Friday 21 November 2014

Is CK One my 'the one'?

CK One | £18.50 for 100ml | The Perfume Shop (link)

You know those beauty bits that you have on your mental wishlist for more than a while (in this case, literally four years) and then when you finally buy them you wonder what on earth was going on on all of those occasions when you put off getting it, claiming "maybe next time" or "hmm, not now". When I ventured out to Reading earlier this month to catch up with my friend Nadine, I was feeling unusually impulsive when it came to shopping. Now as a blogger I do admit, I love shopping (who doesn't?!) but typically I think about a purchase before making it. My friends would say that because I'm ultra sensible/organised/uptight etc, but it helps me justify my purchases. Needless to say, this justification process wasn't going on when in Berkshire and this was among the bunch of things I picked up that day.

Now I'm not quite ready to announce a life-long commitment, but at 17 that's probably for the best. However, for the time being, this is my weapon of choice and for less than twenty quid, I'm not complaining.


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