Wednesday 16 July 2014


My initial thoughts in regards to the fact that I'm travelling soon are overwhelmingly positive. Family, airports and Tim Tams (three things very close to my heart) all within a few weeks have me jumping for joy. Secondary thoughts express more concern than happiness though. How many nail polishes am I going to need? How on Earth am I going to pack for two seasons in one suitcase? Do I need six different navy tops? (answer: probably not...) All vital life questions, I know. But the thing that fills me with the most fear is the dreaded 100ml liquid restriction on planes. You obviously want to feel fresh whilst up in the air, although that's a given, really. Toiletries for me aren't just helpful in terms of cleanliness but in reassurance too: I want to know that if xyz etc goes down whilst I'm on that plane, I can hop off feeling (yet probably not looking) vibrant and completely unphased. I always hope that upon leaving the plane I don't smell like airplane food either, but as for my success rate reports on that you'll have to contact my family...

Anyway - back to the toiletries. Upon realising that my impending trip is nearing at a surprisingly quick rate, I rushed around my room and searched for minis that I've managed to accumulate over the past year or so. It's shocking how much you can find in terms of samples if you collect them in a neat place all together. The cleanser I won from a blog competition and the face wipes were handed to me by a lovely lady from the Simple team when they were having some advertising/showcase shindig slap bang in the middle of Waterloo station. The other bits, the moisturisers and the deodorant, only took a trip to Asda until they were mine. And what did I notice upon returning home? I'm undoubtedly going for the green vibes at the moment. It may be school house spirit, seeing as I've just had my very last Sports Day and have proudly donned various green accessories during my time at my current school. Alternatively, the other conclusion I've reached is Will Young's classic Evergreen has prompted me to buy this. The lyrics. Much power. Such genius. Very wow. I remember him being on my TV back on Pop Idol in 2001 (I was four at the time) and Evergreen was his hit and it was all very big and whatnot. So this blog title is for him. You, somehow, sparked my obsession for green toiletries. Thank you, Will.

I'm gonna take this moment, and make it last forever...

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