Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Thalia in Thailand #9:The End & Trip Round-Up

So finally we've reached the end of my travels. It's been a long'ol while that I've been posting about my Australian & Thai adventures so please excuse me for that - ideally I would have sorted all of this out a little while back but alas, I'm here now, finally finishing them all off. I honestly had the absolute time of my life for the month I was away, and if anyone offered me to nip back in time I 100% completely would, if it meant I could relive it all. Even through the seven flights (totalling 40 hours in the air) and the 17 hours spent waiting in the various airports (6 of them, in total). I'm so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to go, I really am. I'm so so grateful my family love travelling and that I've been raised in a way that has taught me to love exploring different cultures, even those thousands of miles away from home. This is getting a little bit soppy but I can almost guarantee that my parents will read this at some time so here's a massive cheers to you both. I adore you both so so much.

So what's the plan for Summer 2015, eh? ;)

Links to all of my posts from Aus[Thai]lia 2014:

All photos are labelled from left-right, top row-bottom row.
1 // 5 // 10 // 2
6 // 11 // 9
 3 // 4 // 7 // 8

Thalia in Thailand #1: Bewildered in Bangkok
Thalia in Thailand #2: Serious Paisley Vibes
Thalia in Thailand #3: Chiang Mai Night Markets
Thalia in Thailand #4: Villages & Temples
Thalia in Thailand #5: Coconutty in Koh Samui
Thalia in Thailand #6: Traveller's Trousers
Thalia in Thailand #7: Elephants & Monkeys
Thalia in Thailand #8: Floral Invasion
Thalia in Thailand #9:The End

1 // 3 // 2 // 5
 6 // 8 // 7 // 4



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  1. Yup, we did read it. To be fair we're quite fond of you as well. Love travelling with you, and reading about it in your blog.
    Now, about the massive collection of shoes you have ...


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