Sunday 13 October 2013

you deserve a smile with no regret

 black boyfriend tee primark / burgundy skinny jeans new look teens / belt topshop / satchel Camden market / cut out brogues office / nails: m&s city grey

These photos were taken before Winter arrived this week and now the thought of me going out in a t-shirt and jeans is a distant memory...

So this week has been a bit up and down / on the verge of becoming very boring and monotonous; sixth form has become more scheduled and regular, with every school day is becoming characteristically 'samey'. I miss the freedom of summer so much already, being able to nip into central London with no time restrictions and see the sights in temperate weather is something that I look forward to doing again some time next year. It feels like that could be a century at this rate, though...we Brits know that 'winter' can last forever here. Forever.

Saying all of that about boring daily routines, things are looking up. I'm loving work, my staff discount arrives soon (more the reason to shop, which of course I appreciate) and more effort is being put towards a trip to Stoke in a couple of weeks time. It's been nearly a month since I went on a long-distance train journey which is quite a feat for me as a relatively frequent traveller. I spend way too much time on trains, and that is a fact. I like to think that in the future I'll earn enough that maybe one of the fifteen or so long-distance trains I take a year could be a plane, not necessarily for the added luxury of air travel but because I have an obsession with airports. I just love 'em. I regularly ask myself if I could be doing something more productive than watching another airport documentary, but the answer is always no (surprise, surprise).

Before I go to get ready for work I just wanted to ask, are any of you going to be at Company Magazine's Beauty Forum on October 22nd? I'm going to be there with the lovely Sophie of Sophie Said and I would love to meet new people there.

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  1. I love this outfit thalia! the brogues are so pretty x

  2. I love this outfit - very autumnal! Xx

    1. cheers Sarah - would love to catch up some time! xx

  3. Great outfit! Those shoes are so cute and I love that nail varnish! :)

  4. Winter may be long but it's fun, too! Think of all the fun holidays - pies and cakes and puddings for Christmas and New Year's, and who says January has to be bleak? It'll be fun, you just have to look on the bright side :)

  5. I love your shoes! So happy you're loving your job and yay for staff discount! <3

    Jennie xo |

  6. Awh I hope you're having a nice escape from 6th from this half term, it does get better I assure you! I think they just like to overload you with work at this point, which is silly:3xx


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