Monday 5 January 2015

London Victoria

khaki dress topshop (link) | houndstooth coat dorothy perkins (similar) | scarf h&m (similar) | boots topshop (very similar) | silver midi rings h&m | bag dorothy perkins

If this post goes up when I'd like it to and I've scheduled it successfully, right now I'm back at sixth form for the first time since Christmas break and probably hiding in the library with the fattest Geography textbook you could ever possibly imagine. Ah, A-Levels. Can't say I've missed ya. Can't say I'm not excited to be done with you as of Friday 19th June at around midday....not that I'm counting. Talking of sixth form, unless my weather app lied to me  (as it tends to do) and we've had a downpour, I'll be wearing this exact dress right about now. This dress is one of those essentials I've fallen in love with and have already planned to purchase in other colours come pay day. Comfortable and clean with a lil' edge on the back is what I like to see in a dress. Without coming across as too sales person-y I would massively recommend you all grab one when they're still available...yet to my despair they seem to be going quickly on the website. Situations like this tend to arise when I'm not winning on the money front because, y'know, life of a seventeen-year-old student. Alas, with higher spirits and a pinch of confidence, I'm going to leave you with this:

I will rock this year. I have faith in myself. Likewise, so will you. I have faith in whoever happens to be reading this. Not reading this from the UK? Hiya! I love seeing the list of countries my daily/weekly/monthly readers are viewing the blog from. You international peoples are fabulous. And as for my Brits/adopted Brits, I adore you, as always.

I hope you have a fabulous week,


P.S - a massive cheers to one of my best blogger friends Sophie for taking these photos for me! As I mentioned on here one or two posts ago, she and I had a catch up in Covent Garden a few days ago and it was lovely. Anyway, my beloved Canon 600D isn't in tip-top shape at the moment and is seeking a visit to the repairs centre so until then I am without it. Here comes Sophie, equipped with her camera and ready to go. Thank you, Sophie. I appreciate your existence a hella lot.

P.P.S - for the umpteenth time I made a tumblr yet this time I think I might stick to it. Got tumblr? Leave me your links :)

P.P.P.S - as for the title, these outfit photos happened to be taken outside of London Victoria station, whilst receiving questionable stares from a man who was evidently unsure what Sophie and I were doing photographing each other. I couldn't think of anything else tot title this post...sorry not sorry


  1. LOVE this outfit - you look gorgeous! The coat, scarf and dress all go really well together :)
    Sarah xxx

  2. Love your dress and coat, it's such a wonderful pattern for the Winter- it looks so cosy too!

    Emma xo

    1. Thank you Emma! Fortunately it is very cosy :)

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  4. You look lovely, the coat is gorgeous. xx


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