Wednesday, 23 September 2015

21 First Day of University Thoughts

So a couple of days ago I started university. I don't want to speak too soon but so far it's been fab - better than expected, even. The people are lovely and I'm in that ~place~ at the moment when I'm just elated that a) I somehow even got into uni and b) chuffed to bits that I'm spending my time studying a subject that I want to study, as opposed to English Lit (which I was advised to study so many times by so many people over the past few years!) Freshers week has been a slightly unusual experience as a student who doesn't drink much (correction: hardly anything), isn't huuuuge on partying and doesn't live in student accommodation, but I'll touch on all of those things at a later point. All in all, it has been such an interesting experience so far and I'm looking forward to what is coming up in the next few months.

Trying to capture my thoughts in the present as opposed to in a month or so, here's a lil' list of what on earth was going through my mind on Monday. There's 21 listed as I y'know, wouldn't mind getting a 2:1 at the end of this experience and (more importantly) I couldn't really think of any more 'thoughts', as ironic as that sounds.
  1. Nervous. Don't be nervous. But my gosh I'm nervous.
  2. I hate the Northern line. Why did anyone think the branches were a good idea/easy to navigate?? 
  3. I hope I'm not the only Londoner.
  4. I believe I am the only person here from London. 
  5. Literally everyone is from such a cool place and I have travelled from the not-so-awesome territory that is zone 4 suburbia.
  6. Obviously it had to rain on the first day. Bloody brilliant.
  7. Why would anyone construct a building in the shape of a triangle? I'm so lost. I'm standing here, lost, thinking about how lost I am. 
  8. YASSS they sell pizza. I have made a wise life choice in coming here.
  9. Oi that pizza was bloody delicious. Three slices has me feeling satisfied, albeit a bit on the stuffed side.
  10. I really hope I'm not the shortest one there.
  11. Y'know I could try out some sports? I might as well?
  12. Having seen a few of the sporty students, I definitely think I'll give this sport thing a go.
  13. Cheerleading without pom poms and chants? Wicked. 
  14. I've never been naturally athletic, but whatever, I'll try out some rock climbing. Nothing could possibly go wrong.
  15. I couldn't have possibly stuck a worse landing from that. Climbing's alright, I guess, abseiling, however, is another thing altogether. My landing was so crap it received a giggling response from the people below. Fab. 
  16. I. Can't. Breathe. Rock climbing is deceiving. Far harder than it looks to the outsider. I’ll use my asthma as an excuse, it’s okay.
  17. I'm not sure if I regret taking a free backpack or not.
  18. Correction - I definitely regret that decision.
  19. Not the most helpful thing when you go to someone wearing a student ambassador top to ask where something is and they tell you to "walk down this corridor and at the end you'll find a bunch of people wearing red tops. Ask one of them."
  20. It's so weird that for years all throughout secondary school people yap on about uni like there's no tomorrow and then one day it's like shit, I'm here
  21.  Fingers crossed this year is a good’un.


Let me know your thoughts! If you have a blog, leave the link too so I can check it out.

- Thalia

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