Tuesday 25 June 2013

prom 2013

Myself with Alethea, Aimee and my parents
Abbie, Lydia, Chris, Chloe, Izi, Ciaran, Keir (my lil' brother), Hannah, Tim, Rosie & Rachel 

To celebrate finishing GCSE exams and the end of compulsory education, my school hosted a year eleven prom last week. It was lovely - held at a local golf course, there was a view over a huge lake and watching the sunset was absolutely beautiful. I loved seeing everybody all dressed up, and watching them all dance (note: I do not dance..ever). The situation allowed me to collate my thoughts regarding the last three years spent at my current school, and how in total I have really liked the experience. Contrary to the popular opinion of many teenagers my age, I actually love being at school and that sort of environment. I find being in a productive environment is really refreshing, and I love being taught such a variety of things from people who excel in their fields. Anyway, enough gushing...

So since last week life has been a blur. I've spent a lot of time tidying and organising (reality: recycling years worth of science, maths and history work), purchasing birthday presents for friends and getting ready for my Grandma's 6 week visit to the UK. I am honestly so excited to see her again - anybody that has family living abroad will understand where I'm coming from. Living 17,000km apart, numerous time zones away from each other and in different hemispheres adds some complication in terms of contacting each other sometimes, however it means when you see them again it feels so lovely. Family reunions are my favourite, always.


p.s - my dress is from LightInTheBox if any of you are interested, they do custom measurements which I personally found super helpful, as I am much shorter than the people the normal sizes are designed for! (petite girl problems).

p.p.s - as many of you are aware, GFC is supposedly disappearing really soon, so if you want to stay reading my lil' slice of internet you can follow via bloglovin' here.


  1. Awww, you look LOVELY! Like a LOTR elf :)

  2. You look gorgeous Thalia, I love your dress!!x

  3. Your prom sounds so fun, I loved mine last year, fingers crossed we get an end of sixth form one! And I know what you mean about being productive at school, I actually really like it too, especially 6th formxx

  4. your prom sounds lovely and you look amazing in your dress, my prom is on the 19th and i am so excited xxx

  5. You look so pretty! :) x


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