Tuesday 12 March 2013

why aren't you my clarity

 long black sleeve top (worn underneath) primark / black skater dress topshop / super cosy tights primark / khaki jacket ebay / black & white brogue espadrilles new look / necklace vintage / nails: 17 sweetheart & rimmel disco ball

Is it just me that things days are getting so much longer? Not just in terms of daylight, but in terms of work. This half term is known for being a short but stressful one and this year has definitely lived up to its description. I think over the past few days I've spent forty or so hours at school and then a couple hours each day afterwards doing some pieces of revision. It's gotten to the point when teachers and my parents have told me to work less, something I can't quite seem to get my head around.

I'm a bit iffy about this outfit: I would have preferred to not wear tights with it but the weather is so cold, (cue super cosy tights) and now the blacks don't really match as much as I would like. I think that might be a pet peeve of mine, it just seems so un-coordinated to me. Saying this, it has been forever since I last wore my brogue espadrilles and I have missed them quite a lot. Although I will forever stay true to my winter boots, my ankles do need a break from being covered for months. It has been a while. 

The khaki jacket is a £20 ebay purchase that I've never regretted. You can still buy it online here in black, stone or khaki in a huge range of sizes which is really nice. For reference, I bought an XS which fits me on the arms well in length yet still covers my bum which is nice; usually jackets have the tendency to completely drown my frame due to my 5'2 frame.

I have loads and loads of work to get back to (contradicting to my first point, oh well), including Chemistry and History research as well as prepping for my French writing exam tomorrow. It'll all be over soon!

Thalia xxx


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- Thalia

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