Monday 1 September 2014

Thalia in Thailand #2: Serious Paisley Vibes

paisley dress new look (teens) | blue embroidered bag Chiang Mai night market (post coming soon!) | green sandals clarks | watch casio via asos | black friendship bracelet cotton on | rose gold rings lovisa | nails unsure (sorry!)

There's something about paisley that screams summer to me. Exotic locations...paisley. They're on the same agenda. Well, they are in my opinion anyway. Grab a pair of strappy sandals and hey! you're good to go. So with this aforementioned opinion of mine in mind I simply had to take advantage of this beautiful £4 bargainous sale purchase I found at New Look earlier this year and truly hit the road. We stayed at a beautiful yoga retreat-like place in Chiang Mai called Tamarind Village, so naturally I had to take advantage of the numerous gorgeous bloggy backgrounds it had to offer and go on a mini photoshoot with Dad. Considering I've been posting outfit photos on here for two and a half years, I still don't really feel comfortable with the whole posing for photos thing and whatnot. I much prefer being behind the scenes. I'm an awkward lil' thing in front of the camera. One who usually dumps a good 90% of the photos taken before selecting the decent bunch. But anyway - despite this, I hope you like the photos. I'll be back with written content that isn't quite so blah soon, as I continue sharing my travels - this time focusing on the stunning city of Chiang Mai. I hope you liked my post all about Bangkok and continue to tune in to the rest of my Thai adventure!


P.S - Happy September! Definitely feeling the impact of starting to move back to reality...


  1. Love this, so cute, and very Urban Outfitters-esque. So envious of your travels!x

    1. Thank you Sophie! checking out your blog now x

  2. Love the nails and the printed dress!! Great post!

    XoXo Shea L. -------->

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