Thursday 4 December 2014

The Rise of the Midi Heel

 Petite but ready to change the world: the midi heel.

Black midi heels new look (similar here) | dark purple midi heels dorothy perkins

Now now, I know for a fact that we're not all blessed with great height - this is coming from a 5"2.5 girl, and yes, the 'and a half' counts. When it comes to the winter party season we're all after those heels that do a bit more than simply 'doing the job', but in no way does this mean we ever want to sacrifice comfort. So for a long'ol while we've gone to heels with those not-so-secret platforms to reduce the inevitable tension on our tootsies, but what I'm going to argue today is that bigger does not necessarily mean better. Enter the midi heel.

Marketed as the type of heels for us girls who aren't all too fab at walking in 6-inch counterparts (count me into that club, please), midi heels add the necessary boost of height that doesn't leave you chatting to the necks/torsos of your mates - been there, done that. They're comfy enough to wear all night because you aren't putting ballerina-like pressure on your feet whilst you dance to Christmassy tunes and convince yourself to stay away from the wine. As for how long that lasts, that's down to you. 

Petite girls - embrace being small. It's taken me pretty much my entire childhood and the past few years of my adolescence to accept that being small isn't a bad thing. And only other short people can call you a 'midget'. Otherwise it is most certainly not okay. To the girls with legs far longer than mine that sit on the opposite end of the spectrum, make the most of your height and give yourself a boost without worrying that you'll be far taller than other people. And if you are, you can still rock it.

So all in all - midi heels are the comfortable alternative to potentially pain-inducing platforms that still look good. Never worry about having to bring those flats with you, you know - the ones that hide in your bag for ninety percent of the night before you sneakily whip them out and breathe a sigh of relief? Yep, those ones. Forget 'em. You've got midi heels now.



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