Saturday 31 May 2014

Review: Barry M 'Satsuma'

Orange. Barry M's Satsuma installment is incredibly orange. I must admit - I think it has been a good five years since I've been pro-orange polish and recently I have hopped back onto the summer 2009 bandwagon that had me crazing over Rimmel's Tangerine Queen. Satsuma has something about it - it is undoubtedly very summery and mixes the two fab aspects of opacity and shine into a formula that is glossy and utterly summer-ready. The thing I like about it the most is that I would have never, ever picked this shade up myself - fortunately, one of my closest friends, Chloe, gifted it to me for my birthday earlier this year as she understood the severe lack of oranges in my nail polish collection. The girl did good. At £3.99 it's a bargain and will adorn my fingers and toes into the (somewhat) warmer months. I should add that although it is glossy enough sans top coat, adding one is preferable as I found it chipped quite a bit after 3 days. Longevity-wise it is not half bad though, and the gorgeous colour makes up for it. As for whether I would recommend it or not...of course I would. I think it is a universal shade, one that would suit the whole spectrum of skin tones. I wish I tanned as I think this would look stunning with a tan, although that applies for numerous summery shades.

Next on my list? Cancun, a gorgeous bright teal and Kiwi, a bright green that I have already decided will be worn on my nails at this year's Sports Day. It is my very last one, after all. My nails must be the full schbang.


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