Monday 8 July 2013

you've still got it, I'm just keeping an eye

 grey neppy peplum top dorothy perkins / black biker jacket shop in Australia / jeans pull & bear / sandals clarks / nails: sinful colors kissy

Ah I can't believe I forgot to post this outfit! This was taken last week before my haircut and the accompanying heatwave so please take a moment to cast your minds back to when London had mediocre weather and I had disgusting ends. Now - I can yap on about my love for clothes. Just a warning - I really love this outfit. It's so ridiculously comfy and practical whilst staying on the stylish side of things, so ideal for when I start sixth form in September and the weather is (hopefully) not too awful (remember: anything above 15 degrees in London is a saviour, awful is the classic rain/cold breeze/drizzle/meh vibe we usually have going on.)

The jacket is an Australian buy from 4 years ago, which in itself explains why the sleeves are turned up. Fortunately I have somewhat grown since the age of twelve, which is lucky for me seeing as I seriously needed to. It still fits fine and is a perfect example of buying something and still loving it many seasons later. The grey neppy peplum top is one of my favourites, and I have worn it numerous times since purchasing it in Autumn last year in one of my favourite cities, Cardiff. It was on sale for £8 and I had a my-future-depends-on-the-purchase-of-this-top moment and consequently it ended happily in my shopping basket. A Welsh win. I have said this before and I will say it again, Pull and Bear simply is the place for jeans. They go down to a size 4 which is absolutely perfect for petites as I always struggle with jean shopping, getting the dreaded I-can-fit-numerous-hands-down-the-back-of-this scenario. These are so tight yet comfortable at the same too, and fit my waist really well. Lovelovelove these! And of course I couldn't forget the sandals. they're one of my newest sale purchases at £20 from Clarks, being 50% off, a beautiful colour, super comfy and in my size I considered it a miracle and hopped out of the shop happily. I love moments like those. They're the 'Onslow Daisy' style for the reference.

I mentioned this nail polish I'm wearing in one of my latest posts, 'continued tales of a nail polish hoarder'. I can report that the application is so nice and easy, and only took two coats to reach full opacity which is considered the optimum number of layers for many people, including myself. The colour is so mermaidy and wonderful and yeah, I could go on about it for ages, but alas I shall not bore you to pieces!


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  1. Gorgeous outfit x

  2. Love your shoeees! The color is pretty indeed :)

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