Thursday 23 October 2014

Summer Throwback

 playsuit miss selfridge | heels new look | clutch kurt geiger | earrings lovisa | watch casio 

In true #throwbackthursday style I thought I'd look back to the end of summer today, obviously reminiscing at the light that was still present outside at 6pm and the actual option of going out sans tights. They are a thing of the past now, yet I'm looking at this situation positively, of course.

This outfit really is an absolute bunch of bargains for me - the playsuit is originally from Miss Selfridge yet I picked it up from Sarojini Nagar back when I lived in New Delhi. Five years later I'm still yet to truly identify what was wrong enough with it to send it back to India (that specific market often received the stock which wasn't good enough quality to sell in the UK or US) however I'm pleased that somehow the fashion gods worked on my side and delivered this beauty all the way back to India. A massive cheers to whoever you are.

I wish I could say that I bought this Kurt Geiger clutch after extensive deliberation in one of their stores, taking in the sights of all their beautiful accessories lined up oh so perfectly but if I did I would be lying through my teeth. Ebay is your friend, my dears. I think I got this for six quid or so a couple of years ago for a wedding in Cardiff (which I subsequently forgot to take to Cardiff with me, oops...) Anyway, it has a slight stain on the front which I guess was enough to justify selling it on Ebay yet to me it's hardly noticeable and is the perfect finish to this outfit, my favourite combination of the pink/purple/blue trio. 

On a complete and utter other note, I APPLIED TO UNIVERSITY. Holy moly I'm finding this whole process a bit shocking seeing as I still get told on a regular basis that I look around thirteen yet I went and applied for the first step of my future adult life. How I'm old enough to apply is still beyond me considering I got ID'd the other day when buying a lottery ticket (Euromillions worth £140million or so, so undeniably it was worth it). Heck, I got ID'd buying ibuprofen tablets in Sainsbury's not too long ago. So yeah. I'm less than five months away from saying goodbye to my childhood and I'm not quite sure what to think of that. But yes. Universities - accept me pretty please. I will work hard and always contribute to cake Fridays (and one day become an awesome journalist, pinky promise).  


P.S I love how in the second photo you can see the mark on my wrist where I had evidently had a hairband on it probably moments before the photo was taken. That means that for once I actually remembered to remove it before taking photos - something miraculous that's taken me a good two and a half years to master. As to whether this trend will continue I am seriously unsure.



  1. Such a lovely outfit. What a deal on the clutch too!:) x

  2. So gorgeous! Also yay for applying to university! <3 xx

  3. I love the outfit especially the shoes. Been looking for a pair of strappy heels exactly like those!

    shameta xx


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