Saturday 16 August 2014

Australia 2014 #8: Velvet Blouse Adoration

velvet blouse charity shop | grey long sleeve crop top american apparel (link) | black a-line denim skirt asos (link) | thick black tights primark | black chelsea boots topshop (link) | black textured bag dorothy perkins | watch casio via asos | black beaded bracelet cotton on | nails: sally hansen make waves

There's something about this oversized velvet blouse that makes me very happy. It may be the colour, one that I strongly argue is a shade of pink whereas ninety percent of my friends are defiant it's purple (it's pink...right?) Whatever the colour label on it is, it's simply beautiful. And only cost 3 quid at a charity shop in Shrewsbury, Shropshire's county town. It was my first (and only) Midlands charity shop buy and it has a serious spot in my heart. Comfy? Oui. The texture? It's there whilst still being soft. And the collar? Well, that's a funny one. Not that you can really tell in the photos, but it reminds me a little bit of the collars on my old school shirts in India called Nehru collars -  which I should note that everyone detested and used to fold it over to make it look a little more...European. However, contrary to this it still works and is fabulous. And was a mere three pounds. I have no complaints's a keeper. I actually received a spam-like email a couple of weeks ago (from a man, I must add) asking to buy this shirt and my velvet blazer (see here) for 150 Euros. As nice as the offer was, naturally I ignored the email...'twas a tad on the creepy side. Sorry Charlie - I'm keeping the velvet beauties. 



  1. Lovely outfit! Your velvet jacket is such a beautiful colour- there are some great treasures and bargains in charity shops, especially ones like your jacket!
    Emma xo Wallflower Wardrobe


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