Tuesday 16 December 2014

roll neck jumper

pink roll neck jumper dorothy perkins (similar) | blue denim A-line skirt asos (link) | houndstooth coat dorothy perkins (similar) | black army boots topshop (link) | black zipped bag dorothy perkins | nails: rimmel let's get nude & barry m matte top coat

I realise this outfit is approximately 60% identical to my most recent outfit post but as I've mentioned before, when I find the key essentials that I really love, it's a true struggle to get them off me. Alas, this houdstooth coat will probably stay attached to me until the British weather warms up...so say next April/May, perhaps?
I've raved on and on in the past how I am rather fond of a good ol' bargain so here ladies and gents, is my latest bargainous find. These gorgeous and sturdy Doc Marten-like boots from Topshop were a mere 20 quid (which I then later managed to reduce by a fiver - cheers, staff discount card!) They've got a good build - and I realise that sounds somewhat weird, but as soon as I spotted them in Topshop's Brixton branch I knew they'd be hefty enough to last the day and not suffer from too much wear and tear. The inside sole is cushioned and gives that nice bounce when you walk (can't be only me that loves that...right?) So far the only problem I've had with them comes down to a tale of rubbing/slightly harsh interaction with the back of my ankles, but hey, that was inevitable. As you can probably tell from the sheer length of this paragraph, I love 'em, and I'm rather chuffed.
On another positive note, there's not too long until Christmas (!!!) and crucially, an opportunity to lie in. Saturdays are the only days I have to treat myself to an extra-long kip, however recently I've gone without lie ins and I am missing them big time. I think that's one feature of self-employment I am seriously in awe of. Being your own boss and being able to sleep in? Bliss. For the record: I do understand there's way more to self-employment than that. My beautiful mama runs her own business and my lord does she work her butt off.

I'm off now to see the latest The Hunger Games release and my oh my I'm excited. I'll be back on here soon with a few too many beauty purchases that erm...'fell' in my ASOS basket during their 30% off beauty sale? It was going to happen, wasn't it. ASOS + sales = inevitable purchases. There really is no stopping me.


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