Wednesday 29 May 2013

recent charity shop buys

top originially from next, £2
tunic originally from topshop, £2
cardigan originally from h&m, £2

 I love charity shop buys! They take a bit of searching here and there, and involve the odd disappointment regarding sizes ('this top is four sizes too big...could I still pull this off?!') But oh my, they are amazing. My shopping bag reached a total of £6, less than any of these would have been sold for originally. I'm most pleased with the Tosphop polka dot tunic, as I remember a couple years back they were selling it for £26ish. A saving of over £20 isn't half bad, eh? Shopping in the name of charity is perhaps my new favourite thing.

Have you found any inexpensive buys recently?


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  1. Hahaha, I know right, every time I'm in a charity shop I find a dress that's either 3 sizes too small or too big, and I still try it on. Disappointing, but you have to see the fun in it - it's like treasure hunting! I'm very very tight on money this summer so I think I'm going to stay clear of the high street and visit my local charity shops instead. Is there anywhere you would recommend for cute/quaint/vintage crockery? I need to get some lovely props for my blog.

    P.S. that TopShop tunic looks GREAT on you!


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