Thursday 21 March 2013

the skincare post

I pretty much live by these three products. They fulfill the classic cleanse-tone-moisturise three-step rule that is recommended by so many, and do so at a relatively affordable price.

Hot Beautiful Skin Cloth Cleanser
As you can see from the photograph I'm nearly through this bottle, which happens to be the second I've owned. I have a backup bought recently using the £5 off vouchers, bringing the price of the 200ml bottle down to only £4.95. In terms of affordability I really think it's fab: from previous uses I can say this lasts around ten weeks and I use it twice everyday. Not half bad, eh? I apply a squeeze of this to my face, massaging it around paying attention to my forehead which is my most acne-prone area. I then wait a minute or so, then wipe it off gently using a facecloth drenched (yes, drenched) in hot water. It feels so lovely, especially on a Winter morning! My face feels ridiculously soft afterwards, and although I wouldn't say this prevents acne or blemishes, it keeps any breakouts calm and doesn't aggravate them. I've used other cleansers (Johnson's refreshing day gel cleanser being a previous favourite) which I've liked but I find the creamy texture of this suits my skin far better.

Lush Tea Tree Toner Water
This stuff is insanely refreshing. It smells like tea tree, an ingredient known for its anti-bacterial properties and ability to cleanse acne-prone skin. I use this twice a day after cleansing, which helps cool down my face as well as begin to calmly attack any blemishes. I wouldn't say this helps target specific spots - it does a more general job, and helps keep dry areas such as my cheeks nice and hydrated.

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser
I'm almost through my second bottle of this, and I think it's great. I would really recommend it for combination, sensitive or acne-prone skin as it hydrates dry areas yet does not pile on product to oilier areas. It has no scent and being a product by the brand Simple, suitability towards sensitive skin is pretty much guaranteed. I apply this straight after the toner, which sort of mix to make a clean base for my skin on a daily basis. I never ever wear makeup to school, so this primes my skin for day-to-day routine on weekdays. On weekends, this still works underneath a primer and foundation, and is not too slippery that it makes the foundation slide. It's absorbed into the skin really quickly so the feeling of an unpleasant sticky surface is always avoided.
biore warming anti-blackhead cleanser / clearasil rapid action spot gel 

I use the Biore cleanser less frequently, around once a week or so. I love how it's self-warming, a feature that before using this product I had never ventured into. It's perfect for a deep-clean, and smells so fruity due to it being strongly watermelon scented. I personally love the gooey, warm texture; however I can imagine that it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea. If you want something for clearing spots, I wouldn't say this eradicates them all but it definitely contributes towards good-skin phases. The Clearasil spot gel is an absolute god-send. I used to use Sudocrem as my nightly spot treatment but I became fed up with getting it all over my hands and cushion covers, and I felt that the effectiveness of using it nightly wore off after a few months. *Cue spot gel*, this covers any blemishes, holding in it a sort of 'case' overnight as it dries it up and reduces it in size. I've never used this throughout the day so I can't make an accurate comment on the whole 'works in four hours' quote Clearasil always go for, but I really like this. It's probably my favourite spot treatment ever, and over the past few I've probably tried around ten of them.

What is your skincare routine and do you have any recommendations? Do you enjoy reading/writing about it as much as I do? 


* this post is not sponsored, I have purchased every item here with my own money and my opinions, as always, are completely honest. This turned out to be quite an overly-happy post so I just felt the need to clarify this!

P.S I turn 16 tomorrow! Yayyyy

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