Tuesday 26 August 2014

Australia 2014 #11: Finishing it off in King's Park

So I mentioned in my previous post that a visit to King's Park was my top priority when it came to places to visit during my visit to Perth. This photo above is why. I fell in love with the view when I was twelve years old and absolutely loved going back to it and seeing how it has evolved. Esplanade station is the large white building in the bottom right corner of the photo - it consists of a HUGE bus station as well as being the train station closest to the central business district. It's an amazing place. But the beautiful views from the Bali Memorial aside, King's Park also flourishes when it comes to food, so naturally I had to put this theory to the test.
Zamia Cafe is an awesome spot to grab food when in King's Park. Despite being nearby to a car park, the building is nicely tucked in the park, surrounded by grass, trees and flowers. Noted as a place that excels in breakfast, lunch and dinner, we felt that a lunchtime visit would be necessary.
I went for a classic croissant for lunch - ham and cheese did me perfectly. It was lovely, don't get me wrong, but it didn't completely fill me up. This is when our second stop in Zamia came along, this time, to grab a slice of cheesecake I'd spied earlier on.
Look at it though. Irresistible. Beautiful. Perfect.
Baked. When you thought things couldn't get better, they could. Because baked. Do I need to even explain?!
Scrumptious and huge. Huge to the extent that after sharing it with my mum and brother (who thought he could get away with just going for the biscuitty bit - hell to the no) we were all stuffed. And not just full-up stuffed, I'm-uncomfortable-and-I've-undone-the-button-of-my-jeans stuffed. Fortunately my food belly was hidden under the dip hem dress I featured in yesterday's post
(Warning: soppy sentence coming up...) I must say, the best thing about my day in King's Park was getting to experience it with my family. Seeing my brother demolish his food with such a smile on his face was heart warming, and having Mum accompany me as I took the view photos from the Bali Memorial was lovely too. (On another note, during that time she also saved my foot from a potentially painful situation as she quickly alerted me that I was standing right in the middle of an ant nest/carnival. True Aussie gal looking out for insects at all times. Cheers for that, M! The efforts we go to for good photos, eh..)

So that's all of my Australian installments done and dusted! After I've published my Thailand posts I'll do a July/August 2014 travels summary post which will combine everything together and hopefully (with a stretch to my creative abilities) look really nice too. If you have any questions about my trip please do ask either by commenting or tweeting me - I'd love to answer any queries in the upcoming summary post!

Have you ever been to Australia? If so - what did you think about the Antipodean beauty?


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