Saturday 26 July 2014

Australia 2014 #1: Leederville chillin'

So we made it to Perth unscathed. Well, pretty much. Sleep deprivation was a given. My brother well and truly “slept for England” despite being the lucky one with his numerous hours of sleep in the skies. A shower, nap and patience were what it took to overcome the jet lag, so nothing too strenuous. I’m getting used to the whole adding-in-sevens lifestyle, seeing as I am incapable of changing the time on my watch (and it has been that way for the past two years) so for now the time on my beloved Casio remains firmly in the BST time zone.

Meeting up with my Grandad and Nanna was a firm thing on our to do list upon reaching Perth, and seeing as they live in the Eastern suburbs, and we’re staying in the Northern suburbs, Leederville seemed like the perfect place to meet up. We lunched at Siena’s of Leederville, a fabulous Italian restaurant – but enough of that for now, I’ll be posting about the place seriously soon. Afterwards, my Mum, brother and I ventured around the area, popping into Urban Outfitters-style shops filled with records, cute maps, funny cards with beautiful typography, postcards and discounted labels such as Finders Keepers and Three Of Something.
something that reminded me of home.
the view of Perth city from the bridge to Leederville station.
So that’s all from Leederville: I really do hope we return here before leaving the city. Hopping into the city centre via the Transperth trains was a simple feat: 80 cents (40p) got me one stop along to the shopping heart of Perth city. The incredibly low price of the train really got me thinking – even using my 16+ Oyster card, which has a student rate, getting the train three stops to sixth form on a daily basis costs around £2.50. Let’s just take a moment to put that into perspective, please. It’s seriously hard to dislike the train system in this city when they’re that cheap, and are beautifully organised. (Note: the photo underneath sets my heart on fire. Nothing makes me smile like super organised and colour co-ordinated leaflets. It’s slightly worrying.)

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