Sunday 10 August 2014

Australia 2014 #7: Freo & Jus Burgers

I really love Fremantle. It's where my Mum was born, it has many beautiful views and it's not too long a train journey from central Perth. I made it clear pretty early on during our trip that I wanted to visit Freo, and after having been to a Freo match (and seen them win) the temptation to visit increased significantly. So here's the lowdown from our day: one that included burgers, selfies, our new favourite drink and a visit to a prison.
See what I mean about selfies? It's a real struggle to get everyone in focus. I love how you can see my arm's reflection in all three pairs of sunglasses.
Mum and I were strictly Lipton-ites before visiting Freo but our hearts were really stolen by the peach ice tea from Real Iced Tea Co. They are just...real.
Hungry and feeling 17469% in the mood for meat, we hunted down the nearest burger bar.
Upon spotting the sign declaring Jus burgers were voted best in Australia, we knew it would be wrong to not go in...
With a name like 'Pommy', Keir and I had to stick to our British roots and enjoy some cheddar and bacon.
Mum ordered a 'Turkish' burger, which featured tahini yoghurt and Middle Eastern slaw.
Here's a photo of my delicious Pommy. It feels strange writing that. I only photographed mine because naturally I had to order extra pineapple and as Keir left his without extras mine was obviously superior...
Considering Jus Burgers understandably, specialises in burgers, their drinks pleasantly surprised us. We didn't expect them to be bad by any means, we simply weren't expecting them to be so damn good. Keir's was a banana, yoghurt, cinnamon and honey smoothie whilst mine was a pomegranate, berry and mint frappe. Both were served in very pinterest-y kilner jars with uber-helpful handles and I felt very suave as I drank my frappe.
I've read travel blogs that have bigged up Fremantle prison big time, and quite a few members of my family have visited and absolutely loved it. When we realised how nearby we were to the prison, we thought it would be silly not to go in.
We were a little naughty. From time to time I make use of my (lack of) height and slight baby-face and lie to be classified as a child. It's worth it when we save nine dollars, that's for certain. I didn't want to upload any photos from inside the prison because let's be honest, it's a tad depressing however we all found the tour to be absolutely fascinating. *Shoutout to our tour guide Steve for being brilliant* 
I lol'd at this simply because it was a true Aussie koala in the sloth pose...amirite?!
Getting back to Perth was nice and easy - just a few stops on the (aptly names) Fremantle line. Once again we lied to ourselves and classified me as a concession. We are obviously too rebellious to be contained... 

I highly recommend a visit to Freo if you're ever in Western Australia, it's a real gem and I imagine some people wouldn't visit it because Perth is so close and it's the state capital. Seriously though, it's so close to Perth that you can easily do both. I can speak from experience ;)


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