Saturday 25 October 2014

Becoming a trainer girl?

grey new balance 410 schuh (link)

If you'd asked me a year ago if I'd happily go out and spend money on trainers, the answer would have undeniably been a 'no'. For years the only pair of shoes I own that have any relation to trainers at Converses, but they're so classic that I don't even consider them to well and truly be trainers. Everyone has a pair of 'em hiding in the depths of their wardrobe and they go with absolutely everything, but that's common knowledge.

Anyhow, times have seriously changed and I think I've warmed to the idea of trainers. I bought a pair of plain black suede and mesh trainers from Miss Selfridge about a year ago for a bargainous twelve quid and ever since, I have been on the hunt for something sporty to add to my shoe closet. (Disclaimer: sporty not actually implying that I will actively do sport. That happens very rarely..) My best friend Soph works at Schuh and kindly offered me one of her 25% discounts (cheers Soph) after I let her use my Arcadia discount a number of times, so at this point I figured a new pair of trainers to add to my somewhat ever-growing shoe collection seemed inevitable.

I'd heard brilliant things about New Balance, with them being lightweight, seriously comfy and importantly, plain enough to wear and not attract too much attention. I'm personally not a fan of huge, colourful shoes so the grey 410's seemed like the perfect choice for me - and my oh my am I pleased with them or what. I wore them all summer when travelling (they are so ideal for the endless walking in airports) and find myself gravitating to them all the time, even going into the colder months.

So I guess the moral of this story is that if you're not a trainer girl, never doubt that the tides won't turn. A year ago I would have shied away from anything sport chic (probably in memory of hideous PE lessons involving cross country - a personal hatred of mine) but now I'm definitely pro-comfort. Don't get me wrong, my Chelsea boots remain on my feet for a good 40% of the time however these beauties have also found a spot in my heart.

Next on my wishlist? The 410's in navy and black. I seriously cannot get enough of them.


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