but other than that I don't think I could say it any other way. It's definitely less pink than I expected: I thought it would be more similar to Twilight Tease. Saying that, I think it's a beautiful colour, really unique and would suit a massive range of skin tones. I would say it's quite work-appropriate as well, for anyone who doesn't mind a subtle shimmer.

I won't go into huge detail as I'm sure many of you have tried out Topshop nail polishes before, but I was pleasantly surprised by the formulation. It was completely opaque in two coats and has resisted chips in the two days I've worn it. The brush is perfect in my opinion - American Apparel nail polishes and Rimmel Pro have always been my joint favourites but the brush of this beauty is a close second. It helps the polish apply in a non-streaky manner, which is good as I find shimmery polishes can be prone to this problem. Price-wise I think it's justifiable when bought in the 2 for £8 deal, but otherwise no (I have a cut-off limit at £4/5, that way I can afford my growing collection).


Thursday 4 April 2013

let's finish what we started

black lace back top primark / grey boucle skirt oasap* / berry tights topshop / biker boots new look / bracelet  molly brown London / nails: kiko makeup milano shade 1

Today I'm going to Westfields in Stratford with my Mum, I'm so excited as the Forever 21 there is absolutely huge and there are so many other shops I'm dying to pop into. I've made an online Pull & Bear order that I've ordered into the store, which is exciting as the two bits I purchased are ones I cannot wait to show on here. 
Talking about Westfields, I popped over to West London with my friend Nadine to Shepherd's Bush on Monday. She's not a Londoner, but a self-confessed travel addict like myself, so it's nice to have someone I can talk about travels with as well as experiences of being educated internationally (that makes us sound really posh, trust me- we're too weird to be prim and proper). Anyway - she attends school in the South West and I don't get to see her often, so I took her for her Westfields debut. Needless to say, she loved it. We both left with a few bargains which I am excited to show on here as part of a collective haul pretty soon. I lovelovelove post-birthday purchases. Saying this, I'm almost at the stage when I'm lacking the money necessary to fund my shopping addiction...luckily, I'm applying for a part time job at this very moment. 

Speak soon,


P.S- do any of you watch The Carrie Diaries? None of my friends do and I'm desperate to have a good chat about the latest episodes. If you do please feel absolutely free to contact me @thalialucyf (I'm not even joking okay...)


Wednesday 3 April 2013

you have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve

 berry biker jacket new look / purple speckled jumper new look / grey studded jeggings pull & bear / pom pom converter gloves asos / black buckle boots new look / nails: barry m prickly pear & beauty uk purple (from 'wild child' set)

Today has been my day of productivity. Last night I made the logical step towards improvement, planning out and scheduling revision for my upcoming exams. Sessions of History exam questions, Geography revision sheets and Physics flash-card production was all part of my day....with a dentist appointment somehow wedged in between. I'm liking how this affects my mood - unsurprisingly, it chills me out a bit as the stress regarding these upcoming exams is starting to sit as a burden in my brain. I actually read a really good revision tips blog post from Sophie of Sophie etc, if you are in a similar position to me I would really recommend you read it - it's a good'un.


Monday 1 April 2013

Spring fashion wishlist

Is it cheeky to include three things you've already ordered?! I think not. It's merely saving money, as instead of browsing for even more future purchases, I've settled with ones I've already bought. Logic? Oui.
The colour of the Topshop lace top is so pretty, I liked the design a few months ago when they released it in bottle green, yet I wasn't convinced that the quality would be as great in real life. Then, in February I saw my beautiful friend Gracie wear the fuchsia version and it looked fabulous when paired under a mint green jumper. I'm becoming more accustomed to wanting new clothes and then actually buying them as a) I am now 16 so I can get a part-time job and b) I start sixth form in September. No uniform policy = increased need for an expanding wardrobe = happy Thalia. 

The pull and bear purchases are easily justifiable; for my birthday I was kindly given a £20 e-card from my neighbours and long-time family friends, and I've been craving a pair of their jeans lately. Don't get me wrong, I adore my Topshop Joni's, but a girl needs variety and the ability to breathe and eat large meals, which sadly my beloved Joni's do not always do. I have a pair of grey studded jeggings and a black pair of skinny jeans from pull & bear and I adore them both, the fit is perfect for petite girls! 

Recently, this absolute atrocity that we're referring to as 'British weather' has really been putting me down, so I bought some new gloves (once again, logic at its finest). I liked them when they were sold at original price and now they're £2.50 off I thought "hey, why not?" They're cute, practical and a remedy for this awful 2 degrees mumbo-jumbo. Also, asos do free delivery. The two words of the gods. Take this as a hint, everyone. Free delivery makes me an incredibly happy girlie.

Pinafores. Pinafores, pinafores, pinafores. So many people are going crazy over this influx of old-school styled dresses, and I'm not ashamed to say that Topshop has lured me in. Pretty shade of denim? Yes. Petite size? Yes. It's a winner.

Lastly, the boucle bomber jacket. I've been loving the boucle/tweed trend as of late, I'm not usually one to follow trends religiously but this texture is one I hope to covet for years to come. It's something that looks fun and young, something I'm trying to aim for as I'm only sixteen and dressing many years above my age isn't doing an awful lot of good (and I might as well make the most of my youth.)

What clothes are you dying to get your hands on?

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