Wednesday 27 March 2013

mount royal and fantasy fire

max factor 'fantasy fire' / american apparel 'mount royal'

Just a quick post for today, on my latest nail polish combination that I'm utterly obsessed with. The formula of American Apparel's Mount Royal is faultless in my opinion, with it going opaque in a mere coat and the brush being perfect for my thin, medium-length nails. I wish the polishes were less expensive though, over in America they're equivalent to £4 and over here they charge £9. Mental. Anyway, I adore the finish Fantasy Fire gives off, so shiny with a duo-chrome of red which sparkles and shimmers ever so slightly. This is the first time in years I've painted my nails the same colour in two consecutive weekends (and that's saying something...)

What's your favourite nail polish combination?


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  1. Love the colour, my friend does some nail tutorials, you might like her blog: :)xx


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