Saturday 28 December 2013

you are the avalanche, one world away

~ photography credits to the awesome Sophie of Sophie Said ~
 biker jacket with the fur collar primark / a line denim skirt asos / grey tights tesco / monochrome knitted top new look / boots new look / leather satchel Camden market / watch casio via asos / nails: kate spade for nails inc 'big apple red'

Location: Sloane Square, London

Recently, the lovely ladies Perdi, Chloe and Ellie hosted a bloggers lunch in Central London and I grabbed the chance to go with both hands, meeting Sophie at Victoria beforehand. I think there's a buzz around SW London that I find so fascinating, a buzz that is unusually quiet during the day, yet serene and beautiful at the same time. The walk through Chelsea seemed effortless as you're surrounded by beautiful homes worth a greater sum of money than I could even possibly imagine, and the leaves on the ground lie in such an Autumnal way that they almost convince you that it isn't indeed the middle of Winter.

I have a funny traumatic story regarding this skirt, a recent sale purchase from ASOS (one of quite frankly, too many) that went on an unwanted international journey. Unnecessarily long story short: I sent it to the wrong capital city. 20% off on ASOS combined with a shopping basket nearing expiry led me to act quickly, as one does in these sort of circumstances, and select the first address that came up. My card details were then slotted into the boxes quicker than you could say "Thalia, chill" and voila, the order was made. A week or so passed and I was still longing for the skirt which sadly hadn't arrived, so I checked the confirmation email only for the penny to drop. 'Sent to: (address of my friend), Cardiff' it said in those small yet important evil letters. Ugh. The annoyance. How could I have sent it to the wrong city? The wrong country, even? But somehow I did. And I felt like a plonker because of it. A few days later, after contacting my friend, I finally got my hands on it after she kindly sent it in the post. Luckily, it was worth the wait. I don't even want to think about my reaction had it not fit!

If you, unlike me, are capable of purchasing clothing online sans embarrassment/shame/inability to read and are actually just hoping to see the skirt for yourself, you can do so here. Sale x student discount x saver delivery...ASOS have simply got it going on. 

I hope you all had a fab Christmas and like me, consumed way too much turkey and feel as if you could go without it until next Christmas. Who am I kidding? Pass over the turkey sandwiches please, I'll take the lot.


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p.s - I realise that this post went from girl-wears-outfit-in-London to a declaration of my love for ASOS rather quickly. I'll try and contain myself next time.


  1. I like your outfit! Very casual & stylish at the same time. I think even more because you've worn things I often forget about [ 1 ] lace up shoes (my New Look ones wore down, forgot to buy them back) [ 2 ] denim skirt (... dunno why really) [ 3 ] grey tights (I always end up buying black. oh well.) Thanks for the inspiration! (P.S. Hi-five, London Blogger.)

    1. hi five right back to you fellow London blogger! x

  2. I love your skirt, it's gorgeous! Meeting bloggers in real life is always great!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

    1. ah thank you :) it is definitely one of my favourite things that has resulted from having a blog!

  3. I have been spending wayyyyyy too much on clothes recently, but it just so happens that EVERYTHING at Dorothy Perkins is uber cute, and looks terrific on me. It's not my fault, honestly. And I have to start building up a 'professional' wardrobe because in six months' time, I need to start this awful thing they call a career.

    This outfit looks so chic and professional on you, well done as always! xoxo

  4. Love your outfit Thalia, and I've gotten into reading your posts, they are both witty and beautifully described. x


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