Saturday 1 June 2013

sentimental vibes

 black turtleneck dress (worn underneath, skirt shown) new look / navy and black lace lightweight jumper new look / ivory satin and fleece bag gap / black biker bots new look / purple ombre nails (post coming soon)


Yesterday, my Mum, brother and I walked around Richmond Park in SW London. It is so lovely there, being large, green and open, it is the exact opposite of what I'm used to seeing in London, so it provides a lovely change. These photos were taken in the Isabella Plantation, the area adorned with hundreds of flowers in a range of beautiful colours. It was also really nice to get out of my back garden and take outfit photos elsewhere - it definitely proved a nice change from the dark teal panels of my fence. 

I never even realised the extent of my love for New Look's teens section until I listed my outfit components, but wowowow gosh I seriously love it there. It is a perfect destination for a petite girl...which reminds me, I'm thinking of writing a post on clothing for petite girls so do let me know if you're interested! I wore this dress to my birthday in March, I adore how comfortable it is and versatile. I wore tights with the outfit (of course, this is England), however I'm pleased to say that London is finally warming up. I also donned some ombre nails, which I didn't think I'd like them as much as I do, but nobody could ever deter me away from trialling various shades of purple, because, well..I'm obsessed. I plan to do a post on them asap so do look out for that.
flowers in the Isabella Plantation

Onto a more personal topic - today is the first of June. This therefore marks three years since I got on that nine and a half hour flight with my family and relocated back home from Delhi to London. The thought brings back so many happy memories, especially when contemplating what has happened during the past three years of my life. They seriously have been the best, I have met so many amazing people at school and through the world of blogging. Thinking that nearly half of my time spent back home in England has been published online via this blog is absolutely crazy, but in a good way. Today my Mum, brother and I are having a celebratory Nando's and mark the happy day. I wish my Dad were here though, but he's up visiting family in Edinburgh. I always find myself becoming super sentimental on this day every year, but I always remember that negative experiences in India led to positive outcomes, including meeting two of my closest friends and becoming a much stronger person. I rarely ever say this, but I'm proud of the person India sculpted me to become, and the person I have grown to become over the past three years. 

Phew - essay over!

Have a lovely weekend,


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