Monday 28 July 2014

Australia 2014 #2: Siena's of Leederville

I mentioned in my previous post that when lunching in Leederville we chose to go to Siena’s of Leederville, an Italian restaurant with their own full-on established legit pizza oven. The words ‘pizza’ and ‘oven’ placed together makes me so happy. It’s not just ‘pizza’ cooked in an ‘oven’ They’re together. It’s real.
115 Oxford St, Leederville WA 6007
Scaloppine Marsala - panfried veal in a sweet marsala wine and cream sauce with salad and potatoes

Special: Mixed Grill

Pizza Dolce - leg halm and pineapple
Pizza Jojo - Italian sausage and leg ham
Cannelloni - spinach and ricotta filled tubular pasta served with salad
It was seriously wonderful to be able to catch up with my Grandparents - as we live on opposite sides of the world, spending time with eachother is a complete rarity and at this point I hadn't seen them in over five years. As they say though, distance (and food) makes the heart grow fonder, so Siena's ensured we got to catch up whilst accompanied by some hella good dishes. 

Overall I'd definitely recommend the place for a visit if you're ever in Perth - it's really close to central and is a two-minute walk from Leederville station. From there it's only one stop on Transperth to reach Perth Underground, the central shopping location. You can take a peek at the food menu here and in the time being, stare at the photos of the pizza in awe.


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