Saturday 20 September 2014

Thalia in Thailand #5: Coconutty in Koh Samui

peach drop hem blouse asos | denim a-line skirt asos (link) | black gladiator sandals h&m | embroidered bag Thai market | sunglasses primark | watch casio via asos 

One thing (among many other equally brilliant things) that Koh Samui had to offer was beautiful blogworthy backgrounds. Seriously though, there was an abundance of 'em. In this very coconutty shoot I found myself standing in front of a shower (yes, for realz..) - the silver ornament is actually a dial that upon turning it leaves you pleasantly drenched. 

The weather in KohSa (as my best friend refers to it) was absolutely stunning - think 33 degrees all day long, sunshine for hours and evenings oh so pleasant that I questioned why I live in North Europe and not some place warmer. Being me and having the serious ASOS addiction that I have meant that obviously I had to attack this warmth with two of my favourite ASOS pieces - this peach drop hem blouse and my wardrobe's most worn item, my denim a line skirt. Unfortunately they no longer sell the blouse but they've got the a-line skirt in a number of different colours. Next on my ever-growing list is the vintage wash version, with the berry acid wash one coming a close second). 

This stunning embroidered bag was bought when shopping at the village in Chiang Mai  I mentioned in my last post. I actually thought it was a makeup bag at first as the handle has been tucked in but I am seriously pleased that it turned out to be a small bag - it's big enough to carry the essentials but small enough to convince me that I don't need to take all of my belongings with me everywhere I go. You'll be seeing this again in my upcoming posts from Koh Samui as I simply could not get enough of it.


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