Thursday 22 May 2014

Olympic orange

 black slouchy top forever 21 | denim a line skirt asos (link) | black chunky sandals h&m |black shoulder bag dorothy perkins | sunglasses primark | watch casio via asos (link)| ring river island | nails: barry m gelly satsuma

Another day, another excuse to wear this ASOS skirt. Since purchasing it last December (and accidentally getting it delivered to Cardiff...) it has been on me non-stop. The black one looks pretty appetizing too...payday, please hurry up.

So this outfit is what I wore to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Saturday, which I posted about here a couple of days ago. Something about 23 degree sunshine and the beautiful realisations that a) my new H&M sandals could get their first proper outing sooner than I'd anticipated and b) finally I could wear this skirt sans tights made me incredibly happy. Summer also calls for a summery nail polish colour in my eyes, considering I haven't touched the 'warm' end of the spectrum when it comes to nail polish colours in way too long. I'm planning on doing a post about Barry M's 'Satsuma', a recent discovery of mine through one of my best friends, who bought it for me as a birthday present a couple of months ago knowing that my nail polish collection suffered a severe deficiency of oranges.  The formula is great, its ability to chip isn't too strong and well, the rest of the gushing will be saved for the post. 

This week saw me realise (among other, far more significant things) that the ring I'm wearing in this post must have been sat on/squashed/deformed at some stage in the past few weeks, considering it used to look like a silver version of this. Not only has it lost its twin, but its shape too. Needless to say, if the silver version comes back in stock, which obviously I hope does happen, two non-deformed rings will accompany me out the shop. £3 for both of them reminds me why I love River Island's 'under five' jewellery section.

Anyway - I'm off to revise/watch excessive amounts of Gossip Girl....most likely focusing on the latter of the two. I'm 7/10 exams down with all of the important ones already crossed off my exam timetable. Critical Thinking is the only subject I have left, and well, let's thoughts on it are...critical



  1. I'm so sorry for your loss Thalia x

  2. Such a cute outfit! I love reading about what you get up to - so much more interesting then just a description of the outfit haha. That skirt is definitely now on my Summer wishlist! Love it. xx

    1. Thank you Lucy! Cheers - I like documenting what I get up to when wearing this stuff as I can look back on it in the future and remind myself of some incredible memories. xx


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