Thursday 31 July 2014

Australia 2014 #3: Smocking Florals

floral smock dress target | grey long sleeve cropped top american apparel (link) | chelsea boots topshop (link) | watch casio via asos | nails sinful colors mint apple 

Australia has one shop which is honestly e v e r y t h i n g. It is everything. And it has everything. Target. The place is well and truly spot on. (Sorry, I had to...) Target is simply the home of everything and anything you could ever possibly need, with the minor exception of food. So all of the non-nutritional essentials. And that covers a lot - right?! It has set me up with a few new fab purchases as of late, including this seriously floral smock dress which was one of those risky ones when there's no tag and you bring it to the checkout anyway, praying that its price isn't too unreasonable and then discover to your delight that it's far cheaper than expected. Fourteen dollars this cost me. Fourteen Australian Dollars. That's £7.71 in Great British Pounds. Not too bad, eh? This brilliant discovery was utterly smocking (I'll stop now...) and has left me far more...colourful than usual. Target has had a positive influence on me. And hasn't had a negative one on my wallet. 

I'm about to go off with my family to see the AFL match at Patersons Stadium in Subi to see the Fremantle Dockers play against Melbourne-based club Carlton. We're all going to be smothered in a tonne of purple and feeling a hella lot of Western Australian pride. My mum was born in Fremantle so the place already has a spot in my heart. I've never been to a sports match live before, let alone watching a sport that isn't even broadcasted where I'm from. Nonetheless I'm seriously excited...go Dockers! 

How is summer/winter where you are?



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  2. Beautiful, such a pretty dress! I hope you're having the best time sweet, it sounds like you are! xx


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