Thursday 30 May 2013

hoping one day you'll make a dream last

  red knitted dress republic / black washed denim jacket vintage / boots new look / nails: topshop suffuse

When I bought this dress in the Republic sale about a month ago, I had the intention to hide this in my closet until Autumn and then be pleasantly surprised at how I'd have something new to wear then. My my was I wrong. Just a quick question - London, why are you so freaking cold?! It seems as if the Bank Holiday Weekend of 'summer' we had has been and past, and left us with 11 degrees, windy, and rainy. Nice. 

Saying that, I am a little bit glad. I liked the dress back in February when it was selling for £28 and I 'mhmmmmed' away and left it for a later time. It fits well, is nice and snuggly, and really is the epitome of Autumn for me. A British Autumn in May is on the cards, non?


now playing: passenger - let her go


  1. really pretty, i love the colour of it xxx

  2. Really pretty! Have you listened to any other songs from Passenger? My favourite is Feather on the Clyde. That guy is the real deal.

  3. You look lovely! That dress looks soo pretty! :) x Laura


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