Tuesday 7 October 2014

Thalia in Thailand #8: Floral Invasion

black crop top supré | black floral skirt miss selfridge | elephant print bag Thai market | studded loafers primark

This black crop top from Supré gives me life. I honestly love it - and I love to admit, it was far cheaper than the British counterparts available over here. At fifteen dollars (around seven quid) this body-fitting and zip-fastened beauty was all mine. Unfortunately, the weather over in the UK is making a seriously speedy turn for the worse, so this one will stay folded (yet loved) in the depths of my wardrobe until summer reappears in the probably distant future. I'm seriously missing the beautiful weather in Koh Samui - the beaches are illuminated with sunlight for oh so long and the tan I developed was a complete rarity, yet one I obviously appreciated. This trip gave me hope that sometimes (yes, sometimes) pale girls can tan. Substantial efforts may be put in. Hours of after-sun and SPF protection may go into it. But we can tan. We can. And that's what we need to remember during the long'ol  winter that is inevitably approaching us Brits. If you're fortunate enough to live in the Southern hemisphere/relatively near the Equator, I'm jealous of you. There, I said it. I love the wintery Christmassy vibes we have in the UK. But the weather is not the one. And I think I've just proved myself to be a true Brit by expressing my climate-related thoughts in an entire paragraph. My surname is Fairweather, after all...


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