Monday 25 August 2014

Australia 2014 #10: Back to Basics

grey dim hem dress target (link) | black textured bag dorothy perkins | studded loafers primark | pink chain necklace lovisa | black beaded bracelet cotton on | rose gold rings lovisa | watch casio via asos | nails: sally hansen make waves

On my to-visit-in-Perth list was a firm number one spot for King's Park. The place that has the ultimate views of the city, has beautiful green space and a couple of cafes sprinkled in the place for refreshments. But more on that tomorrow - for today, I'm focusing on the outfit I wore on the warmest day of our visit. 26 degrees and utterly delicious. That's not something I get to say often in London...

This grey dip hem dress is something I would usually um and ah about before purchasing. Being 5'2 and all, in the past I've worried that dip hem dresses would accentuate my midge from within however this Target purchase was quick, rather impromptu, yet completely necessary, obviously. I grabbed this beauty during my first time back in Target after a five year break from my dear love, and wasn't disappointed. $20 (around a tenner) for a causal dress, lovely fabric, nice length was a match made in heaven that I had to appreciate. I didn't even try it on. If that's not me pushing my living-life-to-the-edge limits I don't know what is.

I've worn these black studded loafers on the blog so many times and that's because I really can't get enough of them. And as I love them so much, I feel like I should wear them as often as possible. Especially when I'm abroad, as they are Autumn/Wintery shoes and the odds of staying dry in the UK are scarce.  As you may be able to tell, my justification game isn't quite on point today. Unfortunately I can tell that my beloved loafers are swiftly on the way to their eventual demise, so I'm on the lookout for replacements to take the spot as queen bee within my shoe box. That is, until, it becomes so cold that boots reign. Until then - loafers are the true winners. And I will always, always, appreciate them.


Edit: upon finding the link for the dress online, I realised it was only fifteen dollars. Even better, eh?!


  1. I love the dress- it looks great on you! :)

  2. Cute! Love the nail polish :)


    1. thank you! sadly I lost the nail polish whilst in Aus and they don't sell it over here :( hoping that a relative finds it and kindly sends it over! I recommend Sally Hansen polishes hugely (if you can get your hands on any!) xx


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