Wednesday 13 November 2013

my love for Primark has no boundaries...(obviously)

blouse primark / petite ridley jeans asos / belt primark / boots new look / quilted biker jacket with fur collar primark

I never realise until after I've done the shop credits underneath my outfit photos the huge fraction of my wardrobe which is compiled of too many Primark essentials. I can't help it though, everything there just screams my name whenever I enter one of their many premises dotted around the country, and I just get a different sort of sensation whenever I leave their store; albeit sometimes negative when their infamous paper bags rips in the wrong place and newly-purchased basics start to tumble downwards. We've all been there, all told the tale, and then continued by wearing their products until their price-per-wears got down to individual pennies. 

And it is for this reason that I just have to feature this jacket as my winter pinacle, deliverer of both warmth and style points that I have been embracing since picking it up earlier this year in the sale for a mere ten British pounds. A tenner, that could be spent on yet another scarf, or a couple meatball marinara Subways, was instead spent on this beauty. I feel chic when wearing it, somewhat empowered and fierce. Not in the Beyoncé way, who goes for the beautiful, confident and bootylicious vibes, but in the subtle I-hardly-spent-anything-buying-this-piece-of-clothing-so-ha!-I-rule vibes. Yes, they do exist. And I'm feeling them, embracing them. Winter doesn't have to be expensive. 


P.S - this post is by no way endorsed by Primark; if they even knew of my existence I would be pretty damn pleased. I just love their stuff, their prices and the wonderful feeling of picking up a sale beauty. 



  1. I love those jeans, they're so flattering on you! I wish I had a Primark nearer me, I'd be in there all the time if I did!

    Louisa's Notebook

  2. I do love a good Primark trip, lately I haven't been so lucky with my finds but it doesn't stop me looking! Absolutely love that jacket!! <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. You look gorgeous m'dear! I love that shirt on you, it suits you so well, and is just perfect for this time of year. :) x
    Heroine In Heels


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