Wednesday 24 July 2013

holiday outfits: Rome

purple tee dorothy perkins / high waisted shorts new look / belt primark / sandals clarks / watch casio via asos / bracelets Majorca / nail polish rimmel 'aqua cool'

 dress miss selfridge / earrings Isadora (Argentina) 

striped top new look / sandals clarks

a couple of Italy highlights: boarding pass @ Gatwick, plane essentials, cute roaming message on my phone, Rome metro essentials, chocolate gelato, mum & I, metro ticket, Thalia vs. a segway @ Villa Borghese, sunset as we flew home from Fiumicio 


These past couple of weeks have been mental! I spent five days in Rome with my Mum and Gma, came back to London for four days, spent four days in Edinburgh and am off to London tomorrow for five days before going to Cardiff. July has undoubtedly been a month of city-hopping. Coming back to London was brilliant, I got to catch up with friends from school in India who I hadn't seen in three years so that was lovely. It reminded me of the positives India provided me, something I had pretty much forgotten as they had been overshadowed with negative memories relating to my Indian departure. Anyway - Rome was amazing! I plan on doing a more detailed post with photos of the city and experiences with a write up to correlate with them. I'd love to recommend a few places and show you all what a beautiful city it is! (Note: If you like pasta, pizza, cheese...anything of the Italian variation, you will be in heaven. Seriously.

Going away for a city break meant that I relied only on hand baggage, so multi-purpose clothing was crucial as packing space was incredibly limited. That's why many of the items have been repeated and therefore not credited multiple times. Taking only two pairs of shoes was a great idea but by the end got slightly dull... I am a fashion lover at heart and therefore I was constantly thinking of shoes back home (obsessed? of course not..) Flat shoes were essential as many of the roads were cobbled, which is where my two pairs of Clarks shoes came in handy. They are both sale finds, the pink ones from this year and the green ones from 2012 and are both so comfortable. Shorts are any girl's best friend in hot weather and comfy tops ensure city walks and explorations are done with ease and minimal wardrobe disasters! My Miss Selfridge paisley dress is another recent sale find at £18 and is wonderful for the warmer temperatures, whilst still being modest and respectful. I think that is something many forget when they go abroad: it is vital to respect the cultures of wherever you go, and this includes following any dress codes they may have.

An update on Rome, Edinburgh, London and Cardiff will be coming soon!


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  1. I looove those green sandals! Your city hopping adventures seem so fun!xx

    1. ah cheers! I'm looking forward to writing all about them for you to read xx

  2. You're so lucky you get to go to so many places aha :) I've been stalking your blog, it's gorg! xx

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