Sunday 30 June 2013

why I am embracing my youth

Over the past few years I have seen and felt the insane pressure to grow up quickly. Teenagers my age find themselves acting in very adult-like ways, and although I know there is only two years to go until reaching adulthood, I thought I would lost reasons why I am embracing my youth, and my time left before plunging into the big and wider world.

  • Cheap transport. Londoners: oyster cards are your saviour. For those who travel on trains regularly: 16-25 railcards are brilliant for savings, and mine is currently in the post being delivered to me. 
  • Student discount. I have a student discount card from NUS and it entitles me to 20% off many shops, including Miss Selfridge (who I have made two cheeky sale orders off recently), asos, Dominos, national rail and many more. 
  • Homecooked food of a good standard, cooked with love, time and care. I heard this luxury disappears upon reaching university.
  • The lack of major responsibility, for example children, or having an important job role. That is still yet to come.
  • Time to recover from poor decisions and cleanse your mind of any burdens etc.
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  • It is completely and utterly acceptable to form crushes on attractive male American actors as seen on television shows. 
  • Death is inevitable, and everybody knows it. Making the most of the many years we hopefully have ahead of us can never be a bad thing.
  • No money troubles, loans, debt, mortgages...the lot.
  • We're growing up in the technological age, with tertiary and quarternary industry expanding by the day. We can embrace our knowledge of technology since birth and make sure opportunities come out as a result of it.
  • There's only so many years that you're young. I am by no means an ageist person, and I personally cannot wait to become older and travel the world. However, only some things can be done without shame as a child (i.e bouncy castles, seriously stupid mistakes..that sort of thing).
  • In a few years time, everybody can discuss their adolescent years, cringe at embarrassing memories and regret those haircuts. Consider it bonding - and by that time, we would have all been there.
  • Acting older than our actual age won't speed up the growth process in any way. Fact. 
  • I can blame many things on exam-related stress.
  • Many people actively want me to succeed, whether it be teachers, friends or family. 
  • Librarians always smile at me, as I am one of the only students that uses my local library. I can consider myself somewhat appreciated.
  • I can watch embarrassing yet hilarious shows such as 'First Dates' (Channel 4, Thursdays @ 9pm) as I am not on a relationship show. Yet. One could argue that that may change in a decade or so...
What are your thoughts on this whole topic?




  1. I love this; I think teenagers can really rush to grow up when actually, there are lots of pros of being young!

    Louisa's Notebook

    1. Thanks! definitely, people are taking their youth for granted.

  2. Once again you demonstrate you're wise beyond your years (ironically, considering the topic of this post.) You'll go far in life with such a gracious attitude :)


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