Sunday 17 March 2013

and the walls kept tumbling down in the city that we love

slouchy knit top new look / grey jeans h&m (kids) / boots new look / satchel Camden market / nails: american apparel mount royal & max factor fantasy fire

Firstly - I am so in love with this nail combination! After purchasing Max Factor's famous shade Fantasy Fire last year, I've been slowly trying out which polishes to put under it but I have reached the conclusion that American Apparel's Mount Royal kicks arse. (Note: Barry M's Bright Purple came a close second..)

I've gone for a very casual look today, which suits my weekend of doing pretty much nothing productive whatsoever. School has reached the stage that weekends are used for recovery rather than fun. Saying that, I did celebrate my friend Aoife's birthday on Friday night which was lovely, meeting new people doesn't always go down great with a socially awkward gal like myself (and this situation was no different), yet I still loved hanging out with school friends and attacking the food in my classic ways. Nothing, yes..nothing, beats chicken nuggets. Ever.

I bought this slouchy jumper a couple of weeks ago and I really love it. It's ridiculously comfy and warmer than the average top which suits the temperamental British weather well. I'm even considering picking it up in a few other colours: mint green and burgundy both sound nice to me. The jeans I'm wearing are ones I have owned for ages, probably a good two years or so now. They're from the kids section of H&M which being a petite gal is awesome and I've loved the skinny jeans from there for a good six years now. They're comfy and a relatively unusual colour which is different yet sometimes quite difficult to pair with things. The boots are my latest online sale purchase (I really should stop with that obsession) and cost a mere £15 off the New Look website. They were from the teens section which I have absolutely been loving recently, and were reduced by £10 with only a size 4 left...score. Nice and tight, yet still comfortable with a nice bit of black fur and a buckle means absolutely no complaints on my behalf.

I know every blogger and their pet chihuahua is mentioning this in their posts, but after the recent revelation that Google Reader is closing on the first of July, everyone is going into panic mode and converting their favourite reads over to Bloglovin'. I have done the same, and when getting used to it I am starting to prefer it. I lovelovelove how it isn't restricted to blogs run by Blogger, so other formats are also available. I would really appreciate it if you could follow my blog on Bloglovin', y'know..just in case the fate of GFC isn't lasting through this Summer.

Alrighty well here's enough of the essay from me, I'm off to watch 'A Walk to Remember' to replace the love of my life Glee which is not airing on Sky this Sunday. Devastating I know, but I've found romantic movies ease my struggles and always remind me of how single I am, hahaha. What are your favourite chick flicks? I'd love to know.

Have a lovely week,


p.s - On Friday it is finally my birthday! I'll be turning sixteen, old enough to buy a lottery ticket, drive a tractor in Wales and to be charged adult fares on trains. Hoorah.


  1. Love the nail colour! My favourite chick flick, oh my there are so many, I love them all aha, have you seen 'I'd give it a year'? It might still be in cinemas and it was really good. Also I don't think your link works for the bloglovin' thing, but I am already following you on bloglovin' anyway aha, just thought you might want to knowxx

    1. I'll give that movie a go :) Ah thank you so much for pointing that out, I've removed the link now xx


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