Wednesday 26 June 2013

the importance of university?

I have never questioned that university will be essential for me. As cringe-worthy as it may sound, I adore learning, especially when revolved around subjects I actually like. I've always been an academic student, and even from a young age it has meant I have stood out within my class, usually for the wrong reasons. I was often made fun of for working hard, for asking for extension work or completing my work quickly. Back then I didn't realise what this necessarily meant, I just continued walking along the path that I felt was right for me.

As I grew older the situation pretty much remained the same, my knowledge and hopes to do well academically evolved in the same way and at the same time as I did, both physically and mentally. Academia kept me grounded whilst I was living in India, as despite how hideous I was socially and how I was despised by others never intervened with my grades, which frustrated the bullies significantly. In a way, having academia as my outlet worked perfectly for me, as it meant I could filter my feelings regarding school into one area, one purpose, rather being the balanced individual that most twelve year olds attempted to be.

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So now, after skipping a few years we reach current day. At sixteen I have recently finished my GCSE exams and have a long summer ahead of me, one that until August 22nd will have the background thoughts relating to exam results crowding the back of my mind. In September I will be starting my AS Levels in Sociology, Geography, English Lit/Lang and French, probably taking the first three mentioned to A2. As I life-planner since the age of twelve (quoting my Mum), I regularly go on the websites for various universities within the UK, specifically those listed within the somewhat famous Russell Group. I've head it drilled into my mind for the past three years that I should be reaching for that level of teaching in the future, and luckily school has supported me in terms of motivation and encouragement.

I recently discovered the *perfect* course for me, one that is ridiculously exclusive and terribly hard to get into. But I am determined to try. Human, Social and Political Sciences at Cambridge would mean I could study a range of subjects I am interested in; Sociology, Anthropology (both Social and Biological) and International Relations. I am fascinated by cultures, society, and the way people think without it being too scientific or psychological. It needs an A* and two A grades at A2 to get in, as well as an A at AS level, a killer personal statement and many successful interviews. This would also have to be backed up by numerous A* grades at GCSE and the ability to express my passion for the subjects mentioned. I am so passionate about doing well in the future, and I know I will do everything until I can consider myself 'successful' (happy, earning decent money, enjoying work, good family situation and ideally, living in Australia).

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So the purpose of me writing this post was to understand your opinions on the importance of university. I comprehend how it is completely not for everyone, and I know of many people who did not go into further education that are perfectly happy in their current situations, and are undoubtedly successful. What parts about university did you enjoy the most, what bits did you regret? I'd love to know. As many say, life begins at university. I still have two years to wait until starting the new and significant chapter of my life, but being a life-planner I am so interested to know, and I cannot wait to explore new beginnings, both academically and socially.

What are your thoughts? Also - are you a fan of a more lifestyle sort of post like this one? I enjoyed branching out and writing something more personal and relatable.



  1. You don't need that many A* GCSEs to get into Cambridge - my friend got in without having more than 3! Cambridge like to scaremonger! I'm not at university myself, but I have to say that if you have your heart set on a course it's worth it. I didn't have my heart set on my course and it didn't work out for me, though if you're confident about what to do, go for it! :) x

  2. I love lifestyle blogs so this post is lovely. About university, I think it is a pretty important deal, although quite understandably some prefer not to go for their own reasons. I think this is mainly because it lets you grow intellectually and think differently which is brilliant in my opinion... I'm just about to start the whole applying to uni process, it's kinda scary but fun too :)xx

  3. Uni made me who I am today, and I really like that girl. I'd do it all over again, even though it was such an emotional experience. Uni was totally the right choice for me, and judging from what you wrote here, it sounds like it's the right choice for you too :) Keep an open mind and an open heart, and just follow your gut. You can never go wrong when you follow your instinct.

  4. I love, love your blog. I'm a year younger and exactly the same! But I'm more sciency...even though I love English, a lot! ''Aim high, aim for Oxbridge.'' :)


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