Sunday 26 May 2013

home is where the heart is

tweed look bomber jacket new look / navy and white striped jumper la redoute / petite indigo joni jeans topshop / black converses jd sports / plum satchel internacionale

So yesterday I popped around London with my parents, walking around the quiet streets of Bank in Central London, roamed around the Museum of London and then onto Spitalfields market. I didn't end up buying anything, I found the items to be way too overpriced however Mum left with a beautiful gothic brocade jacket. It was lovely, however the weather was still pretty cold and I think the heat has only started gently entering the UK as of today, which sucks a little considering it is the end of May. Yes, the end of May. 

Onto other news, I have technically finished year eleven and after this week's half term I am on study leave, however I plan to go in everyday as I revise more efficiently at school. It was the last day everyone was together with the exception of results day in three months time, and then we're off to venture in our separate ways. I still have seven exams left, but am 10 down so stress-wise everything is currently under control. I hope everyone that is doing exams at the moment is feeling good, and best of luck for any exams you have left.

I cannot wait to get back into my blogging routine in the summer, I think I have a whopping eleven weeks off (crazy, oui) so to pass the time I plan to vent my energy into the blog. Expect outfit posts, reviews...the whole shebang. 

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  1. Ah, good to see you back! I spent the day in the park today, having a picnic with my friends to celebrate the end of uni. Well done on finishing your exams, it's a great feeling, isn't it! xoxo

  2. loving the pics , im going to london on saturday for my birthday so excited! i loved finishing year 11 it was one of the best summers of my life,



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